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It's Saturday morning, and the college football games are about to begin. Grab your snacks and your favorite drink. There's nothing better than rooting for our favorite teams while winning the bets we placed on the games. 

Are you sick of losing your college football bets? That's where I come in. I'll help you win more this 2023 season.

I've been handicapping football since I was in college and helping sports bettors like you win more for the past 23 years.

College football is one of my specialties and as the years roll by, my performance continually improves. While the NFL remains America's darling, college football is a close second, thanks to the rich and diverse program histories and pageantry. 

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Thursday May 26

Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State Warriors

Golden State seems to do this every round, that is give the opponent a win in an otherwise lopsided series before putting them away the next time out with relative ease. Look for that trend to continue as the Warriors go for another Gentleman's Sweep after losing 119-109 on Tuesday when Luke Doncic scored 30 points for the desperate Mavericks.

It snapped a nine-game winning streak in Western Conference finals games for Golden State and now it goes home where the Warriors have covered nine of their past 11 games. Dallas is 1-5 ATS its last six road games and 9-4 OVER its past 13 on the road and 12-5 OVER overall against teams with winning records.

Game 4 went OVER by 12 points as the teams combined to shoot nearly 50-percent overall. 14 of the past 20 meetings have soared OVER. Golden State lost to Memphis by 39 points in Game 5 when leading 3-1 in the conference semifinals and then blew out the Grizzlies in Game 6.

Look for a similar result tonight. Play the Warriors to cover, and take the OVER.

My Pick: Golden State -7 (-105)

Why use free CFB picks from a pro handicapper

Sports betting is hard, damn hard. And college football can be one of the most challenging sports to bet on. That's where my expert picks come in.

I've been picking college footbal for 23 years. Over that time, I have built a database of 756 individual data points on each of 14,626 college football games played.

Using these stats, I have made 5,132 premium NCAA football picks in my career. Do you want to benefit from this experience?

Of course, you can continue making your own picks and predictions. If that's working for you, great. But for the 99% of sports bettors who lose, I offer a free way to win.

From a betting perspective, things are always fresh in college football. While some coaches hang around forever, team personnel turns over much faster than in the pros. There are always plenty of changes and new players to handicap.

And, unlike pro football, huge mismatches occur weekly, offering a handicapping challenge.

Adding to that challenge is the fact that there are over 130 FBS teams to keep track of, providing many more betting opportunities each week. If you normally place 5 bets on an NFL slate with 16 games, you can easily find 15 bets on a card with 50+ games.

It quickly becomes hard to specialize with so many players, coaches, and teams to keep track of. How can you compete with the sportsbooks that have teams of people studying this stuff every day all season long?

That's where a professional comes in. I invest in handicapping full-time, and I've developed systems that allow me to predict outcomes with great success, despite all the changes occurring every season.

Of course, picking the right handicapper is important. I've written extensively on how to evaluate professional handicappers to help you make the best choice for you.

You can use my free NCAA football picks to win more.

Want my expert advice? Sign up for my free picks or purchase one of my college football expert pick packages.

Prefer a do-it-yourself betting strategy? Check out my free How to Win at Sports Betting Masterclass.

Is there any betting value in free picks?

The short answer is it depends.

If you're getting free picks from someone that isn't investing much effort in them (what I call "throw-away" picks), then there's really no more value than flipping a coin. You may have more success doing it yourself.

But if the free picks are of high value, they're worth betting on.

You can assess if picks are worth paying attention to by seeing if a writeup is included and if the handicapper is willing to count the free picks they're giving in their official record.

Free picks should always include reasoning. I provide detailed writeups alongside all my free picks so you can follow my reason for making each pick. My free picks are not throw-away picks.

While I reserve my top picks for paying subscribers, every free pick I give out is one of my premium picks that paying subscribers receive. I bet them myself. And the results of my free picks are counted in my official record.

By getting my free premium picks, you're betting on a subset of my premium picks.

Why do I give college football predictions for free?

If my free picks are so valuable, why am I giving them out for free? That's an excellent question.

The transparent answer is that it serves my self-interest, while helping sports bettors like you. It's a win-win.

Ultimately, I have such confidence in my premium picks that I want everyone to purchase them because I believe they'll help you win more.

But I realize you may be skeptical, and you may need to see proof that they're good. 

What better way to show you what I can do than provide a free sample? Stores and shops have done this since time eternal. They offer a free sample so you can taste how good it is, knowing that you will likely want more.

So, I provide a free expert NCAAF pick every single week. When you sign up for my free premium picks, you can receive them forever—without ever upgrading to a premium package (which includes my best bets) if that's what you want. I've had people receiving my free picks for decades. 

