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While the sports betting industry throughout the US continues to grow, hockey is still a betting market that doesn’t get a ton of attention. I am trying to change that with my customers because I believe there is some money to be made from the NHL betting. 

Even though hockey is not very popular, you can still find NHL consensus picks, and that information can be vital to becoming successful when betting on the NHL. I am able to get one step ahead of this NHL public betting consensus information. This type of data based information and research is what I provide my customers with and helps them win with their daily NHL picks.

Following the public can be the right play in certain situations, but more often than not following the NHL betting public percentages will get you in trouble if done over and over.

Public NHL Consensus Bets

The NHL consensus public money can help make some NHL picks tonight, but I can also do that for you as well. I spend hours each day looking at the NHL schedule, and all of my time and research leads to making some solid betting picks. 

My analysis covers consensus NHL betting and is based on thorough research to give you all the necessary information to make the smartest decision. 

NHL Consensus Bets 

Betting on hockey works a little bit differently than it does for other sports, especially when it comes to betting against the spread. NHL Consensus picks is still a good starting point when it comes to making your NHL bets.

NHL consensus picks against the spread are available by doing a quick search on the internet, but I will give a much better look at these stats. If you want to bet against the spread when it comes to the NHL, then you will be making what is called a puck-line bet.

There isn’t a ton of scoring in hockey, and that’s why I sometimes provide NHL moneyline picks and NHL over/under picks in the NHL. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great betting opportunities (ATS). I will always find the best NHL picks for the day.

Making smart NHL consensus picks

The general public doesn’t spend a ton of time betting on the NHL. Sportsbooks also don’t adjust the lines as quickly when it comes to the NHL as there isn’t a ton of wiggle room, to begin with.

If you are someone that is going to bet on the NHL, then you simply must sign up to receive my picks each day. When it comes to consensus picks NHL-wise, don’t just follow the public betting percentage, as that will likely lead to some unnecessary losses. 

I’ll deliver the assists that will have you putting pucks in the back of the net and winning big in no time. Don’t delay, and you could make some serious money by betting on hockey.

NHL Consensus Picks & Hockey Betting Public