NBA Consensus Picks

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NBA Basketball

Top Public Teams - Upcoming Games

Milwaukee Bucks
Los Angeles Clippers
Miami Heat
Indiana Pacers
New Orleans @ Milwaukee Over
Indiana @ Memphis Under
Miami @ Charlotte Over

NBA Basketball

Public Consensus

(All Times Eastern)
Sun, Jan. 29, 2023 ATS Total
  Rot# Teams Bets Percentage Bets Percentage
1:10pm 545 Miami Heat 253  61%
O 140  51%
odds » 546 Charlotte Hornets 163  39% 
U 135  49% 
6:10pm 547 Indiana Pacers 192  53%
O 62  42%
odds » 548 Memphis Grizzlies 169  47% 
U 84  58% 
7:10pm 549 Los Angeles Clippers 205  63%
odds » 550 Cleveland Cavaliers 119  37% 
8:10pm 551 New Orleans Pelicans 117  31%
O 171  68%
odds » 552 Milwaukee Bucks 263  69% 
U 79  32% 

How to make NBA Consensus Picks

Sportsbooks also keep a very close eye on the NBA consensus public money, and it helps them determine the betting lines to set. These betting lines determine the gambling odds, determining underdogs, and also the favorites. It’s a constant battle between the sportsbooks and the sports bettor. 

The ‘consensus’ is simply the number of wagers which are made either for or against a team and its opponent. This information is used by some sports bettors to help them make better selections.

The biggest reason for familiarizing yourself with the NBA consensus picks is that it can help you make some decisions when making bets. You need to know and understand that the public is typically wrong more than they are right, and that is why sportsbooks continue to make tons of money. 

Betting on any sport isn’t easy, and that is definitely the case when betting on the NBA as well. Using my knowledge can help you become more successful and win more bets.

The NBA betting consensus can be a great way to guide you, but only if you know how to use it. Having a expert like myself in your corner that knows how to crunch the data can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having success. Have a look at my testimonials, which speak for themselves.


NBA Betting Consensus ATS

I always take a close look at the NBA consensus picks against the spread, and that is where I begin my research. 

Every day I look at the list of NBA spreads posted by the sportsbooks and try to pick out the best betting options for my customers. Some days there are more than others, but I am always able to find the best bets for you.

Like I mentioned above, the NBA basketball public betting percentage is wrong more times than it is right, and that is why fading the public is usually a good play. I’m not always going to suggest fading the public, but you are better off trusting me than going by how the public is leaning. 

Totals and Moneyline Bets

I don’t just stop at delivering NBA against the spread picks, though, as there are some other great betting options when it comes to professional basketball. Totals and moneyline bets are two other popular NBA bets, and I will deliver these as well when a good opportunity presents itself.

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