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Get my free NBA computer picks & NBA computer predictions daily throughout the regular season and playoffs. I'm your #1 source for the best NBA computer picks, along with my NBA premium picks. Note that there's big difference between my premium picks and the computer projections. While this data is an excellent starting point, my premium picks offer the greatest accuracy by far, each with a full detailed analysis.

JUN 2023 NBA Basketball

Mon Jun 12, 2023
8:37 PM ET
Heat @ Nuggets Miami Heat @ Denver Nuggets
Fri Jun 9, 2023
8:35 PM ET
Nuggets @ Heat Denver Nuggets @ Miami Heat
Wed Jun 7, 2023
8:30 PM ET
Nuggets @ Heat Denver Nuggets @ Miami Heat
Sun Jun 4, 2023
8:05 PM ET
Heat @ Nuggets Miami Heat @ Denver Nuggets
Thu Jun 1, 2023
8:35 PM ET
Heat @ Nuggets Miami Heat @ Denver Nuggets

Wunderdog's Best NBA Computer Picks

When you're looking at the top NBA matchups today, you will want to pay close attention to the Vegas odds that are available. 

In my 20+ years as a sports handicapper, I have spent plenty of time looking at NBA matchups, and I have a very good success rate when picking these games. If you don’t want to spend time breaking down the upcoming NBA games yourself, then I am a great resource to turn to.

NBA Matchups Today: Getting the Picks

Are you ready to get some picks? That is where I come in, and I will always be taking a look at the slate of NBA games each day.

Some NBA matchups aren’t good betting opportunities, but there are plenty that are. It is my job to find the best NBA matchups today and then deliver the information to help you make some solid picks. 

If you're looking for expert handicapping and free NBA picks, you'll want to sign up and get those emailed to you directly. My expert picks take many factors into consideration and will help you learn my betting strategies. If you want more picks, a premium package is the way to go.

If you want to start winning more of your NBA bets, then following me and my NBA picks is a great way to accomplish this. 



NBA Computer Picks

My NBA computer picks are one of the most popular features on my site. Generated by a computer that takes hundreds of trends and statistics into account, these free NBA computer picks calculate NBA computer predictions against the spread, along with indications of how the Over/Under will play out. 

NBA Computer Picks Against the Spread

In the NBA, making predictions against the spread, or ATS, is by far the type of bet that gets the most volume with online sportsbooks. While you can spend hours pouring over stats, looking to find an edge, my free NBA computer picks ATS do all the heavy lifting for you. Recent form in the past 5/10/20 games is considered, full-season statistics for each team (offensive and defensive), even the historical matchups between rivals. Compare my data with Vegas NBA computer picks and you will agree these are by far the best free NBA computer predictions available on the market today. 

Free NBA Computer Picks Today

My database calculates its NBA computer predictions vs. live ATS and Over/Under odds from a wide combination of sources. The odds are going to take recent form, injuries and personnel moves, along with historical data into account. Once the odds are available with online sports betting sources, my free NBA computer picks for each day's matchups will be available. 

NBA Playoff Computer Picks

Things really start to heat up once the NBA Playoff matchups are set, and then get even bigger when it is time for NBA Finals matchups. My NBA computer picks have you covered for every game, and my pro basketball playoff computer picks are regarded as the industry standard. There are some bettors who simply wait until the playoffs to bet on the league, missing out on some great betting opportunities in the regular season, but if playoffs are your game, you need to compare the best NBA computer picks against the Vegas spread before placing your wagers. 

When it comes time for the NBA Playoffs, I am dialed in to give you the very best NBA computer picks. While other handicappers struggle during the playoff run, this is when I find advantages in the lines that help my clients win money. This includes but is not limited to my NBA free NBA computer predictions. So come NBA playoff time you can always bet on the dog!

How to Win with My NBA Computer Picks

I have NBA computer picks on every single matchup and my NBA computer predictions are incredibly accurate when compared to Vegas NBA computer picks, so how are you able to take full advantage of this information?

1. Get an Overview of the Matchups

When it comes to handicapping the matchups each day, it's good to assess the big picture first. Checking the start times, opening ATS and Over/Under lines, or noting games that are 'circled' - where the line was taken off the board (often due to a key injury), is a solid starting point.

2. View Computer Picks

Take a few minutes to open each NBA matchup on my computer picks screen and record the predicted score, noting the edge my projections are giving towards the ATS line and the total. While these projections do not represent my official picks, they are a sound indication of where my database is highlighting a potential mismatch.

3. Check the Consensus

Along with NBA computer picks, my site offers free NBA consensus data for both the side and total. These numbers will fluctuate throughout the day, and getting a feel for where the majority of public bettors are putting their money can help correlate point spread and Over/Under line moves.

4. Handicapping, Trends and Free NBA Picks

By this stage, you are already well ahead of the pack when it comes to a daily handicapping routine. You know the opening lines, have familiarized yourself with the matchups, and understand where the public money is starting to lean. It's time to take a deeper dive into the games you've identified as potential plays. Checking injury reports, trends, and situational spots (such as teams who are playing in a back-to-back), can help you narrow down your list. If you're signed up for my free NBA picks, check the writeup and prediction to see how it fits into your gameplan.

5. Pull the Trigger on my Premium NBA Picks

Now that you've assessed the situation, the next step is to book your action. Grab my premium NBA picks and unlock the door to my top picks of the day. In my 20-plus years of handicapping, I've developed a statistically-driven system for picking winners that involves power rankings, predictive models, and data analysis that has withstood the test of time. My How to Win at Sports Betting video series covers this approach and if you want to boost your handicapping skill to the next level, I strongly recommend watching it today (it's free).



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