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I've trusted Wunderdog for 18 years

Kevin L. - Amesbury, MA

“At the beginning of the year I took the Pacers (hometown team) to win it all with the idea that they’d make the playoffs and that I’d cash out the ticket for more than I wagered. I wasn't sure how to hedge this, but your reply to my video was awesome. Thank you! I’m truly impressed with your picks. Having tried others, you’ve got a customer for the long term. ”

Chris G. - Indianapolis, IN

“Just to let you guys know, I use your system religiously and I've never been paid this much by Jabba the Book. He hates me right now. I fuckin’ love it. Customer for life.”

Ryder G. - N. Asheville, NC

“I wanted to reach out to you and let you know I watched your video on variance and It made so much sense to me. That video was very well done. I have dabbled in sports betting for 30+ years and now that it's finally legal in my state I've been doing a lot more recently but not having great success. I'll go through spurts but it's more losing than winning. I plan on implementing the things that you have talked about in your videos. I'm hoping to get to a point where I can purchase some of your pics packages. Thank you for the insight, much appreciated.”

Randy T. - Tampa, FL

Free Picks on a Heater

“I have had nine or ten winning bets in a row all thanks to your free picks! Thank you, I am grateful.”

Signed - Fixed income novice

Best in the Business

“You guys have the best guarantee in the business — hands down — and that's one of the reasons I've been with you for almost 15 years. ”

S. Sheaffer - Pittsburgh, PA

One of a Kind

“Thank you for your excellent picks and informative knowledge of sports! In this business... you are one of a kind!”

B.R. - Brunswick, MD

KC & the UNDER

“Excellent spread and total calls on the Super Bowl! ”

Michael B. - Norwich, CT

Life-Long Fan

“Dear Geoff, this coming July I will be 80 years young. I cannot tell you how much your free picks have meant to me all these years. To let you know, I bought a t-shirt from you & wear it proudly. When people ask about the shirt, I not only tell them where to purchase it, I clue them in as to how good your team is handicapping sports. A little publicity never hurts!! Warmest regards for the coming year 😃”

Mike "Mendel" Oakes

Outperforms the Competition 

If you look at your stats for the last several seasons, you can see that you have consistently outperformed the rest of the crowd. 

Gerry Schultz - National Score Predicting League 

A strong moral and ethical compass

“What I have seen of your picks has proven to me you know your business. You are the best I have ever seen and I have known some good handicappers (spent 20 years in Las Vegas). I have been around gamblers and betting most of my life. I know some of the really good ones like Huey Mahl, John Luckman and Lou Holloway and a lot of scam artist like *****. I am 71 years old and my statement stands that you are the best I have ever seen. Quite a few handicappers (like myself) can pick $3 and $4 winners but you seem to get the unexpected big wins.”

Charlie Wagley - Elk City, OK

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! I WON my football pool and dominated actually since week 4!!!! I could not have done it without your sites help, so thank you very much and I will be back next year for sure!!!! Happy New Year!”

Melissa D., Charlotte, NC

Stands behind his picks like no one else

Mark H. - Atlanta, GA

“Dog, Although your office pool picks are only mathematical picks, you've out scored me every week. Had I used your picks I would be in the top 6 in my pool instead of tied at 8th. No more "juggling" in week 4; going with your picks this week. Keep up the good work.”

Larry Simpson, Lincoln Illinois

“I wanted to say THANK YOU I have won (4) office pool weeks outright & have split (1) this year and I'm also leading the progressive win total board which is at $10,240.00 so far this season just (4) weeks left and I'll win that also. I've paid for services in the past & have never had a winning streak that I've gotten from using your picks. Once again THANK YOU for your great picks and for your GREAT SERVICE I couldn't have done it without your help.”

Steve Martin, Somerville, NJ

“Just a quick note to say thanks! I've been using your office picks all season for a football challenge on a local radio station here in LA, and for the first time in four years I'm above 50%. 68.16% actually! The only picks I don't go with are when you go against my beloved Steelers! You understand I have no choice but to pick my team no matter what you say! LOL! Currently I'm 8 wins below first place (152 and 71) and have no one to thank but you guys! Next year I expect to win it all with your help! Thanks again for your Wunderdog Pool Picks!”

