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About Wunderdog Sports

Who is the Wunderdog?

My name is Geoff. I'm a numbers guy. I love aggregating and analyzing data to draw conclusions and predict results. I've been predicting and betting sports for over 25 years. Wunderdog Sports was born in 2001 after I started to post my picks on a friend's website and I realized I had a following...a huge following. Learn more about me.

How long have you been in business?

I started Wunderdog Sports in 2001 as a guy with a knack for picking NFL underdogs. I now provide sports predictions to 423,770 sports fans for every major U.S. sport every day. My following has grown at an average rate of over 450% from since starting in 2001, landing a spot on StartupNation's 2007 Top 10 list of Financial Performers (selected from among 16,500,000 qualifying businesses).

How does the guarantee work?

The Golden Guarantee is simple: I work for you until you win! If any subscription (day, week, month or season) is not profitable, you will automatically get the next set of picks for free. Read more about my Golden Guarantee here.

Sports Betting - Related Questions

Where can I learn more about sports betting and your betting philosophy?

I have written a lot about this to help you understand the ins and outs of sports betting. You can see what I have to say about betting the moneyline, calculating ROI, how to avoid scam artists and other topics in The Dog Pound.

How much should I bet on each game?

Great question. Each pick I share provides you with the number of units to bet. In order to set your unit size, you need to establish your bankroll and learn about bankroll management. While this might not be the most exciting part of sports betting, it is essential for any winning sports bettor. Check out my comprehensive overview of bankroll management.

What is a Unit?

A "unit" is simply a standard measure of amounts bet and profit/loss. Since each person bets different amounts, I use the term "unit" to describe a bet size and to communicate amounts won or lost. For some people, a unit may be $20. For others, it may be $1,000 or more. Your bankroll determines the size of your unit. Learn more about units.

Can I place bets on your website?

No. I provide a handicapping service to help you win more. I provide stats, analysis & advice.

Questions about Wunderdog's Free Picks

How can I get your free picks?

You can sign up to receive my free picks here. Once you create your account, you can update and manage all the free picks and sports you receive directly through your account.

Why do you give away free picks?

I understand that I need to earn your trust. I want to prove that my process works and that I can help you win. That's why I share free picks and also why I share more than just the pick, I share the analysis and strategy that goes into the pick too.

What do I receive when signing up for free picks by email?

The sports picks newsletters contain one or more complimentary picks for the upcoming games. You also receive analysis of the picks as well as trends, injury reports and other pertinent handicapping information. I'll also include my thoughts and opinions on the world of sports and sports betting. My goal is the make every newsletter a fun and informative read!

How many free picks will I receive for each sport?

I try to offer a variety of free picks in all of the sports I handicap. I rotate from sport-to-sport on a daily basis, so, if you subscribe to all sports, you will see a lot of free picks over the course of the season for many sports (usually one per day). I send one free pick from the NFL and College Football every week during the season. Login to your account to update your sport subscription preferences.

What is your winning percentage on your free picks?

I try to offer a variety of free picks in all of the sports I handicap. I rotate from sport-to-sport on a daily basis, so, if you subscribe to all sports, you will see a lot of free picks over the course of the season for many sports (usually one per day). I send one free pick from the NFL and College Football every week during the season. Login to your account to update your sport subscription preferences.

What are the computer picks vs. the free picks?

My computer picks are based purely on statistics. They do not factor in current trends, injuries, team dynamics, or other market influences. Computer picks are NOT official picks or premium picks that I give to my customers.

Are the free picks as good as your premium picks?

Yes. My free sports picks are a way for me to share my advice, betting strategies and demonstrate my winning so you can see I'm not like any other handicapper. All of my picks are chosen through an in-depth process that combines data analysis and proprietary predictive modeling with over 25 years of sports betting expertise.

Questions about Wunderdog's Premium Picks

For which sports can I buy premium picks?

I follow and provide picks on the NFL, college football, MLB, NBA, college basketball, NHL, WNBA and horse racing. I also share parlay picks that cover all sports.

What betting types do you make picks for?

I give a wide variety of picks options; here are some examples of what you will receive: Against the Spread (ATS), Moneyline (straight-up winner - no points), Totals (Over/Under combined total score), Parlays, Puckline (NHL) and Runline (MLB).

What forms of payment do you take?

I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB International, Apple Pay, Venmo as well as PayPal. You can purchase picks directly online here.

What is included in my premium picks package?

Each premium pick come with a thorough, detailed write-up supporting the pick. I also include the unit value of each pick as well as a link to the sportsbook where I found the best line for the pick. Read more about shopping lines.

When are picks published?

For weekly sports:

  • NFL premium picks newsletters are published each week on Thursday, Friday and Monday.
  • College Football & NFL Office Pool premium picks are generally released on Thursdays.

For games played daily: (NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA, Horse Racing & Parlay Club)

  • Premium picks are published by 2:00PM ET.

When will my premium picks package start?

You will start receiving premium picks the day you order! Unless of course you're buying ahead of time through my Early Bird Season Specials, in which case you will begin receiving picks as soon as the season starts.

How do I receive my premium picks?

Your picks will be sent to you automatically via email when they are published.
You can also view your picks online at any time by going to your Subscription Management Page.

How many premium picks will I receive?

There is no set number of picks. I am selective with the picks I provide. The number of picks depends on several factors, the daily schedule, which matchups I like and the betting strategies I think will yield the best results. Every pick is made after in depth analysis and modeling along with qualitative factors and insights. While on some days you may get one premium pick, other days you could receive many, many more. It all depends on the day! And remember, all of my premium picks are guaranteed.

Can I get picks on every game?

I do not provide picks on every game (no one does). I decide which games I will provide picks for based on many factors. And if I see an opportunity; I capitalize on it. I only provide picks that I feel give you the best chance of winning.

Are the premium picks packages prorated?

Yes, the price of my season packages are dynamically prorated throughout the season. To get the best rate, be sure to take advantage of my early bird specials. I'll send out an email as the season approaches, and you can sign up for my email list here.

What happens when you pass on a day during my premium subscription?

If I have to pass on a daily or weekly package, you will automatically get extended for an additional day. I will also send you an email letting you know that I am passing on the day.

How do you make your sports picks?

It's important for you to know that my personal bias and "gut feel" don't come into play. Sports betting is a numbers game. My system includes statistics, power ratings, and hundreds of very high-percentage proprietary historical situational systems. I also consider market influences and human behavior. I look for agreement between all of my sources which results in a few games selected, but you can trust they are the cream of the crop.