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The only thing better than watching NFL games each week is winning the bet you had on the game. With my help, you'll win more. If you're tired of losing after trying to pick games yourself, you're in the right place.
With over two decades of professional handicapping experience and nearly 3 million premium picks sold, I'll help you win more bets every week.
My success rate across all sports speaks for itself, but NFL picks and predictions are my specialty. I give out free NFL picks each week to over 437,000 subscribers.
Are you tired of losing your NFL picks? Win more with my premium picks.

NFL Football Computer Picks

Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles Picks, Predictions & Odds
Monday 09/19 08:30 PM Eastern
View detailed picks information for Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles
Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills Picks, Predictions & Odds
Monday 09/19 07:15 PM Eastern
View detailed picks information for Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills
Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers Picks, Predictions & Odds
Sunday 09/18 08:20 PM Eastern
View detailed picks information for Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos Picks, Predictions & Odds
Sunday 09/18 04:25 PM Eastern
View detailed picks information for Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos
Arizona Cardinals @ Las Vegas Raiders Picks, Predictions & Odds
Sunday 09/18 04:25 PM Eastern
View detailed picks information for Arizona Cardinals @ Las Vegas Raiders
Cincinnati Bengals @ Dallas Cowboys Picks, Predictions & Odds
Sunday 09/18 04:25 PM Eastern
View detailed picks information for Cincinnati Bengals @ Dallas Cowboys
Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams Picks, Predictions & Odds
Sunday 09/18 04:05 PM Eastern
View detailed picks information for Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams
Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers Picks, Predictions & Odds
Sunday 09/18 04:05 PM Eastern
View detailed picks information for Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers
Washington Commanders @ Detroit Lions Picks, Predictions & Odds
Sunday 09/18 01:00 PM Eastern
View detailed picks information for Washington Commanders @ Detroit Lions
Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars Picks, Predictions & Odds
Sunday 09/18 01:00 PM Eastern
View detailed picks information for Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Why use free NFL picks from a pro handicapper

The reality of sports betting is it's extremely difficult. Sportsbooks are cutthroat and stack the odds in their favor. They benefit from overconfident sports fans who think they can predict the outcome.
The harsh reality is that most people don't have the time or skills to beat the sportsbooks, so 99% of sports bettors lose.
Use my free NFL picks and premium picks to win more.
Want expert advice? Sign up for my free picks or purchase one of my NFL pick packages.
Prefer to DIY your betting strategy? Check out my free How to Win Series.

Free NFL computer picks vs. free NFL premium picks

Free Computer Picks

If you’re going to handicap for yourself and make your own NFL picks, analytics are critical. However, most people aren’t going to make their own model.
I’ve created and honed a model that generates data-informed picks for every NFL game.

Computer picks will never be as good as premium picks because they don’t take into account injuries, psychology, and historical betting systems.
If you’re going to do your own NFL picks, computer picks are a necessary piece of the puzzle, but simply betting computer picks blindly isn’t sufficient to win.

Free Premium Picks

Every free NFL pick I provide through my email newsletter is one of my valuable premium picks.
In contrast to free computer picks, my free premium picks take into account all of the factors necessary to win. This includes computer analytics, models, and many other data points and relevant considerations to increase the chance of winning.

Is there any betting value in free picks?

Yes, with a caveat.
There’s value in betting free premium picks. There’s much less value in a pick that’s not a premium pick.
Some handicappers toss out lower-value picks for free picks. These don’t include their reasoning behind the pick, and they aren’t telling their paying subscribers to place the same bet—it’s a throwaway pick.

There is tremendous betting value if you’re getting one of the handicapper’s premium picks for free.
These are high-quality picks that will have a good chance of winning, and you’re getting a glimpse into what you purchase. And the results of those picks are counted in the handicapper’s official record.
All of my free picks are premium picks. I give out one free premium pick each week for the NFL with my free picks subscription.

Why do I give NFL picks for free?

Good question!
Why would I give something out for free - especially something as valuable as one of my official premium picks?
The NFL picks I give for free are premium picks that I provide to my paying subscribers.
I provide a sample of my premium picks every week because I know it can be hard to trust handicappers, and I want people to be able to sample my best picks ahead of purchasing my handicapping packages.
When you see my detailed analysis that accompanies my free premium picks, and when you see how much they win, I believe you’ll be more likely to give one of my paid packages a try.
And, you can bet with my free premium picks for as long as you like. You’ll get no pressure from me. I’m here when you’re ready to buy a premium picks package.

Wunderdog Free NFL Picks

You can find free football picks across the web, but none rival what I provide. It’s what I do best!

The NFL is my bread and butter. I pride myself on having the best long-term NFL record of any expert handicapper.
No NFL handicapper wins more than I do. It’s a bold statement, but I make it because it’s true.  I take pride in my ability to sniff out the "dogs" that deliver the most profit for my clients, increasing profits for my clients over the course of a season.

