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Don't sleep on women's hoops! If you're a fan of basketball and like online sports betting, I’m going to let you in on a little secret—WNBA picks are the best way to make money betting basketball. Basketball is the second most popular sport to bet on in the United States, but the WNBA doesn't draw that much betting attention, especially compared to the NBA and NCAA men's basketball. I mean, I get it. We bet what we like to watch. But if there's a soft market that allows us to win more bets, why not take advantage of it? 

WNBA betting can be more profitable than betting on the NBA—way more. The WNBA season isn't nearly as long, but the market for WNBA betting is much less sharp, which spells an opportunity for us.

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Thursday May 26

Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State Warriors

Golden State seems to do this every round, that is give the opponent a win in an otherwise lopsided series before putting them away the next time out with relative ease. Look for that trend to continue as the Warriors go for another Gentleman's Sweep after losing 119-109 on Tuesday when Luke Doncic scored 30 points for the desperate Mavericks.

It snapped a nine-game winning streak in Western Conference finals games for Golden State and now it goes home where the Warriors have covered nine of their past 11 games. Dallas is 1-5 ATS its last six road games and 9-4 OVER its past 13 on the road and 12-5 OVER overall against teams with winning records.

Game 4 went OVER by 12 points as the teams combined to shoot nearly 50-percent overall. 14 of the past 20 meetings have soared OVER. Golden State lost to Memphis by 39 points in Game 5 when leading 3-1 in the conference semifinals and then blew out the Grizzlies in Game 6.

Look for a similar result tonight. Play the Warriors to cover, and take the OVER.

My Pick: Golden State -7 (-105)

Traditionally, wagering money on the WNBA hasn’t attracted many bettors. The games aren't always televised, and interest is relatively low, making the casual bettor more uneducated than normal.

Due to the sport's low profile, oddsmakers and sportsbooks aren't as well informed as they would be in other sports. Therefore, point spreads may not always reflect a true and accurate representation of the upcoming games.

Because there are only twelve teams in the league, sharp bettors can make it a point to watch all of the games on the schedule and gain an edge on oddsmakers who are more interested in their upcoming summer vacation than setting super sharp lines on events that don't get much action.

Don't want to watch WNBA games? Use my free WNBA premium picks, and let me do it for you.

Why use free WNBA picks from a pro handicapper

I've been betting sports professionally for 23 years. During that time, I've built a database of 690 individual data points on each of 4,437 WNBA basketball games played.

Using these stats, I've made 2,918 premium WNBA picks. Take a test run and get today's free picks, or purchase one of my WNBA pick packages.

Looking to hone your betting strategy? Check out my free How to Win Series. Or, use my free WNBA prediction and premium pick tools to win more.

Is there any betting value in free picks?

Yes, there is. My WNBA free picks are a subset of my WNBA premium picks. No "throw-away" sports picks here. Every free pick comes with a complete, detailed analysis and write-up. My free expert WNBA picks have produced a winning track record since I started offering them back in 2008. The value of free picks comes from being able to try before you buy. Be sure to sign up for my best free WNBA picks today so you can see how they perform for yourself.

Why do I give WNBA picks for free?

I give out a sampling of my premium picks for free to show you what you might get from me as a paying subscriber. While I save my best premium picks for paying subscribers, my free picks are excellent, and every free pick is included in my official published WNBA picks archive. I put my track record on the line with these free picks, and I'm confident that once you get a taste of the free picks, you'll be more inclined to come on as a client.

Wunderdog Free WNBA Picks and Predictions

The WNBA offers a great profit opportunity. Why? Because the lines and odds are relatively soft. While very popular markets like the NFL, NBA, and MLB are very sharp, the WNBA gets much less attention from bettors and sportsbooks. If an oddsmaker makes a mistake on an NFL game, it can cost millions. On the WNBA, the risk is much smaller, so they pay less attention. We can benefit from that.

I’m not saying that you need to become the biggest WNBA fan to win money. You don't even need to watch the games if you don't want to. But these games can be fun to watch! These women are talented professional athletes who compete in the sport. 

The rules are very similar to those of the NBA, and you might find you enjoy this type of basketball as well. A few differences lie within the length of each quarter, which is 2 minutes less than the NBA, as well as a smaller team roster and higher starting age. These details are things you’ll hardly notice when fixated on your free WNBA picks.

Looking for help making your own WNBA picks? Get my free WNBA computer picks against the spread.  

WNBA Betting Philosophy

How do I make my 2024 WNBA picks? I start with the lack of public interest in playing on the WNBA. Most sports handicappers make the mistake of focusing only on the more popular sports. Finding a soft market like the WNBA allows for an edge in sports wagering. I know that the general public is keeping their betting interests on the NBA, MLB and other sports. I know how to spot higher-value lines to win and only release expert WNBA picks that give my subscribers the best chance of winning. More value means a higher return on your investment.