Larry G., Norwalk, CA

What a day!

“Went 12 for 12 at the sportsbook today with your Week 1 college picks, holy s#!t. What a day. Thank u Wunderdog. I even parlayed your MLB picks #degenerate and it paid, and hit FSU and the Over. What a day. ”

J. Cohen, Las Vegas, NV

“You are the only and most honest gamer I have ever seen.  Thank you for all the winners you have given me over time. Since I only do Horses, I have to wait on your picks for Belmont-Preakness and all the great money makers... Thank you, Wunderdog. PS. I have been with you since the beginning. I am #49. ”

Linda Johnson

Football Season is Here!

“The Dog & Friends - Looking forward to another year of your insights and picks! Win or lose, your analysis is pretty much spot on, and predictions make one feel confident that it’s a sound and very reasonable choice. Thx again. ”

Bill Fleming - Monona, WI

“Thank you for sharing this video with me. I understand that variance in sports betting is a guarantee. I will try to not overreact to winning streaks and losing streaks in the future. I feel very confident and secure in the Dog's 1%/unit bankroll management strategy, much more so than the strategies of the 2 other handicapping services that I've tried. Thank you again and have a great day! BOL!

Stew - Clarksville, TN

IG Max Play winner

“Thanks for all your help and all your tips. They have helped me make better picks and it’s increased my bankroll …. That is what makes me most happiest… more money! Thank you ❤️”

diran6835 - IG

The Wunderdog Difference

“Hi Wunderdog Team! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the hard work that you all are doing. After seeing how on-point you guys have been since the start of the MLB season, I decided to purchase the remainder of the NBA and NHL seasons and I am so glad that I did. Since 4/28, across those three sports, you guys have saved me from losing $4,477 and instead have won me $7,805, a difference of $12,282!! I mean... wow!! It is no exaggeration to say that Wunderdog Sports has saved my sports wagering career because I was near the point where I would've been forced to quit due to too many losses. Thank you again, and I'll be an annual subscriber soon!”

Chris S. - Morrison, CO

Planning is Everything

“Holy cow - I bought both the NBA and NHL today (actually you gave them to me free after a subpar day yesterday) and we hit every game including a couple of parlays. Well done guys. I know we occasionally complain after a bad day but after watching Geoff's video series, I'm down with "The Plan" and today allowed me to move forward with a nice bankroll. Just wanted to say thanks. You guys do a great job.”

Mike M. - Centennial, CO

Premium Picks Sweep 4-0

“I just want to take a second and say THANK YOU (for Monday's NBA)! I’ll definitely be back for more premium picks.

Jacob C. - Cleveland, OH

Personal service, trust, & accountability

Devin L. - St. Paul, MN

Keepin it real

“Aye Wunderdog, I just want to let you know I appreciate you man. FWIW, you're one of the real ones. This is the 3rd day you sent me picks because the past few days haven't been going so well & I just want to say thank you for being genuine. Very rare these days. ”

Scoota B. - IGM

“Aloha, Wunderdog. I gotta thank you for the videos. I'm on a run: 11 wins & 4 losses since Monday!!”

Samson C. - Wailuku, HI

Here's to big things in 2023

“My thanks to you, not just for the great picks, but for the thoughts that you shared on why you made the pick. Can't wait for next year! ”

B. Fleming - Madison, WI

“W-Dog you are amazing. I've been following you and taking your expert advice and the only thing I normally screw up are my own picks. Thanks again.”

Bill Fleming - Madison, WI

HTW Series Gets 2 Thumbs Up!

“Hi Geoff, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your 10-part video series on sports betting. It was the most comprehensive training I have ever had on the subject! Please know I am 70 and have been betting for about 50 years, mostly by the seat of my pants. Hence, as you suggested in your “Set Proper Expectations” subject, I am mostly an all-time loser. But I do have fun with it regardless.
I have encountered many scammers out there in my day, and those experiences have cost me mucho dinero. You, on the other hand, are refreshing and likable. I am impressed with your track record and your philosophy on transparency!

Thanks again for all the work you put into the video series and assisting your clients. I wish you the best for now and in your future.”

