Football is king in the United States and the NFL Playoffs are an emotional roller coaster. All the knowledge bettors have built up over the long season comes into play. There are matchups on the field that have to be assessed, home field advantages for one team, and coaches changing strategy during the week and as well as during the game.

Even situational handicapping can come into the equation, such as a team playing two or three road games in a row against those off a bye. It's one of the most exciting times for fans and bettors as we count down to the unofficial national holiday known as Super Sunday.

Why Use Free NFL Playoff Picks

Matchups are a great first step to examining the postseason games against the Vegas line but there are many other factors in play. Making it even more challenging is that the oddsmakers have far fewer games than the NFL regular season. When they post early lines on the limited number of playoff matchups, the big money comes in immediately allowing them to adjust the line quickly to one that is very accurate to try and get equal action.

Utilizing Free NFL Playoff picks helps serious bettors join sides with a professional bettor to identify the wagering edges available, not just with the side but with the total, NFL player props, team props, or moneyline.

Betting Value in Free NFL Playoff Picks

Public teams will have more bets placed on them by the average bettor. Oddsmakers have to factor that in when making an opening number. Some of the top NFL public teams are the Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, and Dallas Cowboys. These organizations have a larger fan base across the country than other teams.

They tune in to postseason TV games to root for them and are more likely to wager a little when their favorite team is making a playoff run. The Packers are the only publicly owned franchise in the NFL. In addition, with sides and totals getting so much attention by oddsmakers, there can be more wagering value in the numerous prop bets that are attached to Wild Card games.

Wunderdog Free NFL Playoff Picks

Many people wager in the playoffs for fun just to have action. Not me. My goal is to win money. And I would have quit sports betting years ago if I wasn't turning a profit, but I've learned to do it successfully for over two decades. It's a delicate balance of doing the work, knowing what the odds should be, then taking advantage by pouncing on the line variation.

By acquiring my Wunderdog free NFL picks you can have privileged access alongside me to see what lines I'm looking at and the reasons why. Winning consistently is not about hoping Lady Luck is on your side - it's about having a documented handicapping expert on your side.

Free NFL Playoff Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NFL Playoff Picks Pros:

  • Postseason handicapping angles shift from regular-season approaches
  • Opens your mind to different wagering and winning options
  • No cost means zero dollars lost

Free NFL Playoff Picks Cons:

  • Be skeptical of websites that ignore past losers and only crow about covers
  • Too much information that's not streamlined toward a few choice plays can confuse novice bettors
  • Too much emphasis on wagering trends with too little (or no) other handicapping reasons attached

Premium NFL Playoff Picks Pros:

  • Playoff time is ideal for taking advantage of different wagering options (moneylines, props, team totals).
  • The pro handicapping service identifies the relevant data so you don't have to
  • Trusted services should have graded releases with the proper recommended bankroll percentage to wager

Premium NFL Playoff Picks Cons:

  • Forcing side and total releases on every game. With few games, oddsmakers have some numbers nailed so there is very little value
  • Gambling addictions are destructive, so approach with rational personal judgment while being in control
  • Price increases just because it's playoff time. Premium NFL picks should cost the same or less as there are fewer games than the regular season

How To Win With Free NFL Playoff Picks

Winning in the NFL postseason requires discipline, focus, doing your homework, and recognizing the difference between solid betting lines and weak spots. Getting different opinions by acquiring Free NFL Playoff picks will help keep you up on the essential information while opening your eyes to the different (and profitable) wagering options on the table.

And part of that discipline is not changing the amount you wager on playoff games any differently than during the regular season. If you play 4% of your bankroll on top plays from Weeks 1-18, don't suddenly shift to 30% on one game because a service recommends it on their "Best Information Play of the Year!"

Free NFL Playoff Picks Betting Strategy

Approach Games Like a Pro, not an Average Joe

The NFL Playoffs bring in more viewers than during the regular season with games discussed and analyzed all during the week by the national media. Casual "Average Joe" bettors who've been on the sidelines will suddenly start betting because these are big games and they're getting together with friends to watch.

Ignore the national hype and learn to identify the Wise Guy money compared to the small public moves.

Pass Rush

Two areas on the field that stand out in the playoffs are offenses that have an above-average quarterback and defenses that can rush the passer. QB play is obvious, something that has been focused on all season. But defensive lines are often under the radar...until the playoffs when they pay big dividends, influencing matchups and changing the tone of a game.

Some teams have strong sack numbers because they unleash the blitz 30-40% of the time, which is a bit of a gimmick. The most dangerous playoff defenses are ones that have speed at defensive end and can rack up sack numbers rushing just 3-4 linemen while putting 7-8 guys back in pass coverage. That can really stand out when the defense is facing an average, below-average, overrated, or banged-up offensive line.

Having a list of the few defenses that have the talent to do that and the proven coaching prowess to take advantage can help identify disruptive matchups before kickoff.

Coaching History

Do not underestimate coaching when reviewing playoff matchups. Mediocre coaches do the same thing each week, while the few elite coaches tinker and have varied game plans to exploit opponent weaknesses. Examine if the team overachieved during the regular season compared to NFL preseason expectations. And look at how coaches did in previous playoff games.

  • Have they been able to pull playoff upsets on the road?
  • Do they have championship hardware on their resume?
  • Have they been able to win with different QBs or did well even when their teams had a lot of injuries?

Coaches are the ones who decide clock management during the two-minute drill, which can be worth 3-4 extra points a game. And 3-4 extra points can often be the difference-maker with the point spread.

Free NFL Playoff Picks Subscription

My releases are derived from careful analysis along with a detailed database I've been compiling for over two decades. My free NFL Playoff selections also come with an essential but often overlooked winning wagering component: the right money management investment strategy.

With the season winding down, this is not the time to wager twice as much on games to increase your bankroll even further. It's about discipline and finding the right matchups and value. By signing up for my free picks on a subscription service you'll get the winning combination of expert advice from a documented professional betting pro.

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