Baseball is the longest sports season in the United States with 162 regular-season games followed by even more October playoff battles. It's a boon for all bettors and the betting MLB public with games going almost every day for seven months. And with less daily action wagered on MLB than the NFL, it's an advantage for serious bettors with less line movement on a bevy of games (roughly 2,500) per season. There are no point spreads in baseball. It's all money-line, meaning a bettor is only trying to pick the winner of the game. There are more wagering options available to choose from, too, such as props, totals, and team totals for all MLB matchups. All of which increases the chances to turn a profit each week by finding the best betting opportunities.

Why Use Free Baseball Betting Picks

Professional handicappers with documented winning records spend many hours sifting through data, team news, and gauging odds before releasing daily MLB baseball pick selections. Some days there will be more picks than others. Not just because some days will have fewer games, but because some days the oddsmakers have put out great numbers. It's the numbers that are off a little or a lot that the pros pounce on. These picks should have multiple angles attached to them, such as injuries, situations, or matchup elements. Reading through those top selections and the reasons why will help you add more layers to your understanding of the complex world of wagering.

Betting Value in Free MLB Betting Bets

MLB odds are impacted significantly by the starting pitcher. An ace is rare in baseball. And when an ace is on the mound, he's likely to be a favorite, a big favorite, or a small underdog. However, the starting pitcher is far less of a factor than oddsmakers and the general public think. A weaker starter who's an underdog may have a solid history of throwing well against a team. That's particularly true in divisional matchups where pitchers see divisional lineups a lot. Every MLB team plays 19 games against each of four opponents within its division, which comes out to 76 games in a season. In addition, baseball has changed with starters on pitch counts often going 5-6 innings. That means the relief staff is going to be throwing close to half the contest. Teams with very good bullpen depth can off far better wagering value. Totals, too, can offer value depending on the park, the weather, offensive capabilities, free passes allowed, and even lefty/righty dynamics.

Wunderdog Free Baseball Betting Picks

The selections that I release have been studied by my computer database, along with my eyes and mind, supported by over 20 years of handicapping expertise. There are concise reasons for each selection explained with in-depth analysis. I also keep tabs on MLB line movement, overnight and during the day, which gives me more insight into where the money is going and why. Free baseball betting picks from my personal service will help you better understand the daily MLB pick matchups and the oddsmaker numbers that have the best chance to increase my betting bankroll.

Free Baseball Betting Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free MLB Betting Picks Pros:

  • Allows you to compare your picks to established pros
  • Daily MLB insight at no cost
  • Expands your understanding of different wagering options (totals, props, run lines)

Free MLB Betting Picks Cons:

  • Analysis can be minimal or nonexistent
  • Can confuse or contradict a system that is already working for you
  • Overemphasis on betting trends

Premium MLB Betting Picks Pros:

  • Explains the importance of proper wagering money management
  • Multifaceted matchups and angles build the strongest selections
  • Saves hours of time with experts doing all the digging

Premium MLB Betting Picks Cons:

  • Failure to produce a higher winning percentage
  • Too many big baseball favorites
  • Excess hype, such as "Lock", "Can't Lose", or "AL East Game of the Year"

How To Win With Free MLB Betting Picks

You win more than you lose over the course of a long baseball campaign with knowledge, patience, betting discipline, and studying the odds carefully. Knowledge is the bedrock, keeping up on all teams, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of pitchers, and even the schedule. A team that just went 7-2 on a long homestand can easily go 3-6 on a nine-game road trip. Obtaining daily information from established and documented handicapping experts helps build your knowledge base. I have over a two-decade track record of consistently beating the oddsmakers by putting in the time along with a thorough understanding of calculating the correct odds percentages. I'm also a strong proponent of wagering controlled amounts on each selection. Winning at sports betting is not about luck, but about expertise and identifying the best mathematical calculations for line value.

Free MLB Betting Picks Strategy

Beware of Big Chalk

"Chalk" in sports betting parlance means the favorite. It comes from the old days in Vegas - before computers - when sports books would handwrite daily odds on a chalkboard. In the opening five weeks of one new season as the defending champs, the Dodgers went on a 4-14 run losing all 14 as a favorite. That included as chalk of over -160 nine times, as well as three losses as a two-dollar favorite. The big-name teams or the previous year's division champs are perceived as being strong again, but that's not always the case early in the season. Two or three losses in a few days on big favorites eat quickly into your betting bankroll forcing you to hit a high percentage on the other games just to break even. Focusing more on other options, such as underdogs and totals, is a much better approach than relying to much on backing big favorites.

Divisional Dogs

Knowing the tendencies of an opponent is a big part of baseball. Pitchers who face the same team four or five times in a season learn what to throw at batters and, just as important, what pitches not to throw. That also applies to relievers. This can provide excellent wagering advantages backing divisional underdogs, particularly at home. In one recent campaign, the Baltimore Orioles took two of three at home in a series against division rival Boston. They were a home dog in all three, winning 2-1 as a +160 underdog and then winning the next night, 9-5, as a +128 dog. A few weeks later they played a five-game series at Fenway Park and won three times as MLB underdogs of +155, +140, and +155 - and the final score in that last matchup was 10-0. The Orioles finished that season Top 10 in relief pitching with the entire staff walking the seventh-fewest batters in the majors. Their pitching depth was far better all-around than many thought - including the oddsmakers.

Weather Or Not?

Some baseball stadiums are outdoors so keep in mind what the weather conditions are. Windy conditions are worth paying attention to. The key is: what direction is the wind blowing - towards the outfield, towards home plate, or at some other angle? If the wind is blowing out, it can help carry drives even deeper. If the wind is blowing toward the plate, it can turn deep fly balls into outs instead of homers. Just as important, but often overlooked, is the temperature. April and October baseball will feature the coldest temperatures. Cold temperatures make it tougher on batters. The four dates that have seen the most no-hitters are April 27, May 15, September 20, and September 28. Two are early in the season and the last two are right near the end, all with cooler temperatures than games played in June, July, or August. In addition, managers have lineups that largely consist of their best hitters from May to August. Players that begin the season in April lineups can be removed or demoted after slow starts, while rosters expand in September giving some minor leaguers their first shot in the bigs. Along with the right wind conditions, hotter summer temperatures generally help offenses with baseballs carrying a bit further. All of these factors should be considered when analyzing MLB favorites, underdogs, and totals.

Free MLB Betting Picks Subscription

My baseball selections are scrutinized thoroughly to identify the top wagering value on the card. They come packed with detailed analysis so you can see the reasons why there is value, such as the matchups, bullpens, situations, weather, or subtle home and divisional edges. There is always some wagering value on the betting board. Sometimes the underdog can have multiple edges to keep it close, sometimes they should actually be the favorite, and other times there are edges with the total or numerous props available. Signing up for my MLB betting selections will help anyone better understand the intricacies of sports handicapping while trying to isolate the winningest plays. And it's available daily at no cost on a subscription basis. Watching and winning baseball is fun, but it's far more enjoyable to watch, win, and cash!

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