Thomas M. - Safety Harbor, FL

“I'm a novice sports bettor, and I recently finished your YouTube video series. First and foremost, I want to thank you so much for providing that content free of charge. It was so refreshing to realize the mistakes I was making, and since I've implemented what I have learned in your series, I am up +0.42u with an ROI of 0.98% - which to me is a huge improvement. I have stopped betting and thinking like a fan, and instead am thinking more in terms of + & - EV, closing line value, line movement, and how I can align myself with sharp bettors. I don't have a large bankroll ($1,000 bankroll with a modest $10.00 unit size), but I very much appreciate the daily free picks send to my inbox. Again, thanks so much for providing that video series free of charge on YouTube. It helped immensely.”

David S. - British Columbia, Canada

“I bet to make a little extra money & because it makes for an exciting hobby. You guys are honest and can pull some rabbits out of the NFL hat as good as I have seen. I would definitely recommend your service highly. AS GOOD AS IT GETS IN MY BOOK!! KEEP SWINGING!!”

Pete J. - Jackson, Mississippi

“You're a legend mate, just deciding who to go with full-time bro and this NFL freebie said it all. ”


“Really glad I picked the All Sports Annual package, loving the action every day!”

J. Radnor, Hamilton, ON

“WOW WOW WOW! 4-0 for +5 units today with hoops. Thank you so much for the great service!”

Fred C.

“Very impressed with the Wunderdog! Since Mar 27, started with $400 in my online account and today it is at $1,739. Well on my way to covering the $2,153 subscription costs. $1,339 of that has been made back so far in short order. Less than a month! Super handicapping, and the reliability of the picks being delivered via email every day at the same time... this is absolutely unparalleled service.”

John Radnor, Hamilton, ON

I win with Wunderdog

Richard Y. - Long Island, NY

“Have to share. I did a 7 team parlay with yesterday's NBA + NHL. Cashed for $8200 this morning! Yahoo. Thank you.”

Steve M - California

“I mistakenly tried another company for picks just for the weekend. It was awful. Not good. All wrong. Same with this other company I subscribed to. It’s been a massive waste. But your plays come with the “why” and full transparency the day of/after. Long story short, yours is the only one I’m gonna use.”

Austin Hansen

“Your NFL picks for the side and the under helped my bank!! Thank-you.”

Ken J. - Las Vegas

“I am now up over $800 for the month with college. So happy.”

Tracey Richardson

“This is the best video I’ve seen on the internet. It’s sickening what scammers are able to get away with. I hope more people watch your channel and follow your advice.”

Mr. Gambit, IG

Big returns

“I changed some of my practices because of your videos. In the last seven days I've had a huge ROI and 74% WP going 20-7! 

@mdubs - Twitter

“I just watched your 10 part series, and thought it was appropriate to comment. First, a little background – I am an ex professional baseball player. I made it as high as AAA. I have a +5 handicap in golf. Sports has been my life. I love competition. My ex-wife used to say that if they televised the tidily winks championship, I would watch. I’d rather bet on me, but those days are gone. I can’t get enough competition, and sports betting gives me that option. Because of my background, I have always thought I had a good understanding of winning/losing, but more importantly, I feel I have a decent understanding of why (or when) an athlete under or overperforms. I dabble in online gambling, and enjoy the process of attempting to predict outcomes. 

In watching your videos I noticed three things: 1. I already knew (and practiced) some of your philosophies. 2. I learned many things that I have not considered. 3. You reiterated things I really needed to hear. Anybody that wants to improve should listen to and adhere (strictly) to your views, opinions, logic & track record.

A few years ago, I subscribed to your NFL picks and won. I couldn’t believe some of the picks you made (that I disagreed with). Your picks won a lot more than mine would have. Thank you for that. I enjoy everything you have to offer. I read and listen to anything you have to say because it makes me a better gambler. Just wanted to let you know I am a big fan. There are very few others out there worth considering. You, my friend, are one.”

Chick Valley - Fresno, CA

“Geoff you are the king I have been making money off the free picks for years now. The videos are incredible advice, this is legit thank you!”

