MLB Consensus Picks

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MLB Baseball

Top Public Teams - Upcoming Games

Los Angeles Dodgers
Houston Astros
New York Yankees
Minnesota Twins
Seattle Mariners
Colorado Rockies
Chicago Cubs
San Diego Padres
Arizona Diamondbacks
St. Louis Cardinals
New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies
Colorado Rockies @ Pittsburgh Pirates Over
Philadelphia Phillies @ Atlanta Braves Under
Cleveland Guardians @ Houston Astros Under
Oakland Athletics @ Seattle Mariners Under
Chicago Cubs @ Cincinnati Reds Under
Los Angeles Dodgers @ Washington Nationals Under
Milwaukee Brewers @ San Diego Padres Over
Detroit Tigers @ Minnesota Twins Over
New York Mets @ San Francisco Giants Over
Toronto Blue Jays @ St. Louis Cardinals Over
Kansas City Royals @ Arizona Diamondbacks Under

MLB Baseball

Public Consensus

(All Times Eastern)
Mon, May. 23, 2022 MONEYLINE Total
  Rot# Teams Bets Percentage Bets Percentage
6:35pm 951 Colorado Rockies 194  71%
O 81  63%
odds » 952 Pittsburgh Pirates 78  29% 
U 48  37% 
6:40pm 953 Chicago Cubs 89  66%
O 42  44%
odds » 954 Cincinnati Reds 46  34% 
U 53  56% 
7:05pm 955 Los Angeles Dodgers 228  86%
O 51  44%
odds » 956 Washington Nationals 38  14% 
U 66  56% 
7:05pm 963 Baltimore Orioles 45  17%
odds » 964 New York Yankees 227  83% 
7:20pm 957 Philadelphia Phillies 123  51%
O 42  37%
odds » 958 Atlanta Braves 118  49% 
U 72  63% 
7:40pm 965 Detroit Tigers 53  20%
O 65  55%
odds » 966 Minnesota Twins 206  80% 
U 53  45% 
7:45pm 971 Toronto Blue Jays 108  44%
O 61  52%
odds » 972 St. Louis Cardinals 138  56% 
U 57  48% 
8:10pm 967 Cleveland Guardians 33  16%
O 45  41%
odds » 968 Houston Astros 176  84% 
U 65  59% 
9:40pm 959 Milwaukee Brewers 44  37%
O 50  56%
odds » 960 San Diego Padres 76  63% 
U 40  44% 
9:40pm 969 Oakland Athletics 66  28%
O 48  43%
odds » 970 Seattle Mariners 168  72% 
U 63  57% 
9:40pm 973 Kansas City Royals 92  39%
O 53  48%
odds » 974 Arizona Diamondbacks 142  61% 
U 58  52% 
9:45pm 961 New York Mets 139  55%
O 64  55%
odds » 962 San Francisco Giants 114  45% 
U 53  45% 

MLB consensus picks are simply a breakdown of how the public is betting on the MLB market. People look at the side or team that is drawing the most action and either look to bet it or fade it.
Sportsbooks keep a close eye on the MLB public betting percentage as well, and they then manipulate the odds to predict against some major losses. Sports handicappers such as myself try to get ahead of the sportsbooks, and that allows me to deliver winning picks before these MLB betting consensus odds can be adjusted.

The Consensus of MLB and my methods

I am someone that uses MLB consensus predictions information as one metric to deliver winning MLB picks to my customers. I can not only predict how the public is going to bet on a certain game, but I will also break down what that means for the average bettor. 

My customers trust me to do the necessary research to make solid betting predictions, and analyzing the MLB consensus picks is a small part of that process. I also take a deep dive into the stats for each team and take a look at the upcoming pitching matchup.

It’s important that you know and understand and take a look at MLB consensus each day.  This is just one piece of information that I use to deliver winning MLB selections all throughout the MLB season. 

MLB Consensus Picks Against the Spread

Bettors usually prefer betting MLB teams against the spread, and that isn’t always the best decision when it comes to MLB, so be sure to keep an eye out for my free tips and predictions for stress-free MLB picks that are easy to follow. 

Baseball doesn’t usually have a ton of scoring, and the MLB spread betting options are usually pretty standard at 1.5 runs either way. This can still be a good bet to make, but only if you are able to find a favorable matchup. 

Outsmarting the consensus of MLB

Sportsbooks usually take a large portion of the MLB public money. Don’t simply follow the MLB public consensus when betting on baseball. Do your research or hire an expert like myself that knows what data to look for when making a winning MLB pick!

If you want to become a successful MLB bettor, then you need to sign up for my picks today and get insights into the MLB picks consensus. I can’t guarantee that I will win every pick, and while there’s no such thing as a risk-free MLB picks, I’ll definitely knock my fair share out of the park! 

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