America's pastime: Betting Major League Baseball

Baseball is known as America's pastime. But it can be a little boring, unless, of course, we have a wager or two on the game.

What I like most about baseball is that the long 162-game MLB season produces a lot of data to comb through and offers us many MLB betting opportunities.

To be successful in betting on MLB games, you have to be meticulous and possess a keen eye for detail, especially when it comes to starting pitching. These factors, among others, play a big part in spotting profitable MLB situations.

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Thursday May 26

Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State Warriors

Golden State seems to do this every round, that is give the opponent a win in an otherwise lopsided series before putting them away the next time out with relative ease. Look for that trend to continue as the Warriors go for another Gentleman's Sweep after losing 119-109 on Tuesday when Luke Doncic scored 30 points for the desperate Mavericks.

It snapped a nine-game winning streak in Western Conference finals games for Golden State and now it goes home where the Warriors have covered nine of their past 11 games. Dallas is 1-5 ATS its last six road games and 9-4 OVER its past 13 on the road and 12-5 OVER overall against teams with winning records.

Game 4 went OVER by 12 points as the teams combined to shoot nearly 50-percent overall. 14 of the past 20 meetings have soared OVER. Golden State lost to Memphis by 39 points in Game 5 when leading 3-1 in the conference semifinals and then blew out the Grizzlies in Game 6.

Look for a similar result tonight. Play the Warriors to cover, and take the OVER.

My Pick: Golden State -7 (-105)

Why use free MLB picks from a pro handicapper?

Betting on baseball may seem easy at first. Just look at the pitching matchup and go with the ace.

But it's not that simple. Novice bettors soon realize that the moneyline odds offered on favorites make solely betting on the best pitchers a losing strategy. A lot more has to go into handicapping these games and matchups.

Getting baseball predictions from a professional sports advisor like me allows you to bet winning picks and gain insight into how a pro evaluates MLB best bets.

I've been in business for 23 years. Over that time, I've amassed 936 individual data points on each of 24,791 MLB games played.

Using these statistics, I've made 15,690 premium MLB picks in my professional career. You can leverage my experience.

Do you want expert MLB betting information? Grab my free premium picks or step up to the plate and get one of my MLB pick packages.

Prefer to do it yourself? That's cool. I can help with that in my How to Win Masterclass.

Is there any betting value in free picks?

Yes, there is. Free picks aren't all created equal, but finding a good source of free MLB predictions can be a goldmine.

My free MLB picks and predictions are a subset of my premium MLB picks, which go out to paying clients. Each free pick comes with a detailed analysis and write-up to give you insight into becoming a better bettor. 

If you can afford a paid premium picks package, that will give you the best chance to win. But, in the meantime, free picks offer great value without any cost.

Why do I give MLB picks for free?

I provide free MLB picks to let you try my service and see what I can do for you. My goal is to be a trusted resource.

I have !X! sports bettors who trust my free baseball picks every day, and one way I attract so many sports bettors is by offering a lot of free, valuable advice. 

Try before you buy with my free MLB expert picks.

Wunderdog Free MLB Picks

The sportsbooks know what they're doing. Successful MLB baseball betting requires a sophisticated approach. Built for the long term, the Major League Baseball season has been called a "marathon, not a sprint." That mentality is essential for successful MLB picks. The long season has it ups and downs, which is one reason a disciplined money management system is critical to getting the most profit out of the long MLB regular season.

I employ a database that contains decades of statistical MLB data on every game played every season, including day games, night games, lefties, righties, moneylines, MLB run lines, totals, parlays, props, and more.

Whether you're a first-time player or a seasoned veteran, choosing the right MLB handicapper is just as important as which picks to make.

“84% of the time, the team that covers the spread also wins”

MLB Predictions Track Record

Once the March Madness champions are crowned, all eyes turn to the NBA/NHL playoffs and Major League Baseball. And while I've been providing premium MLB picks since 2004, last year was one for the record books. 

2023 MLB Season Recap:

  • 3rd highest MLB win percentage all-time
  • 4th highest MLB bankroll gain of all-time

This was my best MLB season since 2014, going 787-620 (56%) for +$31,770. 

Moneyline betting, my specialty in Major League Baseball, knocked it out of the park with a 562-448 (56%) record, padding bettors' pockets to the tune of +$41,110. 

Many of the predictions are at plus-money odds, too. I've gained +$57,710 for my customers since 2018 on MLB moneyline underdog picks alone!

Check out my 2023 MLB Playoffs Game of the Year pick on the Philadelphia Phillies at +135 odds over the Atlanta Braves. Nobody dominates the bookmakers with MLB underdogs like I do. 

In the MLB Playoffs, I've posted a profit in six of ten seasons from 2014-23, gaining +$16,510 overall. Moneyline (+$12.8K) and runline picks (+$12.5K) share the credit, with runline picks boasting a 32-16 (67%) record during this 10-year run. 

My 2022 MLB Playoffs Game of the Year was never in doubt, as the Astros blanked the Yankees 5-0. 