Corey - YouTube

“Watched the 10-part series last night and after reflecting on it, I felt like I should send you an email. I bet on games for fun, and my bankroll is way under what makes sense to join your service, however I learned quite a bit from watching the videos, specifically about bankroll management and managing variance. Anyway, I thought it was refreshing that you were honest about the fact that it makes no sense for me to subscribe to your service. If my bankroll ever gets to a point where it makes sense, Wunderdog is where I will come. Thanks for the honesty and advice.”

Matt Bailey - Phoenix, AZ

“I changed some of my football handicapping practices because of your videos. Thank you!”


“Great call last night guys! Brilliant! I was leaning the other way until I heard from you guys!!!! Keep up the good work”

Barry P.

You get way more

J.W. Best - S. Illinois

2-thumbs up

“I just watched your 10 part series, and learned many things that I had not considered. Anybody that wants to improve, should listen to your views, opinions and logic.”

Brett W. - Cincinnati, OH

“What a masterpiece in College Football yesterday men!! 10-1 and you did it in every way possible. Over/Unders, took points, gave points, Money Line. That's some Handicapping! $$$$ Sending you my sheets for an autograph so I can frame them! Again, Great Job!!”

Gerry Schultz

It's in the name

“When I first came across your site, I couldn't believe the underdogs you were picking. Well, now I am a believer. Great picks and advice all season long. Keep up the great work.”

Greg S. - FBC

“I just finished reading over your site, and I must tell you that I am very impressed. Your philosophy on baseball and the story it tells is right on the money. Your rankings and "winning feels like losing" are great. Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks, Nick”

Nick C. - Columbus, OH

Winner's Club

“Can't win all the time, but you guys can put on some remarkable runs that really help with bankroll management. I don't play a lot of teasers or parlays at all ... But this weekend I rode your picks hard only because of the first weekend. What a fortunate decision!!”


“What a way to bust out of the (CFB) gate!!!”

Mike A.

“Thanks for a great week in college. I am grateful.”

Mike H.

“The most honest Crew in business!!! If you discipline yourself you guys are a great source to have...!!”

Pete, Gulfport, MS.

“Wow you guys have been straight money on all your college picks. You have sent me 6 winners in a row and I'm cashing out tomorrow up big. Great job.”

Joshua McRae, Norwich, CT

Next level

“Hey Guys ... just a quick note to tell ya's ... here's what impresses me about YOUR service ...has you standing apart from all others. It's not in the picks you DO make ... but rather ... how you, at times, analyze a game ... then DECLINE to pick... I admire your work, believe in your system. You do keep me looking, checking you out.”

Geary M. - Birmingham, MI

Pure genius

“I have been on many different sports services in the last 20 years and I must say in the N.F.L. I've never been more impressed. It's like you're psychic.”

Paul Blasetti - Rochester, NY

Detailed & Analytical

Dean G. - Santa Ana, CA

“I give up. I keep thinking I can "out-pick" you but I can't. A few weeks ago I would have NEVER taken Browns over Indy or San Fran over Buffalo! In fact, I probably would have taken the opposites. But I swallowed my pride and sure enough you nailed BOTH dogs - one of them outright! Instead of getting whacked - I won because of you... Great work - thanks so much!”

Mark G. - Naperville, IL

“Outstanding job so far. Your four-day total is 10 wins and only 1 loss. I have been with other companies in the past and I have never seen a streak like this one. Continue with the great information and detailed newsletters. You certainly have it all at Wunderdog. Thanks for your hard work. You are very informative with your selections and I plan on staying on board. Keep up the good work.”

Jim A.

“You are unbelievable in this tourney. you are definitely the best capper out there. i am putting word out in northeast about you to all my friends. i tried a couple of others but you run a very professional and personable business. thank you.”

Dan Baldwin, New Haven, CT

“Excellent call and analysis on the Orange Bowl guys! First time buying your service and my wallet thanks you! Will do business again.”

Mark Marshall, Baltimore, MD

Amazing Work Ethic

“I appreciate the honesty of your site as you tell it like it happens. You have been up-front in stating your record in both the Pro and College picks. That speaks volumes in an industry where some touts are selling both sides of the game so they'll always have some happy bettors. I appreciate the work ethic that you have displayed in what I have received and would not hesitate to recommend my friends to purchase your picks. Thank you for allowing me to view your work and see what you claim and what you provide to those who come to your site.”

