Most baseball fans aren't going to see their team in the World Series but that shouldn't stop anyone from watching and wagering. With only one MLB game on tap over a two-week stretch, oddsmakers have to put up as many numbers as they can to try and attract MLB betting action. That means creative wagers such as run-lines, player props, team totals, and five-inning lines. You'll find odds available on "Which team scores first?" to "Starting pitcher Over/Under number of strikeouts" to "Will there be any runs scored in the first inning?" Plenty of numbers will be posted. The handicapping catch is to identify the MLB picks that are off or stand the best chance of winning.

Why Use Free Baseball World Series Picks

There are few surprise MLB matchups for the Fall Classic as managers are set with their lineups and have lined up their best arms. Digging deep into individual props is where matchups are the most valuable. If a lefty batter is outstanding against righty pitchers, he's likely to have his best World Series performances against righty starters or teams that utilize more bullpen right-handers. If a team has an average to below-average catcher, the opponent may run more than normal providing edges with totals regarding steals. All of this begins with acquiring information and sifting through it to pick out potentially valuable tidbits while discarding irrelevant data including that of the MLB betting public. Adding a World Series picks newsletter assists your handicapping as the established expert has already pared down the essential information and explains why.

Betting Value in Free MLB World Series Picks

In 25 World Series games over one recent four-year stretch, there were six biggest favorites between -150 and -180 - and the MLB underdog won three of those. With the two best teams from the American and National League squaring off, it's often evenly matched. Home field and starting pitchers will largely determine the odds, but those two factors mean less than you might think in predicting the outcome. Bullpen depth and availability come into focus, as we saw in that Red Sox/Dodgers 18-inning World Series game, a 3-2 Los Angeles win long after the starters had departed. Underdogs offer value. So do totals with the best arms often going along with cooler weather making it tough on hitters in low-scoring tilts.

Wunderdog Free Baseball World Series Picks

I've been winning at baseball wagering for over 20 years. It's about careful analysis, knowing the additional factors that come into play during the Fall Classis, along with a skilled eye on odds and line movement from decades of experience. Totals and props I release have been examined in depth to find the wagering value or else it's a pass. I'm not in it for fun but to cash winning tickets. My free World Series selections have been studied with matchups on the diamond along with the mathematical advantages at the wagering window. My complete database and years of expertise are behind every release.

Free Baseball World Series Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free MLB World Series Pros:

  • No money down for insight from professional bettors
  • Which stats and angles are more relevant in late October MLB wagering
  • Expands your handicapping critical thinking with World Series props, team totals, and run-lines

Free MLB World Series Picks Cons:

  • There's often less value in the World Series side but more with totals and props
  • Don't wager more simply because it's the last few games of the season
  • With only one baseball game on the board, some services will force a side and total on every World Series game

Premium MLB World Series Picks Pros:

  • An experienced handicapper is picking out the most important betting edges saving you time
  • Top props should offer excellent value with multiple betting options
  • The reasons why should be explained, such as colder weather or key matchup edges

Premium MLB World Series Picks Cons:

  • Overemphasis on betting trends and less attention on stats, matchups, and line moves
  • No reasons given for the prop or team total
  • Free MLB betting information is only reliable if you can track the handicapper's recent and long-term records

How To Win With Baseball World Series Picks

With only one baseball game tonight and just a few remaining in the season, a bettor needs to be patient and selective. Winning in the MLB playoffs requires piecing together the most essential information and weighing it against the odds. And forget about what happened in the previous World Series game. That game is in the books, with new pitchers, possible lineup changes, and sometimes even a change of venues. Casual bettors like to focus on what happened yesterday, while serious bettors are only looking forward. And with only one game on the card, shopping around for the choice odds are essential which often lie in the numerous props and totals.

World Series Betting Strategy

Prop Matchups

Proposition betting on individual players can offer outstanding wagering value with so many World Series choices available for each game. Matchup handicapping is key to this. Starting pitchers will have Over/Under for strikeouts offered. If the pitcher is facing a team that strikes out a lot, it could be worth a look at the Over. On the other hand, many teams that win the pennant have deep offensive lineups that draw walks, hit for a high average, and wear out starting pitchers. In one recent Game 1, the LA starter was Over/Under 6.5 strikeouts. The team he was matched up against was Top 11 in baseball during the regular season in runs scored and on-base percentage, but just 18th in strikeouts. The starter ended up throwing 90 pitches in 5 innings before departing with 5 strikeouts and the Under cashing. A leadoff hitter might be Over/Under 0.5 steals. He's capable of stealing a base, but is the opponent suited to allowing it or good at preventing it? He might not ever get the chance if the opposing starter is an ace who doesn't allow many base runners, or if they have a catcher with a great arm who throws out 60% of base stealers. Many props are going to end up right around the odds posted, but plenty more are going to offer multiple edges greater than 50%.

Totals Going Under

MLB baseball totals are set based on season and playoff stats. However, MLB teams that win their league's pennants to make the World Series usually have good to great pitching depth. That's going to make it tough for teams to score runs. In addition, the World Series is played in October (and even the first week of November). The weather is cool to frigid in outdoor games in northern climates, especially with these games being played at night. The final three games of one recent World Series were played in November with final scores of 5-0, 3-2, and 4-1 - all UNDER the total. In addition, if a one-sided game happens to be high scoring, the losing manager has the chance to rest his best bullpen arms for the next game. This happened in two recent Game 1 and Game 4 World Series games that had scores of 8-4 and 9-6. Pitching dominated Games 2 and 5 in finals of 4-2 and 5-1.

Bounce Backs

World Series blowouts happen from time to time. If it's a relatively even-matched series, which is often the case, the team that got blown out can be primed for a strong effort in the next game. There are many reasons. Sometimes a team is simply hot offensively with line drives dropping in for more hits than usual. Other times, the losing team will go to their weakest relievers if a World Series game gets out of hand to give their best bullpen arms an extra day of rest. And still other times, a team will have a bad game defensively allowing a few unearned runs that are out of character for them. All of these factors - some real, such as the relief pitching, and some simply unlucky breaks - can work in their favor the next night. After losing on World Serie Game 2 in a 12-3 blowout, The Houston Astors bounced back to win the next game, 4-1. Houston also got shut out in another World Series game, 7-0, as a favorite, the Astros won the next game, 5-0.

Free Baseball World Series Picks Subscription

MLB wagering increases on World Series games with the whole country watching. That means betting lines are going to be moving but don't be fooled by public money rushing in to back one team. Identifying sharp money versus public action is one of my money specialties with over 20+ winning years in the business. You can get my insight on the Fall Classic with my picks on a free subscription service. It's packed with information along with the top wagering value on the card, often with totals and overlooked MLB props. It will help grow your increase your handicapping knowledge for free - along with your betting bankroll.

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