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You might not be aware, but betting on the Women’s National Basketball Association is a great betting market if you want to make some money from the WNBA consensus picks. If you already know how to bet on the NBA, then there are very few differences when betting on the women’s game.

I can help you win some money by betting on the WNBA, but you can also get some information by looking at the WNBA Betting Consensus. WNBA consensus picks provide information as to how the public is betting on a particular game, and this information is essential to sportsbooks as well.

The reaction to WNBA Consensus Picks

Sportsbooks take a close look at where the WNBA consensus public money is going, and then they adjust or move betting lines to help protect themselves from a big loss. Before we even begin to explain what my role is in all of this, it’s important to note that most of the time, the public is wrong.

My job is to get you ahead of the sportsbooks when it comes to betting the WNBA. I’m able to predict how the lines will move and change, and my WNBA picks can help you make some winning bets against the WNBA odds.

These picks will be delivered to you each day that a WNBA game is scheduled to take place, and there can be a long list if it’s a full slate. I spend hours doing the work behind the scenes to ensure that all of my picks have a good chance of winning. 

My WNBA picks are far more accurate than any WNBA consensus picks that you’ll find by doing a quick Google search. 

WNBA Consensus Picks Against the Spread

We’ve already talked about how the WNBA public betting percentage is wrong more often than not, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes betting with the public is the right play and I will be guiding you in that direction if my research points me that way. 

Spread betting is the most common bet to make when it comes to the WNBA, and that’s why looking at the WNBA betting consensus ATS is a great way to start my research. I am able to understand what all of this information means, and I can determine how much the lines have been adjusted based on public betting.

Don't just follow the WNBA Consensus 

By simply following the WNBA betting public, you are doing exactly what the sportsbook wants you to do. The more action they are able to get on a certain betting site, the easier it is for them to cover their losses by moving the line.

Not only will I provide you with terrific WNBA spread picks (ATS) but I will also provide moneyline and total picks as well.

Looking at the WNBA consensus isn’t a bad way to start your research, but you’d be better off following my picks instead. Don’t forget to sign up today, and you could start winning money on a growing sport in the US.