Cliff Meyer - Modesto, CA

“When you read Wunderdog's analysis, you won't find things like "Get my guaranteed 5-star NCAA pick" or crazy things like that. Dog simply tells it like it is, analyzing past trends along with how teams are playing today. I'm not saying the Dog will win 80% of the time, I'm saying the Dog will win. Underdogs always came through, and so does Wunderdog!!”

Jonny P., Aurora, IL

Guaranteed Results

“You have made a believer out of me. With your help, I have gone from a losing season to a winning season since I enlisted your services. I am up over $1000 over the last two weeks! Not only that but since last week did not win, you are giving me a free week of premium picks. Fantastic! I will definitely be signing on for the full season next year. Thank you wunderdog.”

Ken Casey - Spartanburg, SC

“Dear Wunderdog, what a season. Your analysis and ability to pick winners in the playoffs was impressive. Good stuff! Keep up the good work, and good luck next season. Sincerely, Bill.”

Bill K., Lakewood, CO

Just do it

“I can tell you something that's real truth about a guy in Texas that is me. I try sooo hard to study and figure and all that, and sometimes I am right but since I have been with this baseball service I have done so much better. I know it's hard to lose but if you will follow this program I promise you WILL win. I mean this, and I am hardheaded as hell. JUST DO IT!!!”

Don Weiler, Houston, TX

Class act

“I just had to write and tell you AND THE WORLD that you guys are a class act!!! Easily the most honest, thorough, and again the Classiest group on the Web or ANYWHERE ELSE!! For example, I had one paid play and it lost. No big deal. But I WAS SHOCKED when the next day you gave me 6 NHL GAMES as part of your winning guarantee - AMAZING! Like I said, a class act and I won't go anywhere else!! Thank You”

Peter M. - Vancouver, BC

One of the "honest" guys

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for being one of the few honest guys in the business. You don't win every time (but no one does) and I am truly impressed with your integrity.
If I buy some package from you and don't show a profit... I get another package free... no questions asked. People are 10x more likely to tell other people about their bad customer service experiences than their good ones. So thanks again for being a standup guy.”

Dale - Vancouver, Canada

Honesty: Second to None

Parker Smith - Jacksonville, FL

“Your horse bet tips have been top shelf....Thank you.... I am retired on a fixed income...So I am not a big bettor.....My wife would Elain Bobbitt me if I did...But just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you....Sincerely....Jim Thompson”

Jim Thompson - Sanford, FL

Value play

“I have to tell you that the vast majority of the sports touts that sell their picks would not really care if one of their packages was a loser. You, on the other hand, truly care about your customers and also your reputation. I want to commend you on your high values and would like to say that you are the only person that I would buy picks from. Keep up the excellent work!”

Raj B. - Boston, MA

In it for the long haul

“Mr. Dog, I have tried so many handicappers it is unbelievable. I have never been happy with them because they lie about their records and take your money. You are the first handicapper who has been honest, proven your winning record by posting results daily, not lying about how many winners you had, and getting the picks out in a timely manner. I am sure there will be losing streaks, but I believe I have found the only handicapper that can produce winners and profit over the long haul. Thanks. ”

Ted F. - Knoxville, TN

“Wunderdog brings both a unique and insightful perspective to NHL handicapping, which allows him to offer visitors accurate and concise picks.”

Ryan Webb

“I have been betting on football for over 15 years. While I have only known Wunderdog this past season, his insight has helped me to add to my profits greatly. Wunderdog has what it takes to win in the NFL. The insight shown, and selections made, leave little doubt that WUNDERdog will provide WUNDERful profits for those who follow his advice!”

B. Simpson - New York, NY

“It's always great to see a handicapping service that takes a sensible approach, doesn't make outlandish claims and most important, has the results of every single play posted -- both on its Web site and on the site of an independent monitoring service. Any service unwilling to do that should never be trusted. As for Wunderdog's approach to beating the NFL, what makes better sense than to focus on underdogs that have an excellent chance to win games outright? Nothing! In the age of parity, it's dangerous to play favorites in the NFL, although the public continues to lay the wood and drive up the line. So, I'll gladly take Wunderdog's advice and grab the points, knowing that many times, I won't even need the points.”