Max Plays, my MLB best bets, crushed it for the second-straight year, gaining +$19,290 in 2023. Since 2013, Max Plays are 486-363 (57%), hitting 60% or better four times! 

Game of the Year Max Plays are 5-2 (71%), and when it really counts in the playoffs, my MLB Max Plays are 36-23 (61%) since 2016, returning +$19,530 for dime bettors. 

Banking on my MLB Max Plays is like getting a call-up from the minors. Welcome to the show.

Past MLB Premium Picks

Arizona at Los Angeles

May 20, 2024
img10:10 PM ET
Premium Pick
Arizona has lost five of nine despite playing the last six at home. Pitching is the problem, ranked 22nd in ERA (4.48) and 20th in WHIP, with a bullpen that is 24th in ERA (4.60). Joe Mantiply (4.67 ERA) takes the mound after failing to record an out in an 8-3 loss to Detroit. The Diamond...

Los Angeles at Houston

May 20, 2024
img8:10 PM ET
Premium Pick
The LA Angels were not a good team a year ago, and without Ohtani around, the offense has taken a hit. The Angels are just 18-29 on the season. Houston has played a lot better lately, but looking at the big...

Baltimore at St. Louis

May 20, 2024
img7:45 PM ET
Premium Pick
Despite Sunday's loss St. Louis is experiencing a resurgence winning five of seven after a slow start this season. Dean Kremer has made one start in his career against the Cardinals and it didn't go well fo...

Looking for an expert baseball handicapper to help you win more this season? Check out my free picks and premium picks.

MLB Betting Philosophy

My baseball handicapping philosophy relies heavily on using MLB hard data, statistical analysis of the pitching matchups, and predictive modeling. I use math, statistics, and mountains of MLB game information all the way through the MLB Playoffs.

Most MLB bettors rely too much on pitching matchups, which are already fully baked into the odds. To find the best MLB betting opportunities, one needs to look deeper into bullpens, motivation, and series history.

Each of my bets comes with a clear and concise report that makes each pick easy to understand. You'll understand precisely why I'm making the bet, reinforced by all the data and stats. Plus, all my baseball picks are backed by my guarantee.

Free MLB Picks I Provide

Underdog MLB picks

Favorites are the siren call of MLB betting. It's hard to go against the better starter, but of course, that's where we often find the betting value. MLB underdogs offer some of the best betting value available in all of sports.

While it can be challenging to find the spot where it makes sense to fade the better pitcher and team, when we correctly call MLB underdog winners, we get paid handsomely on the underdog odds.

I usually find one or two big underdogs to bet on every day. Given the favorable odds, we can hit around 50% and make a killer profit when we bet on these dogs.

MLB Consensus Picks

Many MLB bettors and expert handicappers look at who the public is betting on as an input to their handicapping. The sportsbooks know who the MLB betting public favorites are and often adjust the odds accordingly.

Free MLB Computer Picks

It's hard for average bettors to know enough about the statistical strength of each team and each matchup, especially given the role that starting pitching plays in baseball. A good place to start is MLB computer picks, which give you a baseline statistical prediction for every game.

Free Computer Picks vs. Free Premium Picks

Computer picks only consider statistical measures. While it's a great place to start, betting on computer predictions blindly is a losing recipe.

There's a lot more that goes into successful MLB handicapping than statistics. The situation that each team is in and the human factor matter significantly.

So, my free premium picks are my more profitable approach.

MLB Moneyline Picks

Baseball, like hockey and soccer, is primarily a moneyline sport. This means betting without a point spread.

Since these sports tend to be relatively low-scoring, the sportsbook allows you to bet on the game-winner, regardless of the margin of victory. This is called a moneyline bet.

Most of my MLB premium picks are MLB moneyline bets

Betting on the moneyline requires us to bet according to the odds assigned to our team. Favorites require us to risk more than we will win, while underdogs allow us to risk less than what we win if our team is victorious.

MLB Picks Against the Spread

Betting MLB against the spread is called betting on the runline. Also known as run line betting, this type of bet adds or subtracts runs to a team's final score. Typical runlines are +1.5 or -1.5 points. A runline bet on a favorite (the better team) requires you to subtract 1.5 runs from their final score to determine the bet winner. Meanwhile, a runline bet on an underdog allows you to add 1.5 runs to your team's final score.

MLB Over/Under Picks

Betting on the total in MLB requires us to have an opinion on the total runs that both teams will score.

Oddsmakers set a total, usually in the 6 to 11 run range. We get to bet whether the total runs scored by both teams will exceed or fall short of their number.

I often bet MLB over/unders, which are heavily affected by pitching matchups, team offense, time of year, and weather—especially wind.

MLB Daily Picks

The best thing about the MLB season is its length. There's a reason why stat heads love baseball, and rotisserie (fantasy) started on the diamond.

With 162 regular season games, plus the postseason, there are more than 2,500 MLB games to bet on every season.

