2013 NFL Predictions Regular Season Team Wins Picks for 2014

2005-2011 nfl season wins

NFL Season Wins Totals

  • 63% winners on Best Bets over eight years (34-20)
  • Six of nine winning seasons (67% winning)
  • 39% Bankroll growth

The 2014 NFL regular season is here. The excitement is building. As the summer winds down, it's time to take advantage of the the NFL Season Wins bets.

Every year I predict NFL season performance (regular season win totals). Based on the performance, this is becoming one of the must-haves for serious NFL bettors. While most people don't pay attention to these bets, make no mistake - this is one of the best NFL betting opportunities available!

NFL Team Wins Totals - A great opportunity

Why are betting NFL season win totals such a great opportunity? Primarily because so few people put in the time and effort to make these types of NFL picks. Of the few that do put in time on these predictions, I believe that no one looks at them as scientifically as I do. Simply put, no one puts in the effort I do in predicting season win totals and the results bear this out.

For these reasons, I have hit 64% on by Best Bets and 60% overall on my season win totals picks the past seven years:

2005: 4-1 (75%) on best bets
2006: 1-0 (100%) on best bets
2007: 3-3 (50%) on best bets
2008: 5-1 (83%) on best bets
2009: 3-5 (38%) on best bets
2010: 5-2 (71%) on best bets
2011: 5-3 (63%) on best bets
2012: 6-3 (67%) on best bets
2013: 2-2 (50%) on best bets


2014 Season Win predictions

For the 2014 season, I have two Best Bets and nine "leans". You can get all of them here