For much of the summer, betting baseball is one of the few nightly games in town. The good news is that a 162-game MLB season equates to over 5,000 games in six months. That's a hefty workload for oddsmakers but a boon for bettors. The more odds on the betting card, the higher the potential to isolate weak numbers and situational spots between the MLB betting public. And over the years, the different MLB wagering options have increased from sides and totals to MLB props targeting individual players along with team totals. More numbers mean more opportunities to find the best odds for serious bettors to exploit.

Why Use Free Daily Baseball Picks

Handicapping baseball begins by compiling and absorbing stats and information. Stats are available on such things as teams and players, bullpen depth and capabilities, specific MLB computer matchups, and home/road performance. Information can come in the form of injuries, players coming up from the minors, and situational factors such as long road trips and emotional let-down spots. All this is digested before examining the betting odds to see if they accurately reflect the likely outcome. Reading up on daily baseball picks is one of several ways to organize the essential information to assess each final score.

Betting Value in Free Daily MLB Picks

A pitching-rich team is likely to be involved in a lot of low-scoring games. Sometimes the offense will be there, and sometimes it won't, but generally, they will be able to keep the other teams from scoring a lot. This provides wagering value for totals players. The Houston Astros had a recent campaign ranked second in the majors in pitching ERA, tops in the American League. They began the season 22-8 UNDER the total and later had streaks of 12-1 UNDER and 19-9 UNDER. In addition, teams with weak pitching often struggle on the road. That same season, the Angels, Giants, and Royals were three teams that were vastly overvalued away from home. The Angels ended up at minus-$1,346, the Giants at minus-$1149, and the Royals at minus-$1,633 on the road. Kansas City was actually at plus-money at home for the season, but a go-against team on the road ranked 27th in pitching ERA while allowing the second-most free passes.

Wunderdog Free Daily Baseball Picks

I've been successful at baseball betting for over two decades. The Wunderdog likes MLB underdogs, as there is ample long-term value with dogs, but I also keep a close eye on totals, MLB props, and daily line movement. Odds that deviate from my projected numbers are worthy of deeper examination. I have an extensive computer database of baseball stats and situations along with an experienced eye for identifying winning picks and soft odds. These selections are not only packed with vital betting information but they're games that I'm putting my own money on.

Free Daily Baseball Picks vs. Premium Picks

Daily Free MLB Picks Pros:

  • Entertainment watching sports and making money
  • Learning the intricacies of sports betting
  • Free daily MLB selections and info without opening your wallet

Daily Free MLB Picks Cons:

  • Backing too many baseball favorites
  • Getting confused or overwhelmed with all the info and betting options
  • Negative emotional consequences such as addiction or decreased sports enjoyment

Premium Daily MLB Picks Pros:

  • MLB line movement gauged and explained
  • Multiple angles can come together for the top picks
  • Streamlines the betting essentials to maximize your time and money

Premium Daily MLB Picks Cons:

  • Excess stress
  • Could negatively impact your financial present or future
  • No way to track past picks or gauge accurate won/lost percentages

How To Win With Free Daily Baseball Picks

By being knowledgeable, patient, and disciplined - all while putting the effort in. It's not about guessing or having a feel for what team is going to win. It's about lining up concrete stats and situational factors that have value against the oddsmaking lines. Streaks happen with baseball teams and with bettors. Some games break your way, while others can be tough losses that probably should have won but didn't. What matters is to keep absorbing baseball information all the time and monitoring odds and line movement before putting your money down. Novice bettors play for fun and pack it in when losses begin to pile up (or their bankroll goes bust). Successful bettors aren't concerned with streaks but with increasing their wagering bankroll by the end of each season. Acquiring publications such as free daily baseball picks is an important step in the right direction to keep tabs on all the baseball news, changes, and shifting odds.

Free Daily Baseball Picks Betting Strategy

Go-Against Wagering Spots

Over the course of a long baseball campaign, situations crop up often that give edges to one team or work against another. Divisional rivalries can mean a lot to a team so a manager might make adjustments. The manager might tweak the pitching rotation to have his best arms available for a rival or use his best bullpen arms to try to win as many games as he can. But that can lead to a shortage of quality arms in the next series providing go-against spots for bettors. In one recent campaign, Red Sox and Yankees opened the season against each other. Right after that series, New York lost at home to Toronto, 3-0, as a favorite. After they played a four-game series at Fenway Park, the Yankees went home to face a Cincinnati squad on an 11-16 run. But the Reds took two out of three at New York, including as underdogs of +280 and +175 by scores of 4-3 and 7-6. Road treks also factor into situational handicapping, especially when teams play seven and 10-game trips. All that road travel can wear even strong teams down, offering excellent go-against wagering spots.

MLB Line Movement

Betting lines move all day long on sides, totals, and props. Serious bettors pay close attention to this. It offers insight into who the big-money wise guys are backing. If an underdog goes from +150 to +125, money is coming in on them. Oddsmakers aren't going to move a number that much if a few small bettors are making $20 parlays. It's a sign that multiple respected sharp players are all on the same play. It works the same way with totals, too, although it can read differently on the betting board. A total that opens -9 OVER (-110) but then moves to 9 OVER (+125) or 8.5 OVER (+100) is a sign that enough money came on the UNDER so oddsmakers are looking to attract more OVER money to balance their books. Keeping an eye open on moves like this offers bettors a chance to either follow the sharp money or take a second look at the game to see if they might have missed something.

Undervalued Chalk

It's difficult over the course of a season to turn a profit backing big favorites on a regular basis, such as -220 and -190. You have to pick your spots when backing those or think about parlaying them to limit the risk to your bankroll. But there are times when a favorite should be -190 but instead opens at -150 or has been bet down. This can provide wagering value even if the game didn't stand out when you did your initial handicapping. If a team should be close to a two-dollar favorite but opened -145, it's not a bad idea to take a shot with this undervalued favorite. In addition, you can bet a favorite like that early, anticipating that it will attract money during the day while moving up to -170 or -180. But you've already locked in the best line. You have the option to stay with it, or back the underdog if it has risen to +155. That's called hedging, meaning you're essentially out of the bet but are guaranteed to win $5 or $10. Don't scoff at any kind of small profit. After all, stock market day traders don't. And the whole purpose is financial gain.

Free Daily Baseball Picks Subscription

I put the work in all day long to track lines, absorb team information, and study matchups and situations, all to identify to best wagering value on the baseball card. If there are no edges or line variance, I'll pass, but there are plenty of daily games that don't have perfect odds attached. In addition, I've learned how to interpret the correct way to maximize value, such as with totals, props, and parlays. All of this handicapping knowledge I share with a free baseball subscription service. If you want to get a leg up on the books, compare your picks with mine, or simply soak up more insight into how professional bettors approach games, a free daily subscription will assist you to become a better bettor.

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