About Me

Hi, I’m Geoff, the Wunderdog

My company, Wunderdog Sports Picks, helps sports bettors like you feel the thrill of winning more often.

Started in 2001, my sole focus from day one has been to provide winning picks and sports betting education with honesty, integrity and transparency.

In 2005, the Harvard Business Review published a case study analyzing the winning performance of my service.

In 2007, StartupNation analyzed 16.5 million businesses and named Wunderdog Sports as a Top 10 Financial Performer.

In 23 years in business, Wunderdog Sports has won over 50 awards for outstanding performance at the National Score Predicting League.

Wunderdog Sports has become the most followed sports handicapping service in the world with 423,769 subscribers who trust my sports betting advice daily.

My clients, many of whom have been with me for decades, have put their trust in me by purchasing over 4.3 million of my premium picks since inception.


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#1 in Sports Picks

Now, you might be asking yourself - why should I listen to this guy? Skepticism is good.

I’ve been betting on sports for over 30 years and helping other bettors professionally for over two decades with full transparency in results.

I got into this business as a way to combine my prowess in predictive modeling with a love of sports and a fierce competitive streak.

After studying statistics and obtaining a masters degree from one of the top business schools in the world, I worked in the corporate and startup worlds, honing my ability to use analytics to make better decisions.

But my passion was always sports betting.

In the early 1990s, I started building a statistical model to predict the outcome of NFL games for personal use and found I was really good at analyzing data, finding patterns, and predicting outcomes.

Soon my company, Wunderdog Sports, was born.

Over the last 23 years I have amassed a database across all sports encompassing 5,326 individual datapoints on 395,946 sporting events. Using this, I have made 77,140 official premium sports picks.


A strong moral and ethical compass

“What I have seen of your picks has proven to me you know your business. You are the best I have ever seen and I have known some good handicappers (spent 20 years in Las Vegas). I have been around gamblers and betting most of my life. I know some of the really good ones like Huey Mahl, John Luckman and Lou Holloway and a lot of scam artist like *****. I am 71 years old and my statement stands that you are the best I have ever seen. Quite a few handicappers (like myself) can pick $3 and $4 winners but you seem to get the unexpected big wins.”

Charlie Wagley - Elk City, OK

Trusted by 423,769 sports bettors

My story

I fell for it…

It was 1990. I was in college and I couldn’t resist what I was hearing. 

“I’ve won 20 games in a row. I have inside information which is why I hit over 80% long-term. This next pick is the biggest of my career and it can’t lose! Just call 900…”

I was roped in. I fell for the bullshit. Ugh. 😤

I learned quickly that the guy on the radio was all hype and no substance. No one hits 80%, or 70% or even 60% long term. There are no locks. The promise of inside information is a marketing ploy.

It was a painful and expensive lesson, but I’m glad I learned it early.

Getting duped led me to my career.

While I hated the scamdicappers yelling at me on the radio and TV, I loved winning at sports betting so I decided I’d get great at making picks for myself. Which is what I did.

And I found out I was damn good at it. World class, actually.

When I decided to bet on myself by selling my advice, I vowed to be different than the guys I saw doing this back in college.

I decided to commit to transparency by showing every single one of my picks on my website, never hiding a single one. 

I committed to always being honest about how much I would really be able to win, even if that meant not selling as much.

And of course I shunned the idea of any kind of “boiler room” sales team. Instead, I would show people how I win, for free. If they liked what they saw, then the sales would follow.

Also, I decided that I would do more than just sell picks. I’d also educate on how to win, including the ins-and-outs of bankroll management, how to make picks, how to set realistic expectations and how to understand the math side of things.

…because making good picks is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. 

Unlike the unscrupulous marketers who relied on an ever present flow of new suckers (like me in college), my goal from day one has been to build life-long relationships with people who want to win more, even if they never buy anything from me.

Twenty-two years and over 423,769 subscribers later, I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do.

I’ve created a place where people can learn about sports betting for free, by simply reading a free email while sipping their coffee each morning. 

And I’ve shown you don’t need to be a used car salesman to have success in the sports predictions business. Every single pick I’ve sold (over 4.3 million of them so far) was sold without resorting to hype or overpromising. 

If you make your own picks and have success, great!

However, if you don’t want to invest the time and energy into becoming a winning sports bettor yourself, but you still want to feel the thrill of victory more often, then get my free picks. I’ve had people receiving my free picks email newsletter for over 23 years and you are welcome to join them for as long as you want for free.

I’ll never pressure you to buy or promise you a lock or can’t-lose pick, because they can all lose.

Instead I promise dedication, skill, knowledge and honesty. And, in the long-term I will help you win more than you do now.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who have already chosen me to help you win more, thank you. If you’re not, then I invite you to try a premium package today.

