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From Novice to Pro The Wunderdog waxes poetic on NFL, NCAA Basketball, College football and MLB gambling, how to handicap and bet football, college basketball and major league baseball and other relevant topics.

Articles & Advice

General Sports Betting

  How To Bet  

How to bet on sports (Sports betting 101)

This article is designed to guide the beginning bettor through all the betting basics and terminology they will need to place that first bet, start wining and get in the big game..

  Football Handicapping Services  

Football Handicapping Services - How to evaluate and choose

This article is designed to guide the beginning bettor through all the betting basics and terminology they will need to place that first bet, start wining and get in the big game..

  What Can I Win  

What you can expect to win with my picks

Wonder how much you can win with my picks? Ever wonder what the chances are that you will lose? What about the chances that you double your money? How does betting my picks compare to other investments like the stock market? Get these questiosn answered here..


Calculating Return on Investment (ROI)

Ever wonder how much you are making on your picks? Ever wonder how much you can expect to make at various win percentages? If you win 60% of the time, how much will you pocket once the vig is accounted for? How much can you afford to pay an NFL picks service and come out ahead? Read about it...

  Sports Betting Variance  

Variance in Sports Betting

What is variance and how does it affect the sports bettor? Why is winning hard to do without a good understanding of variance? How does the number of games bet affect my variance?...

  win At Sportsbetting  

Why the Impatient Gambler Loses & How You can Win

What's the difference between winning and losing? Not much. What does winning feels like? The best way to describe it? It feels like losing! Why most gamblers crumble and how you can avoid the big pitfall...

  Bankroll Mangement  

Bankroll Management - How much to bet

How much should you bet on each game? It could be the most important question for any sports gambler. It makes the difference between winning and losing. And there is a right answer. Read about it...

  Line Movements  

Line movement: Why and How

Why do lines move? Can they be predicted? What do line movements mean to the bettor and the sportsbook? How can I take advantage of line movements. What if the line moves against me? Should I still place the bet? Find these answers...

  Units Explained  

How do I report on my performance and calculate UNIT wins and losses?

Ever wonder what it means when someone says their picks were +220 units or -110 units? Confused about how I (or other handicappers) report our results? Read an explanation here...


Should you play the money line?

Ever wondered what the money-line is and whether you should bet it? This tool, well-known to seasoned handicappers, is a great way to make a lot while risking a little. If you bet underdogs to win straight-up and they do, you can make a lot more than you risk. Read about it...

  Line Shopping  

The Importance of Line Shopping

Boomakers make the bulk of their money by stacking the odds against the bettor. They charge a "fee" to place bets with them (called the vig or juice). Give yourself the best chance to win by seeking out the best lines and odds by shopping across multiple bookmakers. Read about it...


Articles & Advice

NFL Handicapping

  regular season philosophy  

Betting the NFL Regular Season - Wunderdog's Philosophy

Read about my approach to betting NFL games in the regular season. Read about why I think underdogs are the clear way to go! They are underrated, undervalued and underappreciated and they can make you a whole lot of money. How should you pick NFL winners? Read about it...

  post season philosophy  

Betting the NFL Post Season - Wunderdog's playoffs and SuperBowl philosophy

The NFL post-season. A very different approach to betting the playoffs is required. Unlike the regular season where underdogs reign, favorites are often the way to go in the playoffs. Read about what I look for when betting NFL playoff games and the SuperBowl...

  preseaon Philosophy  

NFL Preseason Picks Philosophy - Betting the NFL Preseason

The NFL preseason isn't often bet by most gamblers. Conventional wisdom says that you can't predict games in the preseason because backups are playing and the games are meaningless. I disagree! The preseason can be very profitable if you look for the right things. There are some very telling factors in the preseason. Learn about them here...

  halftime bets  

Halftime Betting

You spent the last two hours handicapping a football game that is now approaching kick-off. Your efforts tell you that the Green Bay Packers should win the contest by at least three points. At the time you started picking apart this Monday night game, stat by stat and injury by injury, your sportsbooks were offering a tasty -3 +105, BUT the line moved against you...


Articles & Advice

NCAA Basketball

  ncaa basketball philosophy  

Betting College Basketball - Wunderdog's Philosophy

Read about my approach to betting college basketball games. See what I look at when handicapping college hoops. How should you pick NCAA basketball winners? Read about it.


Articles & Advice

College Football

  cfb philosophy  

How I approach College Football - Wunderdog's Philosophy

The college football season really consists of three separate seasons: non-conference, conference and the Bowls. Statistics, home field advantage and trends play a major role in my handicapping of college football games. Read about my philosophy for betting NCAA football and what I look at...


Articles & Advice

MLB Baseball

  mlb philosophy  

Betting MLB Baseball - Wunderdog's Philosophy

Baseball is the sport that provides the bettor with one of the highest potential advantages. Why is that? Lots of games! Most people don't want to take the time and energy to track stats and trends day-in-and day-out. For those with the patience and diligence to do this, opportunity awaits! Read about my philosophy for betting pro baseball and what I look at...


Articles & Advice

NHL Hockey

  nhl philosophy  

Betting NHL Hockey - Wunderdog's NHL Picks Philosophy

You want to bet hockey? Some bettors do but a lot more don't. Well, in my humble opinion, people who sidestep hockey wagering are missing some great opportunities to fatten their wallets. A primary reason: Vegas oddsmakers are sloppier setting hockey lines than with football, basketball, and baseball combined! They don't pay as much attention because bettors don't pay as much attention. Use this to your advantage....


Articles & Advice

Horse Racing

  horse racing philosophy  

Horse Racing Handicapping

No matter what your level of expertise, it's often wise to "get back to basics" and review the rudimentary elements of this challenging, sometimes exasperating, bit of mental stimulus known as handicapping. The importance of Form, Ability, Class, Race Conditions, Connections and Breeding...

  horse racing handicapping  

Horse Racing System

Looking for a winning horse racing sytem? Here's a system that while very simple, is spot on. It invovles establishing the proper bankroll, checking out the races' favorite, narrowing down contenders, imagining the outcome of the race, and making adjustments. For me, it's been a winning horse racing system...

  horse racing reading menu  

Horse Racing Selection - Reading the Menu

So many bets, so little money. For horseplayers to succeed, they must be decision makers. Movers and shakers. Doers. Not only must they solve the unique equation that leads to selecting the right horse(s) in a particular race but they also must choose the right wagering approach in order to maximize their profits...

  horse racing betting guide  

Guide to Betting my Horse Racing Picks

Some of you have your own strategies and ideas on how to bet the horses I recommend. For those of you with your own systems for betting, use my selections in your win bets, exactas or exotics such as triples, superfectas, and all the other wagering that is available. For those of you who want more direction...

  kentucky derby  

Kentucky Derby Handicapping

Handicapping the Derby


Preakness Handicapping

Handicapping the Preakness


Belmont Stakes Handicapping

Handicapping the Belmont Stakes