But I hope when you experience one of my picks, see the detailed analyses I provide, and sample my winning performance, you will eventually decide you want more and get my best picks with a premium package.

Wunderdog Free College Football Picks

Handicapping the free football picks I give out is a lot of work, but as you can see from my record, it pays off.

College football betting must take into account three separate seasons: the non-conference schedule, the conference schedule, and the Bowls. Each requires a different handicapping approach.

My free college football picks take into account the differences in each of the three seasons.

College Football Betting Philosophy

My college football betting philosophy is based on these three things:

  1. History repeats itself. I search for repeatable patterns using my detailed database with tens of thousands of past games. 
  2. We're competing against other bettors as much as we're competing against the sportsbooks. Knowing when to zig when the public is zagging is important to college football handicapping.
  3. The value in betting college football is often the opposite of what we find in the NFL. Often, value in the NFL is found in underdogs. In college football, it's often found in favorites, especially home favorites. 

In college football, it used to be that a winning record was enough. Now you must have a tough schedule, run the score up on your opponents, and win all your games. My NCAAF free picks take these things into account.

While this might make for an undisputed champion (although you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who would agree), it's done some tricky things to college football betting. You now need to have the insight & knowledge to beat the bookmaker week in and week out when it comes to the BCS.

For more on my philosophy, check out how I bet college football here.

“84% of the time, the team that covers the spread also wins”

College Football Predictions Track Record

There's no one better at betting on college football than me. 

I've won many awards for accuracy from the National Score Prediction League over my decades as a professional bettor and handicapper. 

Here are just a few of my stats:

  • Bankroll gain since 2016: +$113,620 (+$14.2K per season)
  • CFB Max Plays: +$72.6K since 2017
  • College Bowls since 2014: +$5,040
  • 2016-2022: Six winning seasons out of the past seven (86%)

My pick results are automatically added to the site daily for all to see following the games. Nothing is ever hidden — win, lose, or draw — and to my knowledge, I'm the only handicapper who publishes his entire record to be seen and verified. I’ve made over 5,000 official premium college football picks. Check 'em out for yourself.

Past CFB Premium Picks

Washington vs. Michigan

January 8, 2024
img7:47 PM ET
Premium Pick
Washington has a great offense but defense wins a lot of championships. The Huskies are 88th in the country defensively in yards given up (404.1 per game), 73rd on third down (39.90%), an...

Texas vs. Washington

January 1, 2024
img9:02 PM ET
Premium Pick
Texas lost only to Oklahoma and beat Alabama while going 12-1 to get into the College Football Playoff. The Longhorns are No. 4 in the country in rush defense allowing only 81.1 yards per game and that will be important in containing Washington running back Dillon Johnson, who has 1,113 rushi...

Alabama vs. Michigan

January 1, 2024
img5:14 PM ET
Premium Pick
Michigan is 13-0 and leads the country in scoring defense allowing only 9.5 points per game and the Wolverines are No. 2 in total yards allowed with 239.7 per game and No. 6 in rushing yards allowed (81....

Free College Football Picks and Predictions I Provide

Below are the types of free college picks that you can expect to see from me:

Underdog College Football Picks

Like betting college football underdog picks? I chose my company name, Wunderdog, because it has the word “underdog” in it. It's where I started and what I built my reputation on, beginning in the early 2000s. While favorites are often the way to go in college football, there are select times when underdogs provide value.

Underdogs can win against the spread but also outright on the moneyline, giving you a chance to risk a small amount to win a lot in return.

College Football Consensus Picks

My college football consensus picks are derived based on what's happening in the college football betting market. Educating yourself on who the public is backing is an important part of coming up with winning CFB betting picks.

Sometimes it may make sense to "fade" the public by going the other way. In the NFL, that's often the case. In college football, sometimes following the public makes more sense.

If you're interested in learning more about how to use public consensus information when making picks, check out my free How to Win at Sports Betting masterclass. In it, I detail how to identify when public money is coming from pro bettors (sharps) vs. unskilled public bettors (squares).

Free College Football Computer Picks

If you’re going to try to make winning picks yourself, then having some statistical model helping you is essential. 

Some people can create their own computer model, but most don't have the skill and/or the will.

My free college football computer picks give you a great starting point on the statistical strengths and weaknesses of teams and how they stack up to the spread and total.

Computer picks will never be as good as premium picks because they don’t consider account injuries, psychology, and historical betting systems. When making your own college football picks, use my computer picks as one necessary (but not sufficient) resource.

Get my premium picks for my best college football predictions.