D.L. Douglas - Austin, TX

A Sharp Shooter

“Your game insight and consistent success never ceases to amaze me. Some use the shotgun method, but you're more like a sharpshooter. Week in and week out, I can count on you to uncover good, solid opportunities. I'm also very impressed with your overall philosophy. In my humble opinion, you are right on! To Wunderdog's site visitors: This guy is (and has been) on to something. Two years in a row is no fluke. If you're looking for cream of the crop predictions, give Wunderdog a long hard look. His overall philosophy is right on, and his predictions prove it.”

Bruce D. - NFL Advantage

“One of the year's top sharps: A phenomenal year.”

Chad Millman, ESPN

“You were so good last year, I would like to subscribe to this year's football picks. No hard sell, no high school drop out loud mouth jerks, none of the stuff that has for too long been associated with getting sports picks. I thank you for running such a first class operation. You make it a pleasure to do business. Thanks, Al”

Al Collins, Brighton, IL

“Wunderdog, You have made me soooo much money with your picks in baseball and hockey, don't worry about the basketball picks. Your picks are always based on substantial analysis which I appreciate. Regards, Steve.”

Steven K, New York, NY

“Nice picks. You are unbelievable when handicapping fast dirt tracks. Another observation: In many of your races, I noticed that the winner is invariably one of your first two picks. How you do it is beyond me. Best regards.”

Paul R. - Pawtucket, RI

“Hello Wunderdog, This is a belated thank you for the $15 dollar NCAA basketball bracket. Using your exact picks I won $660 in one pool & $550 in another. I haven't told anyone they were your picks and not mine but you deserve some recognition so I will spread the word about you to other bettors like myself. Thanks again. Bob”

Bob S., Lincoln Park, NJ

All Systems Go

“I have to say, with all the handicappers out there screaming at you and telling you they have the "lock of the year" and inside information and all the crap that goes with marketing and hype, you are the first who I believe has a real system and is truly honest. Very refreshing... I will continue to get packages from you.”

Larry L. - San Diego, CA

“I want to say that I am a 61-year-old who has gambled recreationally for all my adult years. The few times (mainly in response to a terrible losing streak) I have engaged a service left a horrible taste. Simply stated, none had ethics or professionalism... until I was introduced to Wunderdog. In my opinion, your business model results from a founder with a solid moral and ethical compass. It is a pleasure to do business with you.”

Al Gardiner

Teeing it up

“I have used several sports picks services. Your company is by far the best. Your customer service kicks ass on all of the others and your website is put together top-notch. I am looking forward to subscribing to the golf season package.”

Chris Hatton - Homewood, CA

Let it ride

“Thanks Wunderdog! I have become a winner since you became a part of my life. Keep the success going!!”

Matt M. - Green Bay, WI

“Whether you know it or not, win lose or draw, you have the best operated sports site I've ever purchased from. What a night !!!!! I will be getting a season package as soon as I get out of work today. Keep up the good work. You're the man, I mean the "Dog" !!!”

George, Charlotte, NC

Lining up

“You guys are the best. You guys are absolutely unreal. Your picks are the best around. A lot of my picks are the same as yours and as soon as I see you like what I like it's for sure.”

Jim Hayes - Illinois

Real winners

“Hey people, the Dog is the real deal. Wunderdog does his homework and gets the winners, period. He's made a winner week after week.”

Lucky Scott

“Very impressive! I have found that picking underdogs provides the best winning % - keep it up! thanks.”

Paul B. - Washington, DC

Winning combo

“Good customer service is every bit as important as a good winning percentage and you have done well on both fronts. Keep up the good work! ”

Raj N. - Princeton, NJ

“I must give a testimony of your service. You are the best handicapper. With a Sunday and Monday Night like we saw, I am hungry for more, and I will re-up my College and NFL subscription before this weekend. You even picked the Cards against my hometown Eagles on Sunday, and let's say it was bittersweet. Hey won some cash on the Cards. The Seahawks was icing on the cake. I am through with your shady competitors who get the picks wrong and harass me by phone Saturday and Sunday mornings to buy their service. I am with the DOG all day all year.”

Mark W. - Philadelphia, PA

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