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I know people are hesitant to spend money with a sports service. There are so many scamdicappers out there and it's hard to know who to trust. While I post my picks every single day so you can see exactly how I do, you might still be a little nervous. It's understandable. You may be asking yourself, what if the picks don't win?

Don't worry. This is why I guarantee that my sports picks will win - period. If my picks don't result in a profit for you (more units won than

lost based on recommended unit plays) over the period of the subscription (each sport in a combo calculated separately for purpose of guarantee), you'll automatically receive an equivalent subscription for free.

It's that simple. If my picks based on unit-play recommendations don't win, you'll get another picks package free. That's it. No strings attached. I will honor this every time because as a sports service, my reputation and my word are all I have.

Note: there is no guarantee for horse racing picks since there is no specific exact set of plays recommended and odds received can vary greatly.

Wunderdog customers talk about the Wunderdog Guarantee

I just had to write and tell you AND THE WORLD that you guys are a class act!!! Easily the most honest, thorough, and again the Classiest group on the Web or ANYWHERE ELSE!! For example I had 1 paid play and it lost. No big deal. But I WAS SHOCKED when the next day you gave me 6 GAMES as part of you're winning guarantee!!! AMAZING! Like I said a class act and I won't go anywhere else!! Thank You, Peter.
Peter M, Vancouver BC.

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I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for being one of the few honest guys in the business. You don't win every time (but no one does) and I am truly impressed with your integrity. If I buy some package from you and I don't show a profit....I get another (same package) questions asked. People are 10x more likely to tell other people about their bad customer service experiences than their good ones. So thanks again for being a standup guy.
Dale, Vancouver Canada

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I have to tell you that the vast majority of the sports touts that sell their picks would not really care if one of their packages was a loser. You, on the other hand, truly care about your customers and also your reputation. I would like to commend you on your high values and would like to say that you are the only person that I would buy picks from. Keep up the excellent work!
Raj B, Boston, MA

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You have made a believer out of me...I have gone from a losing season, to a winning season, since I enlisted your services. I am up over $1000.00 in winnings over the last two weeks! Not only that, but since last week, (a winning week), did not win by as much as you wanted it to, you are giving me a free week of premium picks, Fantastic! I will definitely be signing on for the full season next year. Thank you wunderdog.
Ken Casey, Spartanburg, SC

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