Unlike most sports where statistical models don't offer much betting value (because with so much attention put on the sport, everyone has advanced statistical models), power ratings play a large role in my WNBA handicapping. I'm often able to find lines that are way off the natural strengths of the teams playing. 

Finally, I utilize a large database of games going back decades, applying hundreds of systems that I use to sniff out the best betting opportunities. I find teams in favorable situations and make picks, knowing that history often repeats itself. 

I'm able to take full advantage of the fact that WNBA games get overlooked by the WNBA betting public and don't get the full attention of the sportsbooks. This makes profitable situations easy to spot—if you know what you're looking for.

I attack the WNBA lines with the same scrutiny and vigor that I do in any other sport. Learn more about my style as an expert sports handicapper here. I won't skimp out just because the sportsbooks and oddsmakers do.

My WNBA free picks are a great way to get started when betting on this league, and I've had an incredible amount of success with them. Don’t believe me? Check out the success rate posted on my site.

Predictions Track Record

I've posted eight winning seasons out of the past 15 years in the WNBA, including three seasons with five-digit gains. First-half totals (57% all-time) and spread bets have been my specialty over the years. And like all of my sports, Max Plays are where my customers and I make our money. 

  • WNBA Max Plays have returned +$36,680 since 2009
  • Playoff Max Plays have returned +$9,530 since 2009

I've had an uncanny ability to predict straight-up winners in the playoffs, hitting 81% with postseason Max Plays on the moneyline, including a third of those picks at even- or plus-money. 

Regular season and playoffs combined, my moneyline chalk bets have a 66% win rate as Max Plays, paying back +$10,410 in the past 15 years. 

With increased data, I'm expecting another winning season in 2024. And with the expanded schedule, there's even more opportunity to profit. 

Past WNBA Premium Picks

Chicago at New York

July 11, 2024
img7:00 PM ET
Premium Pick
Chicago has won five of eight and is on a 3-1 SU/ATS run. That includes an 88-84 win at Seattle as a double-digit underdog. The defense is fifth in the WNBA in points allowed, while the offense is No....

Dallas at Phoenix

July 10, 2024
img3:30 PM ET
Premium Pick
The Dallas Wings have had a trying year at 5-17 straight-up. If there is anything noteworthy for the Wings, it is since their 11-game losing streak, they have now won two of their last five, so this team has not packed it in. This is a tough motivational spot for Phoenix. Pho...

Las Vegas at Seattle

July 10, 2024
img3:00 PM ET
Premium Pick
There is a 3-way race in the WNBA Western Conference as Minnesota, Seattle, and Las Vegas are all separated by just two games. The Aces bring a 13-7 record to Seattle as they have a big meeting with the 14-7 Seattle Storm. The Aces have begun to look like the team most thought t...

Free WNBA picks I provide

Here are the types of free WNBA picks you can expect from me:

Underdog WNBA picks

I love picking underdogs. In the WNBA, as in other sports, bettors tend to shy away from "bad" teams. This can often push the lines up to a point where there is value on an underrated underdog. While I often pick favorites in the WNBA, underdog picks play a big part in my strategy.

WNBA Consensus Picks

I watch how the public bets. My WNBA consensus tool can give you the inside scoop on who bettors like. You can see who the public is lining up on for upcoming games. You can also look back at prior games to do some reserarch into what works for using this data. 

Free WNBA Computer Picks

I provide free WNBA computer picks for every WNBA matchup all season long. These computer picks can be a great start to a do-it-yourself handicapping strategy. I don't recommend blindly betting the computer picks because they don't take into account human nature, historical systems, key late injuries, etc. But they can provide a basis for a starting position. My premium WNBA picks utilize my computer model along with many other factors to narrow down to the best WNBA ATS predictions on today's games. 

Free Computer Picks vs. Free Premium Picks

I offer you help in many ways. In order to make it clear what kinds of picks I provide for you, think of it this way: My free computer picks are 100% computer-generated based on statistics. My free premium picks are a step up from that. They utilize the computer picks data, but I then give them personal attention and apply all of my other modalities to finalize only picks I am personally betting. If you want more than just a computer analysis, be sure to get my free premium WNBA picks

WNBA Picks Against the Spread

The bulk of my WNBA premium picks are picks against the spread (ATS). Spread betting allows us to even out the odds on any two teams, even if they're not evenly matched. When betting the WNBA underdog against the spread, we get to add points to our team's final score. If we're betting on the favorite, then we must subtract points from their final total to determine the bet winner.

