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If you are a fan of basketball, then I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Wunderdog provides the best WNBA picks with a great track record of success. If you are not betting the WNBA you need to start paying attention.  Basketball is the second most popular sport to bet on in the United States. But surprisingly, the WNBA does not draw that much betting attention. Getting WNBA free picks can be hard to find, especially since some sportsbooks don’t even take bets on the action.

I’m here to change that because I know that WNBA betting can be just as profitable as betting on the NBA. The WNBA season is not nearly as long, but there are more chances on each day that the league is in action. This makes it a perfect opportunity to use WNBA expert tips to cash in. My aim here is to explain the process of betting on the WNBA and why it is a smart and worthwhile thing to do.

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Thursday May 26

Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State Warriors

Golden State seems to do this every round, that is give the opponent a win in an otherwise lopsided series before putting them away the next time out with relative ease. Look for that trend to continue as the Warriors go for another Gentleman's Sweep after losing 119-109 on Tuesday when Luke Doncic scored 30 points for the desperate Mavericks.

It snapped a nine-game winning streak in Western Conference finals games for Golden State and now it goes home where the Warriors have covered nine of their past 11 games. Dallas is 1-5 ATS its last six road games and 9-4 OVER its past 13 on the road and 12-5 OVER overall against teams with winning records.

Game 4 went OVER by 12 points as the teams combined to shoot nearly 50-percent overall. 14 of the past 20 meetings have soared OVER. Golden State lost to Memphis by 39 points in Game 5 when leading 3-1 in the conference semifinals and then blew out the Grizzlies in Game 6.

Look for a similar result tonight. Play the Warriors to cover, and take the OVER.

My Pick: Golden State -7 (-105)


Why use free WNBA picks from a pro handicapper

I've been betting sports professionally for 22 years. During that time, I have built a database of 688 individual data points on each of 4,291 WNBA basketball games played.

Using these stats, I have made 2,778 premium WNBA picks. Take a test run of my free premium picks to benefit from that experience.

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Why do I give WNBA picks for free?

If you are looking for WNBA expert bets, then you simply must subscribe today to get this advice delivered straight to your inbox. There is no more searching around the internet for WNBA predictions as I will always deliver more than you will ever need. 

Just because the WNBA is not as popular as the NBA, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some terrific betting opportunities out there when online sports betting. I promise to find these opportunities for you and deliver you the information you need to make some money. So instead of being scared off by the WNBA, it might make sense to hire a expert sports handicapper or hire a service website to help you win your analysis and your WNBA Predictions.  Let me help you beat the odds and put some money your pocket.

Wunderdog Free WNBA Picks

WNBA spreads work the same way as NBA spreads, and so you don’t really even need to learn about how to bet on this sport to get underway. And with my knowledge, you won’t need to do any research because I will take care of all of that for you.

Though I’m not saying that you need to become the biggest WNBA fan around to win some money, you should start to pay attention to the game. When you do tune in, look out for players such as Maya Moore, Brittney Grinner, and Sue Bird. These women are talented professional athletes who compete in the sport. 

The rules are very similar to the NBA, and you might find that you actually enjoy this type of basketball as well. A few differences lie within the length of each quarter, which is 2 minutes less than the NBA, as well as a smaller team roster and higher starting age. These details are things you’ll hardly notice when fixated on your free WNBA picks.

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WNBA betting philosophy

How do I make my picks? We start with the lack of public interest in playing on the WNBA. Most sports handicapper make the mistake of focusing on other sports and that is a huge benefit to WNBA bettors. It allows for an edge in sports wagering. I know that the general public is keeping their betting interests on the NBA and other sports and that drives up the value of its betting lines. I know how to utilize these higher-value lines to win and only release expert WNBA picks that give my subscribers the best chance of winning. More value means a higher return on your investment. Isn't that what we're all really after anyway?

So what's not to like about the WNBA? There is great basketball action and most of all there is tremendous value and money to be made. Get on board with Wunderdog Sports and watch your winning percentage soar. Start now with well-written, detailed write-ups and free picks delivered each day directly to your email.

Bettors Shouldn't Ignore the WNBA - WNBA Betting Picks = Easy Profit Today!

Traditionally wagering money on the WNBA doesn’t tend to attract too many square bettors. For one, the games are not always televised and interest is low, making the casual bettor more uneducated than normal. You won't find a lot of online gambling activities when it comes to Women's Professional Basketball but that doesnt mean there isn't a great opportunity to make money.