Free Computer Picks vs. Free Premium Picks

I provide two types of free NCAAF picks: free computer picks and free premium picks. 

My computer picks provide a purely statistical prediction based on a computer AI model. My free premium picks, in contrast, take into account the statistics but also factor in a lot more information, including trends, injuries, motivational factors, public betting, and more. You can bet the free premium picks, whereas the free computer picks are simply a starting point.

College Football Picks Against the Spread

It's easy to pick the straight-up winner by just backing big favorites.

But this isn't what college football sports betting is about. Those kinds of bets require risking a lot of money to win just a little.

Generally we're making college football picks against the point spread instead.

Sportsbooks provide spreads to even out the odds on two unequal teams. My college football picks provide recommendations against the spread.

College Football Moneyline Picks

We can always choose to bet on the straight-up winner of college football games. That's called betting on the moneyline. Unlike betting against the spread, betting on the moneyline requires our selected team to win the game outright, regardless of the margin of victory.

But given the mismatch in team strength in many games, especially the massive differences in many college football matchups, the odds come into play in moneyline betting.

If you're going to back the favorite (the better team), it's called betting the moneyline favorite, and you have to risk more than you would win. I often make these part of my parlays.

If you're going to take a chance on the worse team to win the game, then you're betting the underdog on the moneyline. In this case, you can risk less to win more.

College Football Over/Under Picks

When picking over/unders in college football, we're betting on the total amount of points both teams will score.

So with these bets, we don't care which team wins. We only care whether the total amount of points scored by both teams exceeds or falls short of the posted expected total number.

Sometimes predicting a spread or moneyline winner offers little value. But that doesn't mean we have to pass on the game. I often make predictions on the over or under.

College Football Parlay Picks

College football allows for some interesting parlay opportunities. Parlays can seem attractive because they appear to offer a way to risk a little to win a lot. But in most cases, they are sucker bets, so I never recommend betting a lot of parlays. However, there are select opportunities where throwing college football picks into a parlay makes sense. I include advice for college football parlay picks in my premium picks. In addition, I use many college football favorites in my Parlay Club.

College Football Weekly Picks

I offer premium football picks every single week of the college football season, including the pre-conference play, conference play, conference championships, and Bowl games.

Using statistical analysis, injuries, trends, human nature, and more, I usually make weekly college football predictions on about 10% of the college football games available. 

I send out one free premium pick per week, while premium subscribers receive all of my picks each week.

College Football Bowl Picks

There are really three seasons in college football: non-conference play, conference play (including championships), and the Bowl games (college football playoffs).

Each requires a different strategy. My college football bowl picks allow for the inclusion of much more data than early play. With the regular season complete, a lot more data is available to use as input when making predictions. I employ many systems to make winning Bowl game picks, including decades of data from previous Bowl matchups.

Tools for College Football Betting Predictions

My free premium college football picks will give you the best chance of winning. Let me do the work for you.

However, if you prefer to do it yourself, I'm happy to help with that as well.

The following tools will help you make your own winning college football picks:

College Football Consensus Data

You always want to know what's happening in the market. Who are other bettors backing? Who are they fading? Why? 

You have to try to interpret the data to understand who the pros (sharps) are backing vs. who the squares (betting public) are on. 

Check out my college football consensus data

College Football Lines and Odds

If you're betting on college football, you must have access to CFB odds. We make picks against the lines and odds offered by the bookmakers.  

My college football lines and odds provide up-to-the-minute lines for ATS (against-the-spread) bets, totals (over/under) bets, and moneylines, including full-game and first-half betting.

College Football Resources

NCAA Football Handicapping Philosophy

The college football season consists of three major segments: Non-conference play, conference games, and Bowl season, and I have a methodology for betting all three.

Football handicapping services

The process of hiring a professional handicapping service and what to expect from a football handicapping service vs. the do-it-yourself approach.

What can you win with my College Football Picks?

Wunderdog Sports Picks is an excellent long-term investment, and I want you to know how much you can expect to win vs. other investment opportunities.

The Dog Pound

Thirsty for more sports betting information? Check out the Dog Pound, an extensive resource for all my sports gambling articles and advice.

Past CFB Picks (2003-present)

Access to all of my previous college football premium predictions. Win or lose - I give you visibility to all past picks, including my in-depth analysis.

College Football Lines & Odds

Real-time lines and odds for all upcoming college football games. Check out the spreads, totals, moneyline odds, first-half spreads, and totals.

NCAA Football Consensus

If you want to know how the public is betting, this is your page! A collective source for public consensus information on all upcoming college football games.