This allows us to be selective in our predictions while still getting plenty of action.

I provide daily MLB picks, usually with about five per day on average.

MLB Parlay Picks

We need to be careful with parlays because the sportsbook commission on these bets is about three times higher than it is for betting straight.

But parlays do have their place if we're selective. If you're looking for expert MLB picks and parlays, I include these bets in my MLB parlay picks.

MLB Playoffs Picks

The MLB postseason is an entirely different animal than the regular season. The cream rises to the top in the playoffs, requiring a different type of handicapping.

By the time the playoffs start, we have a tremendous amount of data on each team in the playoffs. This makes my statistical models very accurate. But of course, successful handicapping requires much more than just looking at raw numbers.

Human nature, team-specific situations, and motivation are significant factors in baseball's second season. My MLB playoff picks consider all these factors and are included in my premium packages.

World Series Picks

Preliminary rounds, of course, lead us to the Fall Classic—the ultimate goal for every major league—the World Series. Whether it's a straight-up winner, a runline pick, or a total, I have you covered with premium picks likely for each game of the series. 

Tools for MLB Betting

While my free premium picks will give you the best chance to win, you may want to do it yourself. 

Looking for self-help tools to help in making your own MLB picks? Here are some resources for you:

Consensus Data

Looking to "fade the public" or maybe follow the herd? My MLB consensus picks provide a great way to see how the public is betting. Check out my MLB consensus data.

Lines and Odds

It all starts with knowing the odds. MLB moneylines, run lines, and totals are available on my MLB lines and odds.

MLB Baseball Resources

MLB Handicapping Philosophy

There is a lot of money to be made betting MLB, but most aren't willing to put in the time and effort. I am, and here is my baseball handicapping approach and how you can profit with me.

What can you win with my MLB Picks?

Wunderdog Sports Picks is an excellent long-term investment, and I want you to know how much you can expect to win vs. other investment opportunities.

The Dog Pound

Thirsty for more sports betting information? Check out the Dog Pound, an extensive resource for all my sports gambling articles and advice.

Past MLB Picks (2004-present)

Access to all of my previous MLB premium predictions. Win or lose - I give you visibility to all past picks, including my in-depth analysis.

MLB Lines & Odds

Real-time lines and odds for all upcoming MLB games. Check out the latest moneyline odds, runlines, and totals from around the diamond.

MLB Consensus

If you want to know how the public is betting, this is your page! A collective source for public consensus information on all upcoming MLB games.

Premium MLB Picks

Purchase a premium MLB picks package and get access to my daily picks, detailed write-ups, game information, and top-of-the-line customer service.

MLB Computer Picks

Check out my computer predictions and analysis on all upcoming MLB games.

How to Win at Sports Betting

My free video series, "How to Win at Sports Betting," is the ultimate guide for bettors of all experience levels. Learn about bankroll management, how to find winning picks, and other vital factors to help you become a winning MLB Baseball bettor.

MLB Baseball Videos

Exclusive MLB Baseball betting videos I've posted throughout the past couple of years to help give you an inside edge against the bookmaker.

My MLB Baseball Guarantee

I get it. You're hesitant to invest in a sports betting service. That's why my picks packages are backed by an ironclad guarantee. My picks will win for you, or you'll automatically get an equivalent subscription for free until they do. No strings attached.

MLB Scores

Updated MLB scoreboard with consensus betting data, plus current/closing odds for each matchup.


What are MLB picks?

MLB picks are expert predictions on the outcomes of MLB games provided by sports betting professionals or algorithms.

Where can I find expert MLB picks?

You can find expert MLB picks on sports betting websites like this or platforms offering MLB predictions.

What types of MLB picks are available?

There are different types of MLB Picks available, including expert picks, computer picks, consensus picks, moneyline picks, run total picks, and parlay picks. I offer all of these.

How can MLB picks help me with my baseball betting?

MLB picks can provide valuable insights and predictions, helping you make informed decisions when betting on MLB games.

Are there any free MLB picks available?

Some handicappers offer free MLB picks, allowing you to access expert predictions without cost. I provide a free MLB pick each day.

Can I bet on MLB games using the MLB picks?

Yes, you can use the MLB picks to help guide your betting decisions and place bets on MLB games.

What factors do you consider when making predictions?

My MLB picks consider team performance, player statistics, recent form, injuries, weather conditions, starting pitching, bullpen performance, and other relevant data.

Can I rely solely on MLB computer picks for my betting strategy?

While computer picks can provide valuable insights, it is recommended to do additional research and analysis to form a well-rounded betting strategy. If you don't have time for all the research, you can hire a professional to make your MLB picks.

Do your MLB picks cover the World Series?

Yes, my MLB picks include predictions for the MLB postseason and the World Series, which is the championship series of Major League Baseball.

What are the best MLB picks for today?

The best MLB picks for today can vary depending on the specific games and the expert predictions available. I always sift through every game on the docket to find the ones with betting value.


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