NFL betting philosophy

My NFL betting philosophy is based on these three things:
  1. History repeats itself. With my extensive databases going back over 25 years, I comb the data to map historical situations over current information to predict outcomes better.
  2. Human nature is difficult to discern and predict but it’s critical in making winning NFL picks. I consider the psychology of players, coaches, and the betting public.
  3. The value in betting the NFL usually lies in being contrarian.
This often leads to me finding value on the underdog. Fun fact: this is why I named my company Wunderdog Sports.
My NFL underdog picks aren’t just focused on the spread. I also look for teams with a strong chance of winning the game outright. Selectively taking underdogs on the moneyline can result in big paydays that set you up nicely for the entire season.
See my full philosophy for betting pre-season, regular season, and post-season.

Track record

Any experienced sports bettor or bookmaker will tell you that the NFL is the hardest sport to beat - hands down. Why? It’s the most popular sport to bet in the United States, so oddsmakers know that if they make a mistake, they can get hammered.
Making a mistake on a WNBA game in July isn’t going to hurt them or cost them their jobs. Offering a bad line on an NFL game can be catastrophic.
So, the lines are sharp to begin with. And, if a bad line is put up, it’s hammered into place instantly by sharp bettors. So, the NFL is very hard to beat. But I do it. Consistently.
There is no one better at betting the NFL. Period. I have won many awards for accuracy from the National Score Prediction League over my 20+ years. ESPN’s Chad Millman called me, “One of the years’ top sharps” based on my NFL handicapping.

Here are just a few of my stats:
  • While nearly every novice and pro loses in the NFL, I’ve won five out of the last seven seasons (71%) for a net bankroll gain of +$86,750.
  • I’ve won six of the last seven NFL preseasons for a bankroll gain of $42,620.
  • I am unmatched in the Super Bowl, having correctly called the main game outcome in 14 of the last 15 Super Bowls.
  • Overall in the NFL in my professional career, I have won 13 out of 21 seasons (62%) for a bankroll gain of $189,240.
I am the only handicapper that allows his entire record to be seen and verified. I challenge you to be able to verify any record that any other handicapper claims.In contrast, I have posted every single pick I have ever made on my website.

Every week, the picks are uploaded where you can view every win and loss for yourself. Nothing is ever hidden. All of my past NFL picks can be viewed here.

Types of free NFL picks I provide

Here are the types of free NFL picks you can expect from me:

Against the Spread Picks

Sportsbooks offer a way to even out the odds when good teams are playing bad ones by setting a spread on the game.
Favorites must “give” points to underdogs to make it a fair bet on both sides. (read more about this here).
Through my paid premium picks service and free premium picks, I provide betting advice on which teams to bet on against the Vegas spread. After the sportsbooks “even out” the teams, I tell you which side to bet on, with a detailed analysis and reasons why the bet makes sense.

Moneyline Picks

Don't want to have to worry about the point spread? Just want to pick the winner, and that's it?
That's what the moneyline is all about. Moneyline bets allow you to bet on which team will win without regard to the margin of victory.
When betting on favorites, you have to risk more than you win, and when betting on underdogs, you win more than you risk if your team pulls off the upset.
I offer moneyline NFL picks, usually on underdogs.

Over/Under Picks

Betting on the Total of a game allows you to have a rooting interest in the total points scored by both teams.
You can bet either "over" or "under" the posted total.
When betting over/unders it doesn't matter which team wins or by how many points. All that matters is whether the total points scored by both NFL teams exceed or fall short of what the oddsmakers predicted.
I offer over/under recommendations with my free and premium NFL picks.

NFL Office Pool Picks

A popular way to wager on the NFL is through an NFL Office Pool.
These pools don't usually have anything to do with point spreads or totals but rather focus strictly on predicting the winner of every game each week.
Office Pools typically require the participant to predict the winner of all games and rank them in priority order based on confidence. This is why these are sometimes referred to as NFL Confidence Pools. I offer a product that does all the work for you.
I use my algorithms and betting knowledge to predict the outcome of all games, ranking them from most likely to least likely.
My office pool picks give you the best chance to win your pool.

Weekly NFL Picks

I offer regular season weekly NFL picks with detailed analysis and reasoning.
These picks follow my NFL regular-season betting philosophy.
For each week of the regular season, I analyze every game, taking into account many factors. I utilize statistical analysis, injuries, trends, bettor behavior, and hundreds of historical situations to predict winners against the spread, on the moneyilne, and over/under the total.
I send out one free premium pick per week while paying subscribers get all of them.

Pre-Season Picks

Can you make money in the NFL pre-season? Hell yeah! It's a great way to build your bankroll for the upcoming season. I excel at winning in the NFL pre-season because I track history extensively. Coaching tendencies and motivation based on past season performance are just two of the predictive angles I use for the pre-season.