WNBA Moneyline Picks

Sometimes I like to thow the spread out the window and simply bet one team to win the game outright, without regard to the scoring margin differential. Sometimes this can be a favorite that I like to win the game but that I don't think will cover the spread. Or, I will sometimes bet on the WNBA underdog to win outright on the moneyline, netting us a bigger haul that we would get if we bet them ATS.

WNBA Over/Under Picks

Betting on the Over/Under in the WNBA (also called betting on the total) is a way to bet the game without caring which team will win. When betting on the total, we're predicting that the total points scored by BOTH teams will exceed (or fall short of) the total projected by the sportsbooks. I'll bet totals in the WNBA when I feel like the expected point total is off from what will happen. 

WNBA Daily Picks

One of the nice things about the WNBA is that we get to bet all summer long. While there aren't games every day, most days have a scheduled game and unlike football where we have to wait for the weekend, action abounds nightly in women's basketball. I provide daily WNBA betting picks throughout the regular season and the playoffs.

WNBA Playoffs Picks

The WNBA playoffs are much shorter than the NBA playoffs, making for succinct, intense action. My premium picks extend into the WNBA playoffs all the way through the championship game.

WNBA Parlays

WNBA parlays are very similar to other sports, but you might not see as many betting types offered by the sportsbooks. Spreads will, of course, be listed, but there are other options that you can include in your picks and parlays when visiting a sports betting website.

Each morning I take a close look at the slate of games scheduled around the WNBA and will build a list of picks for you to use. I occassionally include WNBA parlays in my WNBA picks, but more often than not I include them in my Parlay Club.

Tools for WNBA betting

While my free premium picks will give you the best chance to bet on WNBA and win, I realize you may want to do it yourself. 

If that sounds like you, check out these free tools:

Consensus Data

Like to bet against the pubic? Or maybe tail the public consensus? Check out my WNBA consensus data.

Lines and Odds

Looking for WNBA odds and lines? My WNBA lines and odds give you all the data you need for full-game, first-quarter, and first-half betting, including spreads, moneylines, and totals.

WNBA Basketball Resources

What can you win with my WNBA Picks?

Wunderdog Sports Picks is an excellent long-term investment, and I want you to know how much you can expect to win vs. other investment opportunities.

The Dog Pound

Thirsty for more sports betting information? Check out the Dog Pound, an extensive resource for all my sports gambling articles and advice.

Past WNBA Picks (2008-present)

Access to all of my previous WNBA premium predictions. Win or lose - I give you visibility to all past picks, including my in-depth analysis.

WNBA Consensus

If you want to know how the public is betting, this is your page! A collective source for public consensus information on all upcoming WNBA games.

Premium WNBA Picks

Purchase a premium WNBA package and get access to my daily picks, detailed write-ups, game information, and top-of-the-line customer service.

WNBA Computer Picks

Check out my computer predictions and analysis on upcoming WNBA games.

How to Win at Sports Betting

My free video series, "How to Win at Sports Betting," is the ultimate guide for bettors of all experience levels. Learn about bankroll management, how to find winning picks, and other vital factors to help you become a winning WNBA Basketball bettor.

My WNBA Basketball Guarantee

I get it. You're hesitant to invest in a sports betting service. That's why my picks packages are backed by an ironclad guarantee. My picks will win for you, or you'll automatically get an equivalent subscription for free until they do. No strings attached.

WNBA Lines & Odds

Real-time lines and odds for all upcoming WNBA games. Check out the spreads, totals, and moneyline odds along with first-half spreads and totals.

WNBA Scores

Updated WNBA scoreboard with consensus betting data, plus current/closing odds for each matchup.


What are expert WNBA picks?

Expert WNBA picks are predictions made by professional handicappers or handicappers like me who specialize in Women's National Basketball Association games.

Where can I find free WNBA expert bets and predictions?

You can find free WNBA expert picks tonight on various sports websites, forums, and social media channels dedicated to basketball betting. The best place for today's free winning WNBA picks is right here as I specialize in picking WNBA winners.

What are betting lines for WNBA games?

Betting lines for WNBA games are the betting odds set by sportsbooks, indicating the point spread, moneyline, and over/under for each and every game. These lines represent the potential payouts for different bets.

Are there free WNBA picks and parlays available?

Yes, you can find free WNBA picks and parlays offered by expert handicappers who provide insights into combining multiple bets for WNBA games. I provide one free premium WNBA pick every day of the season.

How do expert WNBA predictions help in betting on the WNBA?

Expert predictions help bettors make informed decisions by providing insights into player performance, team dynamics, historical data, and other factors that can impact the outcome of WNBA games.

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