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NFL Week 5 Free Pick: Bears vs. Vikings

292 views | 10/09/2022

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off a big win in London and stand at 3-1​, but that record may be an illusion. The numbers ...

Free CFB Pick: Illinois Fighting Illini @ Wisconsin Badgers

140 views | 10/01/2022

This is a big game for Illinois HC Bret Bielema, as he used to coach Wisconsin. The Illini have had a few extra days to prepare ...

🏈 CFB = 6-straight winning seasons

589 views | 08/22/2022

The odds of making a profit in six-consecutive years in college football betting are ridiculous. Like it would happen less than 3% of ...

Moneyline Sports: How Does the House Always Win?

265 views | 08/05/2022

In moneyline sports like baseball, the house wins over the long-haul by offering worse-than-fair odds on both sides of the bet.

🎀 My advice for bettors during the offseason ⁣

115 views | 07/20/2022

NBA and NHL are over… MLB and WNBA are front and center for a lot of bettors, plus golf, UFC or whatever else, but CFB and ...

πŸ‘€ Why I bet the UNDER more often!

198 views | 07/05/2022

I recently had a client ask why I primarily take the UNDER with my premium Over/Under selections in #NFL, #MLB, NBA & WNBA.

πŸ”­ Human Nature Creates Market Value

62 views | 07/01/2022

If sports betting lines and odds were always set accurately, we would have what is called an efficient market, which cannot be ...

🎰😈 Why sportsbooks WANT your Parlay Action! ⁣

397 views | 06/20/2022

Parlays have taken over the internet lately, with touts & tipsters posting daily tickets of their 9-teamer that paid back at +40K β†’ And ...

πŸ€ NBA Finals Game of the Year Wins Big!

340 views | 06/10/2022

Game 3 was expected to be a tight one but my numbers had Boston all the way, and I stepped it up big for this pivotal matchup.

NBA Playoff Picks: Game of the Month (Heat vs. Celtics)

263 views | 05/27/2022

Bookies got nowhere to hide as I'm rollin' hot with my 6-game NBA win streak tonight for the #HEATCulture and #BleedGreen, ...

Taking the Points!

446 views | 02/27/2022

In my Super Bowl LVI writeup, I said this game was close for me, with some trends favoring the Bengals. Either team could win, but ...

How to Pick Super Bowl Winners: Part 56

302 views | 02/15/2022

For Super Bowl LVI, I put my 13-1 record from the past 14 years on the line. The Rams were considered a contender since Day 1, ...

Sports Betting Strategies: Real Tips on How to Win

25,031 views | 02/05/2022

You want to win at sports betting? Here's what to do right, and what to avoid. ⚠️ Don't fall into the trap that so bettors fall into.

13 of 14 Super Bowl Winners

320 views | 02/04/2022

Super Bowl LVI: My Max Play win on the Bucs last year boosted my Super Bowl game picks to 13-1 since '08. Including prop picks ...

⚠️ How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Sports Betting Scamdicappers (Part 9) 🀬

769 views | 10/06/2021

Should you hire an expert to help you win more of your bets? In this video, I'll talk about the use of professional online sports ...

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Bad at Sports Betting? Know How to Lose, then Start Winning (Part 2) πŸ˜₯

1,761 views | 10/06/2021

Losing is an ugly subject, but you need to know how to lose at sports betting, before you can become a consistent winner, and ...

πŸ€‘ 🏦 Sports Betting Money Management: Bankroll Strategy & Bet Size (Part 4)

1,566 views | 10/06/2021

This video on sports betting money management is the fourth in my 10-part series on how to win at sports betting. In just seven ...

πŸ“š Sports Betting is NOT Easy: Setting Expectations (Part 3)

1,371 views | 10/06/2021

Sports Betting is NOT Easy: Setting Expectations: We all want to make money betting sports, and I often get asked, "Can you make ...

πŸ€‘ How to Win at Sports Betting: Welcome (Part 1)

2,337 views | 10/06/2021

Knowing how to win at sports betting is tough work. I've spent the past three decades in the sports betting industry, figuring out ...

🏎 What Should You do When the Lines Move: Understanding Line Movement (Part 8)

859 views | 10/06/2021

What should you do when the lines or odds move? Odds are frequently changing in sports betting and in this video, I'll tell you ...