Over 23 years of winning free & premium sports picks

How I help

Why Bettors Lose

Most people lose at sports betting. This shit is (really) hard.

Here are the top five reasons sports bettors lose:

  1. Their picks suck. They are made based on gut feel, fandom or mis-placed confidence based on the opinion of some talking head on ESPN. Bettors underestimate the sophistication and skill of the bookmakers. And, bettors often make the wrong kinds of bets, including those with an unbeatable commission structure.
  2. They have unrealistic expectations. Sports bettors expect to win too often and aren’t prepared for the realities of sports betting.
  3. They over-betting, leading to frequent bankroll ruin.
  4. They are impatient, wanting to win too much too quickly.
  5. They can’t handle losing. When it inevitably happens, most bettors react in the wrong ways, compounding their problems.

Where I come in

My job is to help you turn losing into winning.

First and foremost, I provide winning sports picks, with detailed analysis.

But winning requires more than just great picks. This is why a big part of what I do is educate. I help people discover why they are losing at sports betting, and I provide the hard truth through writing, videos and consulting to help sports bettors win more bets.

I help you identify and eliminate bankroll-crushing activities. I arm you with a disciplined system that accounts for emotions, takes into account human nature and is rooted in a solid understanding of statistics.

I help you understand how to set reasonable expectations, how to manage your money, how to make good picks, and how to find the best prices for your bets.

All picks guaranteed

My Values

How I’m Different

I value honesty and transparency and verifiable claims.

Let’s be honest. This industry has some bad apples. I was duped by them when I was younger.

When I started this business years ago, I vowed to be different from those shady guys.

Because it personally hurt me when I was on the wrong end of scammers, I vowed to be honest at all times and put transparency first. To this day, this remains my guiding principle and I will never bend on it.

As a result, the vast majority of the 4.3 million million picks I have sold are repeat purchases.

Unlike others that provide multiple sets of picks (so they can always claim that at least one type is winning), I have one set of picks. They win or lose, and it’s all verifiable. That’s it.

Every one of my premium picks is posted on my site for all to see and verify. I’ve made 77,140 picks since I started this business in 2001 and every single one is posted here, including the good, the bad and the ugly.

And unlike others in this industry who put more effort into marketing than handicapping, every one of my premium picks includes a detailed analysis and write-up so you know why I am making the recommendations I make.

When I win, I share that joy with you. When I lose, I am honest about it.

I value you as a human being and I want to provide a great service to you in an open and honest way, and I want a long-term relationship. Most of my clients are lifelong. 

I will never pressure you

My primary goal is to help you become a better sports bettor.

I am here to help you for free, as long as you want. Sure, I am in the business of selling premium picks. I am proud of them and I know they will help you win more. 

But I understand not everyone wants to buy, and that’s ok. I will continue to provide you with free premium picks forever, and I will always offer free sports betting educational content.

When I was a young sports bettor, the sleazy used-car salesman marketers suckered me. To this day I hold disdain for them, and it’s important to me to be the opposite of them.

I never promise “locks” or pretend I have inside information just to try to get you to buy from me. I have one Game of the Year each year per sport (unlike others who seem to have one every week because it helps them sell).

I’ll be here without pressure, and if you ever want to check out my top picks, that’s great. If you just want to use my free premium picks and free content, that’s great too.

I guarantee my work

I personally believe that if anything is of real value, the provider of it should stand behind it. If they won’t, what does that tell you?

This is why I provide a guarantee on my premium packages. I will win for you and if I don’t, I’ll provide my premium service for free until I do.

This is gambling so of course I don’t win all the time. No one can. But I know that if you pay me for picks, and I lose, the least I can do is provide you an equal set of great picks for free.

Over 4.3 million premium picks sold

How I’m winning

No one wins more. Period.

My singular goal is simple: help you win more. While I won't claim sky-high (unrealistic) winning percentages, I will say that no one wins more than me. I won't win every week, but I will give you the best chance to increase your bankroll.

Recent Performance
All Picks are 4894-4334 (53%)
Last 15.2 years
Over the last 15.2 years
All Picks are 2811-2504 (53%)
Last 22.4 years
Over the last 22.4 years
All Picks are 1920-1726 (53%)
Last 11.0 years
Over the last 11.0 years
All Playoff Picks are 268-200 (57%)
Last 3.0 years
Over the last 3.0 years
All Picks are 1573-1231 (56%)
Last 2.0 years
Over the last 2.0 years
Free Picks are 123-95 (56%)
Last 14.1 years
Over the last 14.1 years
Free Picks are 332-265 (56%)
Last 11.3 years
Over the last 11.3 years
All Picks are 232-236 (50%)
Last 4.1 years
Over the last 4.1 years
Free Picks this season are 155-100 (61%)
Last 14.1 years
Over the last 14.1 years

