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The month of March is typically reserved for March Madness betting on the sport of college basketball, but this is a great betting market throughout the year as well. There’s nothing I enjoy more than handicapping the sport of college basketball, and I want to help you stay one step ahead of the online sportsbooks and NCAA basketball consensus picks. 

If you’re hungry for college basketball consensus picks, then I am able to deliver that information to you. Although you won’t find those NCAAB consensus picks on my site, I dedicate my time and energy to using all the information I find to come up with a list of successful picks.

How NCAA basketball consensus picks are made 

NCAA basketball picks are determined by figuring out how sports fans throughout the US are betting on a certain matchup. This can be in the form of a spread, moneyline, or total betting markets, which I then analyze. 

With my knowledge of these public betting trends, I’m able to narrow down the most effective picks. 

After hours of researching the college basketball slate each day, I’m able to deliver my daily NCAA basketball picks that you can use to beat the sportsbook! And yes, sometimes I’ll actually be on the side of the NCAA college basketball consensus picks, but only if my detailed research confirms as much. 

You are free to bet whichever way you choose, but know that all of my predictions are based on hours of tireless hard work and energy. No one likes to do research all day, but it’s required if I am going to deliver winners!

College Basketball Consensus Picks

NCAA Basketball Consensus & Public Money

Have you ever wondered how sportsbooks continue to be so successful? Well, you need to look no further than the NCAA college basketball consensus public money. College basketball is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the United States, and sportsbooks are counting on your CBB bets going the wrong way.

When it comes to this sport, looking at NCAA basketball consensus picks against the spread is the most important factor in planning your next move. When I’m looking to deliver a set of college basketball picks to my customers, I always start by taking a close look at the betting spread (ATS, Moneyline & Totals) when shopping lines.

Sportsbooks love to look at the betting consensus when manipulating the spread betting lines, and it is my job to be one step ahead of the bookmakers. If I know how the NCAA basketball consensus picks look, then I can use that information to make even better decisions.

NCAA Basketball Consensus Picks Percentages

The NCAA basketball public betting percentage will usually favor home teams or teams that are listed as favorites in a particular college basketball matchup. A lot of people are still drawn to the home-court advantage angle when betting on college basketball. 

Whether this advantage will play out how the bettor has anticipated or not remains to be seen, but that volume of public betting has now played a big role in the odds.

In addition to advice and tips on staying ahead of NCAA basketball consensus picks, I create detailed data and analysis to stay ahead NCAA college basketball betting markets. 

It goes without saying that bettors love points, and you’ll usually see the college basketball consensus picks leaning towards the over. 

The NCAA college basketball betting consensus ATS information can all be found on my site. Don’t miss out on the chance to gain key betting insights and make some real money.