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🏈 CFB = 6-straight winning seasons

239 views | 08/22/2022

The odds of making a profit in six-consecutive years in college football betting are ridiculous. Like it would happen less than 3% of ...

Moneyline Sports: How Does the House Always Win?

190 views | 08/05/2022

In moneyline sports like baseball, the house wins over the long-haul by offering worse-than-fair odds on both sides of the bet.

🎀 My advice for bettors during the offseason ⁣

92 views | 07/20/2022

NBA and NHL are over… MLB and WNBA are front and center for a lot of bettors, plus golf, UFC or whatever else, but CFB and ...

πŸ‘€ Why I bet the UNDER more often!

138 views | 07/05/2022

I recently had a client ask why I primarily take the UNDER with my premium Over/Under selections in #NFL, #MLB, NBA & WNBA.

πŸ”­ Human Nature Creates Market Value

57 views | 07/01/2022

If sports betting lines and odds were always set accurately, we would have what is called an efficient market, which cannot be ...

🎰😈 Why sportsbooks WANT your Parlay Action! ⁣

372 views | 06/20/2022

Parlays have taken over the internet lately, with touts & tipsters posting daily tickets of their 9-teamer that paid back at +40K β†’ And ...

πŸ€ NBA Finals Game of the Year Wins Big!

179 views | 06/10/2022

Game 3 was expected to be a tight one but my numbers had Boston all the way, and I stepped it up big for this pivotal matchup.

NBA Playoff Picks: Game of the Month (Heat vs. Celtics)

180 views | 05/27/2022

Bookies got nowhere to hide as I'm rollin' hot with my 6-game NBA win streak tonight for the #HEATCulture and #BleedGreen, ...

Taking the Points!

302 views | 02/27/2022

In my Super Bowl LVI writeup, I said this game was close for me, with some trends favoring the Bengals. Either team could win, but ...

How to Pick Super Bowl Winners: Part 56

194 views | 02/15/2022

For Super Bowl LVI, I put my 13-1 record from the past 14 years on the line. The Rams were considered a contender since Day 1, ...

Sports Betting Strategies: Real Tips on How to Win

10,601 views | 02/05/2022

You want to win at sports betting? Here's what to do right, and what to avoid. ⚠️ Don't fall into the trap that so bettors fall into.

13 of 14 Super Bowl Winners

245 views | 02/04/2022

Super Bowl LVI: My Max Play win on the Bucs last year boosted my Super Bowl game picks to 13-1 since '08. Including prop picks ...

⚠️ How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Sports Betting Scamdicappers (Part 9) 🀬

559 views | 10/06/2021

Should you hire an expert to help you win more of your bets? In this video, I'll talk about the use of professional online sports ...

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Bad at Sports Betting? Know How to Lose, then Start Winning (Part 2) πŸ˜₯

1,231 views | 10/06/2021

Losing is an ugly subject, but you need to know how to lose at sports betting, before you can become a consistent winner, and ...

πŸ€‘ 🏦 Sports Betting Money Management: Bankroll Strategy & Bet Size (Part 4)

1,182 views | 10/06/2021

This video on sports betting money management is the fourth in my 10-part series on how to win at sports betting. In just seven ...

πŸ“š Sports Betting is NOT Easy: Setting Expectations (Part 3)

976 views | 10/06/2021

Sports Betting is NOT Easy: Setting Expectations: We all want to make money betting sports, and I often get asked, "Can you make ...

πŸ€‘ How to Win at Sports Betting: Welcome (Part 1)

1,744 views | 10/06/2021

Knowing how to win at sports betting is tough work. I've spent the past three decades in the sports betting industry, figuring out ...

🏎 What Should You do When the Lines Move: Understanding Line Movement (Part 8)

590 views | 10/06/2021

What should you do when the lines or odds move? Odds are frequently changing in sports betting and in this video, I'll tell you ...

πŸ”‘ Keys to Finding Winning Sports Picks: Finding the Best Picks (Part 5)

972 views | 10/06/2021

You're trying to make winning sports bets, but your sports picks suck! So what makes a good pick vs. a bad one? ‍♂️ In this ...

πŸ”Ž Finding the Best Odds and Lines: Line shopping helps you win more (Part 6) πŸ’° πŸ’°

595 views | 10/06/2021

Line shopping for the best odds and comparing lines and odds in sports betting is critical to your success. There are more ...