Playoffs Picks

The NFL playoffs are a different animal than the regular season. While being contrarian and going with underdogs is often more profitable in the NFL regular season, betting the NFL playoffs requires a shift in gears. The cream rises to the top in the playoffs, where the stakes are higher, and the best players and coaches are competing.

Super Bowl Picks

There is no better betting opportunity than betting the Super Bowl. Why? Because I have more success betting on this big game than any other type of bet.
I am unmatched in my Super Bowl betting prowess. I almost always get the winner correct. But on top of that, the Super Bowl offers a slew of other fantastic betting opportunities through props.
Super Bowl props are bets on obscure outcomes in the game. Since it's such a big game and there are two weeks to prepare, oddsmakers put out hundreds of prop bets. And since they only do this once per year and cater to a betting public that is generally clueless, they make many mistakes - mistakes they don't make on other games.
I have been able to exploit these errors over the years to the tune of massive profits on the Big Game. You can get a free Super Bowl pick on my free picks subscription and all of my main picks and props via my premium NFL picks subscription.

Tools for NFL bets

While my free premium picks will give you the best chance to win, I realize you may want to do it yourself. Looking for self-help tools to help in making your own NFL picks? I’ve got you covered.
Knowing who the betting public favors can help you by knowing if your hunch is something others agree with or not. A popular betting strategy is to “fade the public” by going the opposite way of the masses. While this doesn’t work blindly, it can be an arrow in your quiver. Check out my NFL consensus data
Lines and Odds
Want to see up-to-the-minute lines and odds for the upcoming NFL games? My NFL lines and odds page gives you all the data you need for full-game, first-quarter, and first-half betting, including spreads, moneylines, and totals.
Where to Bet
Once you have decided on your final bets, you need to place them. Check out my recommended sportsbooks. Here you can find out who I trust and lock in the best sign-up bonuses.

Take the guessing out of sports betting.

Take my premium picks for a test drive (for life if you want).
Sign up to receive my free NFL football predictions directly to your inbox, so you never miss a winning pick.
With each pick, I’ll provide clear, concise reasoning behind why I made the pick I did.


My Latest Premium NFL Point Spread Picks


New York at Philadelphia
Friday 08/12 07:30 PM Eastern
2 units on New York -102 (moneyline) (risk 2 to return 3.96)

Robert Saleh won and covered his first two preseason games, and the third was a 31-31 tie as a 5.5-point favorite against the Eagles in 2021. The Jets look to further improve in...


Arizona at Cincinnati
Friday 08/12 07:30 PM Eastern
1.5 units on Arizona +2 (-109) (risk 1.5 to return 2.88)

Arizona QB Kyler Murray won't play after testing positive for COVID-19, but the Cardinals have good depth and experience with QBs Colt McCoy and Trace McSorely. McCoy was produc...


Cleveland at Jacksonville
Friday 08/12 07:00 PM Eastern
Multiple Picks

Cleveland will get its first look at Deshaun Watson, who is eligible to play in the preseason, and the Browns plan to play more of their starters for at least a few series in th...


Tennessee at Baltimore
Thursday 08/11 07:30 PM Eastern
1.5 units on Baltimore -3 (-118) (risk 1.5 to return 2.77)

John Harbaugh has set an NFL record with 20 preseason wins in a row (18-1-1 ATS), and that winning philosophy will continue especially since the Ravens are off a disappointing, ...


New York at New England
Thursday 08/11 07:00 PM Eastern
1 unit on New England +3 (-120) (risk 1 to return 1.83)

Brian Daboll is making his debut as Giants head coach and starting quarterback Daniel Jones figures to see little time in the opener, if any. The backups are Tyrod Taylor and Da...

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It's always great to see a handicapping service that takes a sensible approach, doesn't make outlandish claims, and, most important, has the results of every single play posted -- both on its Web site and on the site of an independent monitoring service. Any service unwilling to do that should never be trusted. As for Wunderdog's approach to beating the NFL, what makes better sense than to focus on underdogs that have an excellent chance to win games outright? Nothing! In the age of parity, it's dangerous to play favorites in the NFL, although the public continues to lay the wood and drive up the line. So, I'll gladly take Wunderdog's advice and grab the points, knowing that many times with his plays I won't even need the points.
D.L. Douglas, Austin TX

Your game insight and consistent success never ceases to amaze me. Some use the shotgun method, but you're more like a sharp shooter. Week in and week out I can count on you to uncover good, solid opportunities. I'm also very impressed with your overall philosophy. In my humble opinion, you are right on! To Wunderdog's site visitors: This guy is (and has been) on to something. Two years in a row is no fluke. If you're looking for cream of the crop predictions, give Wunderdog a long hard look. His overall philosophy is right on, and his predictions prove it.
Bruce D.,

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