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As the sports betting industry continues to be more popular throughout the world, there has been one constant through the years. The NFL is the king when it comes to betting in the United States. Therefore, NFL consensus picks are as well.

NFL consensus picks are very popular year in and year out. When choosing where you source your NFL consensus picks please consider Wunderdog's NFL consensus picks page.


NFL Consensus Picks


How to find the right NFL picks

NFL football betting consensus predictions and % can be easy to find on the internet, but that doesn’t always mean that they are easy to understand. NFL consensus picks are simply the team or bet that is seeing the most action at the sportsbooks. However, this may not be the best place to put your money.

The NFL consensus public money means a lot to the betting sportsbooks, but it can also mean a lot to you as well. Simply put, the public is quite often wrong more times than they are right. This means you can be better served to fade the public or choose alternative bets. Now occasionally the public is on the right side & when that is case I do back the public. It all depends on data and my research when it comes to releasing my premium picks to my customers.

As an expert, it is my job to determine when the NFL consensus picks are the right way to go or when you should fade the public and go the other way. Studying the NFL betting consensus percentage is an important aspect of my job. It helps me analyze the prospects of the game and win my customers some money. 

As much as I study the game and make my expert NFL picks, I encourage my customers to do so as well. By acquiring more knowledge about the game, you will be able to make more profitable decisions. You never know, you may end up thoroughly enjoying it as well.

NFL Consensus Picks Against the Spread

Spread betting is the most popular betting option when it comes to the NFL, and this is where you will see the most money being laid. Most bettors look at spread betting options when trying to decide what to bet on., Of course, this is one option I focus on as well. 

Sportsbooks are always adjusting NFL betting odds and lines, and that is usually done when the public betting percentage is lopsided to one side or another. Top sportsbooks are not willing to take a major loss, and so they will move the lines a bit in an effort to protect themselves. 

NFL Consensus Moneyline Picks

NFL consensus moneyline picks refer to the teams that are being backed by the NFL betting public and are picking a team to win a game outright rather than covering a point spread. By analyzing the picks and betting trends, the consensus identifies which team is the most popular predicted winner for each matchup that week.

NFL Consensus Over/Under Picks (Totals)

NFL consensus Over/Under picks refer to the point totals that the betting public has backed to go over or under the set line in a game. By compiling and analyzing NFL over/under predictions. A consensus identifies whether the combined scores of the two teams are expected to finish above or below the posted total for each NFL matchup.

Wunderdog’s Speciality

My speciality is delivering NFL picks against the spread THAT WIN! I have been consistantly delivering winning NFL picks to my clients for over 20+ years and what some consider to be my bread and butter! 

My major focus is delivering betting picks to my customers, but I will always keep an eye on the NFL consensus picks as well. This is just a small part of my research that goes into making my NFL picks but an important one. My promise to always deliver the best results to my customers by delivering the very best NFL picks and customer service. This has been always #1 priority for me.

Even though betting against the spread is the most popular option when it comes to football, I also take a close look at the other betting options as wel such as the moneyline and totals. You won’t be disappointed when signing up for my picks.