Premium College Football Picks

Purchase a premium CFB picks package and get access to my weekly picks, detailed write-ups, game information, and top-of-the-line customer service.

College Football Computer Picks

Check out my computer predictions and analysis on all upcoming college games.

How to Win at Sports Betting

My free video series, "How to Win at Sports Betting," is the ultimate guide for bettors of all experience levels. Learn about bankroll management, finding winning picks, and other vital factors to help you become a winning college football bettor.

College Football Videos

Exclusive College Football betting videos I've posted throughout the past couple of years to help give you an inside edge against the bookmaker.

My College Football Guarantee

I get it. You're hesitant to invest in a sports betting service. That's why my picks packages are backed by an ironclad guarantee. My picks will win for you, or you'll automatically get an equivalent subscription for free until they do. No strings attached.

College Football Scores

Updated CFB scoreboard with consensus betting data, plus current/closing odds for each matchup.


What are NCAAF picks?

NCAAF picks are predictions or recommendations made by experts in college football regarding the outcome of specific games or the performance of certain teams. Bettors or fans can use these picks to make informed decisions about their bets or fantasy football teams. This is what I do! I provide expert picks to help you win more of your bets.

Where can I find the best NCAAF picks?

To find the best NCAAF picks, you can look for reputable websites or platforms that specialize in college football analysis and predictions. These websites often have a team of experts who analyze different factors such as team performance, injuries, and statistics to provide accurate picks and predictions. I am of course, biased, but I believe no one does this better than me. If you haven't already signed up, get my free picks here.

What are picks against the spread in college football?

Picks against the spread in college football refer to predictions made by experts that take into account the point spread set by oddsmakers. The point spread is a way to level the playing field between two teams by assigning a certain number of points to the underdog. Picks against the spread aim to predict which team will perform better in relation to the point spread.

How can I bet on college football?

To bet on college football, you can either visit a physical sportsbook or use online sports betting platforms. These platforms allow you to place bets on different college football games or events. You can choose from various types of bets, including moneyline bets, point spread bets, and over/under bets.

What is the college football bowl season?

The college football bowl season is a series of postseason games played by college football teams. These games are usually played after the regular season and culminate with the College Football Playoff National Championship. Bowl games are typically sponsored by various companies and offer an opportunity for teams to compete against opponents from different conferences.

How do expert college football picks work?

Expert college football picks are the predictions or recommendations made by experienced analysts or handicappers, such as myself, who have in-depth knowledge of the game. I consider various factors such as team performance, player injuries, recent trends, and statistical data when developing my picks. My goal is to provide accurate predictions and help bettors make informed decisions.

Are there free college football expert picks available?

Yes, I offer free college football expert picks. These picks are provided as a service to give you a taste of what I can do for free. Unlike some other free picks you'll find, it's important to note that my free picks are a sample of my premium picks—they are not throw-away picks—all of my free picks are included in my official record.

How can you make the best college football picks?

To make the best college football picks, it's important to analyze various factors such as team performance, player injuries, head-to-head matchups, and recent trends. You can also consider the opinions of expert analysts or handicappers like me, who have a deep understanding of the game. Additionally, staying up to date with the latest news and developments in college football can help you make informed picks.

What are the best NCAAF betting strategies?

There are several strategies that bettors can employ when betting on NCAAF games. Some popular strategies include researching team performance and statistics, analyzing line movements, shopping for the best odds, and managing your bankroll effectively. Ultimately, the best strategy may vary depending on your personal preferences and risk tolerance, so it's important to experiment and find what works best for you. Check out my strategies here.

How can I find the best free college football picks?

To find the best free college football picks, you can explore reputable websites like this one that offer free picks from expert analysts or handicappers. The best websites showcase their track record and provide detailed analyses to support their picks. Don't settle for less. Additionally, it's important to consider multiple sources and compare their picks to improve your chances of finding reliable predictions.

Success Stories

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the hundreds of Wunderdog success stories.


“What a masterpiece in College Football yesterday men!! 10-1 and you did it in every way possible. Over/Unders, took points, gave points, Money Line. That's some Handicapping! $$$$ Sending you my sheets for an autograph so I can frame them! Again, Great Job!!”

Gerry Schultz

Amazing Work Ethic

“I appreciate the honesty of your site as you tell it like it happens. You have been up-front in stating your record in both the Pro and College picks. That speaks volumes in an industry where some touts are selling both sides of the game so they'll always have some happy bettors. I appreciate the work ethic that you have displayed in what I have received and would not hesitate to recommend my friends to purchase your picks. Thank you for allowing me to view your work and see what you claim and what you provide to those who come to your site.”

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