Bets placed on the WNBA are many times up to twenty times less than a standard NBA game. You can see this when you visit any number of consensus sites.

However, this can also create some unique opportunities for sports bettors. The point can be made that because of the low profile of the sport, oddsmakers and sportsbooks are not as well informed as they would be in other sports. Therefore, point spreads may not always reflect a true and accurate representation of the upcoming game.

Because of the fact that there are only twelve teams in the league, sharp bettors can make it a point to watch all of the games on the schedule, making themselves more educated on the sport than many of the oddsmakers. This can allow them to shift the actual line a bit before the contest.

Therefore, square bettors should look for a way to follow the sharp bettors’ leads when it comes to WNBA bets. One way to do this is to monitor reverse line movement. The reverse line movement happens when the betting line (Spread, Moneyline, or O/U) moves in the opposite direction of the betting percentages. Bettors can be alerted to these changes automatically if they subscribe to a service that is able to provide that option (or hire us at Wunderdog to do this for you).

Another strategy is the ability to track steam moves as they relate to the WNBA. A steam move is a change in the sports betting market that happens due to heavy betting action. Steam plays are caused by high-volume bettors or what are sometimes called betting syndicates.

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New York at Las Vegas

October 11, 2023
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This was supposed to be a close, hard-fought series between the WNBA's two best teams, but Las Vegas has the upper hand after disposing of the Liberty 99-82 in Game 1. Jackie Young was the star on Sun...


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I am able to take full advantage of the fact that WNBA games get overlooked by the WNBA betting public and don't get the full attention of the sportsbooks. This makes profitable situations easy to spot - if you know what you're looking for. Now let's be honest for a second. I'm not saying that I hunker down on the couch on Saturday night to catch every WNBA game.

I probably couldn't tell you who the MVP was last season, but what I can tell you is that I know how to read the lines and know WNBA situations well enough to make sound educated decisions to predict the winners of WNBA games. I attack the WNBA lines with the same scrutiny and vigor that I do in any other sport. Learn more about my style as an expert sports handicapper here. I won't skimp out just because the sportsbooks and oddsmakers do.

Another great reason to bet on WNBA games is the timing of the season itself. Once March Madness wraps up, the NBA and NHL Finals are in the books, there is only MLB to tide us over to the next NFL season. So unless you enjoy the summer doldrums, betting the WNBA with WNBA against the spread picks can be a great way to occupy your time - not to mention the fact that you can build your bankroll for the NFL season in the fall.

My WNBA free picks are a great way to get started when betting on this league, and I have had an incredible amount of success with them. Don’t believe me; check out the success rate posted on my site.

WNBA Picks and Parlays

WNBA parlays are very similar to other sports, but you might not see as many betting types offered by the sportsbooks. Spreads will, of course, be listed, but there other options that you can include in your picks and parlays when visiting a sports betting website..

Each morning I will take a close look at the slate of games scheduled around the WNBA and will build a list of picks for you to use. You don’t have to use all of my WNBA tips, but you would be foolish not to follow my lead.

You don’t have to simply use my picks to bet on Women's hoops, as you can include some of these WNBA predictions in your multi-sport parlay as well. Women's hoops might not be a popular option with television viewers, but it is a great opportunity to make some money. 

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While my free premium picks will give you the best chance to win, I realize you may want to do it yourself. 

In the meantime, check out these free tools:

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Looking for WNBA odds and lines?

My WNBA lines and odds give you all the data you need for full-game, first-quarter, and first-half betting, including spreads, moneylines, and totals.

If you are not betting on the WNBA, you should be! The WNBA doesn't get the same exposure and media coverage as other professional sports like NBA.  I share free picks all season through the playoffs and championship and offer paid guaranteed packages you can buy here. You'll see I have had great results there too. But, I am often asked, "why do you even bother making WNBA picks when no one even watches the games?"  

My reply is always the same: that's exactly why I do it! You see, it is the job of the sportsbooks to get the same amount of bets on either side of the game. No matter the sport or the bet, the sportsbooks want half of the bettors to play UNDER, and the other half to play the OVER for example. To accomplish this goal, the sportsbooks will move the betting line a little bit in either direction to try and get the same amount of bets on both sides.

Well, what does that have to do with expert WNBA basketball picks?

Everything! In order to get more players to bet on WNBA games, the oddsmakers will "shade" the lines to make betting the games more appealing. This results in "soft" lines that can be exploited to turn huge profits. I've been doing it successfully with my premium and free WNBA picks for years.


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