Awards and Rankings

National Score Predicting League independent rankings:

  • Best Straight-Up Winning Percentage 2022-23
  • Best Score Differential 2022-23
  • Best Margin Differential 2022-23
  • Highest Total Points Differential 2022-23
  • Best ATS Winning Percentage 2011-12
  • Madden Cup Winner (Best NFL Picks) 2006-07
  • #1 out of 32 Score Differential 2020-21
  • #1 out of 32 Best Margin Differential 2020-21
  • #1 out of 32 Total Points Differential 2020-21
  • #1 out of 25 Lifetime Best Wins Over/Under
  • #1 out of 24 Total Points Differential 2019-
  • #1 out of 24 Best Margin Differential 2019-
  • #1 out of 100 Most Composite Wins 2011-12
  • #1 out of 100 Most Straight Up Wins 2011-12
  • #2 out of 100 Composite Winning Percentage 2019-
  • #2 out of 100 Most Wins Against-the-Spread 2011-12
  • #2 out of 100 Composite Winning Percentage 2011-12
  • #2 out of 100 Highest Winning Percentage 2011-12
  • #2 out of 116 Score Differential 2013-14
  • #2 out of 57 Best Score Differential 2014-15
  • #2 out of 22 Best Scoring Differential 2018-19
  • #2 out of 15 Win Rate Over/Under 2018-19
  • #3 out of 57 Most Wins 2014-15
  • #3 out of 32 Best Against the Spread 2017-18
  • #4 out of 100 Score Differential 2011-12
  • #4 out of 32 Best Margin Differential 2016-17
  • #5 out of 38 Best Winning Rate 2018-19
  • #9 out of 116 Most Spread Wins 2013-14
  • #10 out of 100 Highest Winning Percentage ATS 2011-12

One of the year's top sharps.
A phenomenal year.

Chad Millman, ESPN

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Success Stories

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the hundreds of Wunderdog success stories.


Guaranteed Results

“You have made a believer out of me. With your help, I have gone from a losing season to a winning season since I enlisted your services. I am up over $1000 over the last two weeks! Not only that but since last week did not win, you are giving me a free week of premium picks. Fantastic! I will definitely be signing on for the full season next year. Thank you wunderdog.”

Ken Casey - Spartanburg, SC

Outperforms the Competition 

If you look at your stats for the last several seasons, you can see that you have consistently outperformed the rest of the crowd. 

Gerry Schultz - National Score Predicting League 

Amazing Work Ethic

“I appreciate the honesty of your site as you tell it like it happens. You have been up-front in stating your record in both the Pro and College picks. That speaks volumes in an industry where some touts are selling both sides of the game so they'll always have some happy bettors. I appreciate the work ethic that you have displayed in what I have received and would not hesitate to recommend my friends to purchase your picks. Thank you for allowing me to view your work and see what you claim and what you provide to those who come to your site.”

Cliff Meyer - Modesto, CA

A Sharp Shooter

“Your game insight and consistent success never ceases to amaze me. Some use the shotgun method, but you're more like a sharpshooter. Week in and week out, I can count on you to uncover good, solid opportunities. I'm also very impressed with your overall philosophy. In my humble opinion, you are right on! To Wunderdog's site visitors: This guy is (and has been) on to something. Two years in a row is no fluke. If you're looking for cream of the crop predictions, give Wunderdog a long hard look. His overall philosophy is right on, and his predictions prove it.”

Bruce D. - NFL Advantage

In it for the long haul

“Mr. Dog, I have tried so many handicappers it is unbelievable. I have never been happy with them because they lie about their records and take your money. You are the first handicapper who has been honest, proven your winning record by posting results daily, not lying about how many winners you had, and getting the picks out in a timely manner. I am sure there will be losing streaks, but I believe I have found the only handicapper that can produce winners and profit over the long haul. Thanks. ”

Ted F. - Knoxville, TN

All Systems Go

“I have to say, with all the handicappers out there screaming at you and telling you they have the "lock of the year" and inside information and all the crap that goes with marketing and hype, you are the first who I believe has a real system and is truly honest. Very refreshing... I will continue to get packages from you.”

Larry L. - San Diego, CA

One of the "honest" guys

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for being one of the few honest guys in the business. You don't win every time (but no one does) and I am truly impressed with your integrity.
If I buy some package from you and don't show a profit... I get another package free... no questions asked. People are 10x more likely to tell other people about their bad customer service experiences than their good ones. So thanks again for being a standup guy.”

Dale - Vancouver, Canada

Value play

“I have to tell you that the vast majority of the sports touts that sell their picks would not really care if one of their packages was a loser. You, on the other hand, truly care about your customers and also your reputation. I want to commend you on your high values and would like to say that you are the only person that I would buy picks from. Keep up the excellent work!”

Raj B. - Boston, MA

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