When it comes to betting on the NFL, you want every advantage possible. That's why free over/under picks can be such a valuable resource for sports bettors. Over/under betting involves predicting whether the combined final score of both teams will be above or below a certain number set by the bookmakers.

By utilizing free over/under picks from NFL experts in the field, players can have a better understanding of how to approach these bets and potentially increase their chances of winning. So before placing any NFL pick wagers on NFL games, make sure to check out free over/under picks for insights and analysis, including NFL computer matchups. It could just be the edge you need to come out on top.

The majority of NFL action is wagered on the point spreads of games. But don't ignore totals, also called Over/Under bets. It took a while for Over/Under picks to catch on with bettors, especially the professional Las Vegas sharps, but winning on totals pays the same as sides and can often offer the larger value edge.

In fact, the very first Super Bowl between the Packers and Chiefs didn't even have a total. Over/Under bets began to gain popularity when Monday night football became a must-watch event in the 1970s. With only one NFL game on the board, oddsmakers doubled the potential bets made by offering the side and total, eventually moving to all the college and pro games.

Why Use Free NFL Over/Under Picks

Free Over/Under picks can help you size up the advantages that lie inside the game. Many bettors just starting out discover that they have a particular betting knack for one sport or one team that they play closest attention to. The same can be true for the different wagering options available. You may find you're very good with NFL underdogs but don't do as well with favorites. Or you don't have a feel for sides, but have a talent for other bets such as props, NFL parlays, teasers, or totals. Every bettor can have strengths and weaknesses. If you're serious about winning at sports, be cognizant of unearthing your hidden talents.

Betting Value in Free NFL Over/Under Picks

The oddsmakers have point spread sides nailed fairly well on marquee games such as Monday night, Thursday night NFL football, or playoff battles. Since they expect more action on the sides, they have to make good numbers and adjust quickly as the early money comes in. But since there's less action on totals, the wagering value can be more pronounced and available longer on the betting board. In addition, many times you'll win an Over/Under selection before the game even ends. If you wagered on OVER 48 and it's 26-24 in the third quarter, you've already won and don't have to sweat the fourth quarter.

Wunderdog Free NFL Over/Under Picks

There are plenty of times where the point spread is right on the same number that I expect it to be but the Over/Under varies by 2-to-3 points. One safety or one field goal might not sound like much of a difference, but in the competitive market where bookmakers and bettors are playing a high stakes game with real money on the table, 2-to-3 points is significant. If I were given an extra 2-to-3 points on every game, I'd wager on every contest and clean up while watching the bookmakers file for Chapter 11. Serious gamblers are in it to win-it. It's imperative to scour for information, analyze matchups, and search for line variance no matter how small. And when totals are off from my projected numbers, they'll be released to my clients.

Free NFL Over/Under Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NFL Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • Doesn't cost anything to get free information and daily selections from a longtime successful bettor.
  • Aids in your development toward sports handicapping knowledge.
  • Gives you an early edge while watching total line movement pushed by the Vegas sharps.

Free NFL Over/Under Picks Cons:

  • Not all websites offering free picks are from established experts and documented winners.
  • Zero reasoning to explain the total
  • Line movement on totals can be significant, so make sure you get down early the pick total matches the actual total

Premium Picks Pros:

  • Top plays with multiple angles and reasons behind them.
  • Professional advice on the amount to wager along with proper money management will help you make a consistent profit.

Premium Picks Cons:

  • If you don't know the track record of the website you're receiving picks from, you may be wasting time and money.
  • It's essential that picks come with written analysis explaining the reasoning, like mine do. If they don't, buyers beware.

How To Win With Free NFL Over/Under Picks

Getting free NFL Over/Under selections is a building process. You already know sports, now you want to expand and understand all the intricate layers to the world of odds, totals, point spreads, and parlays. By adding pieces such as Free NFL Over/Under Picks to your routine helps sharpen your handicapping skills. Over time, you can only get better, watching games with a clearer vision of what oddsmakers and the sharps are focused on.

Free NFL Over/Under Picks Betting Strategy

Wise Guys bet big and that shows up in early line movement. Totals usually move quickly and further from the opening number than sides, so acquiring NFL picks for free helps explain why some lines are moving and who's moving them. Is that similar to the old adage "Follow the money"? Sure. Betting pros aren't tossing money away on a guess, there are solid reasons behind them. Accumulating and tracking totals gives you a front row seat in Vegas right from your own computer. High scoring NFL teams with top-notch quarterbacks matched up against each other can mean an entertaining offensive show and one that has a better than average chance of sailing OVER the total. Marquee matchups like that are often reserved for TV games, too. Well known public teams can be overvalued by oddsmakers as they expect more action on them, which provides an opening with more value available on the Over/Under. Other matchups can be a significant edge when wagering on Over/Unders. A run-oriented offense chews up yards and the clock. So if that run-oriented offense happens to be facing one of the best run defenses in the NFL, you might expect a game with more punts and field goals than TDs, hence a potential UNDER wager. Or, if a star quarterback is matched up against a young, porous defense, the odds are that the team will have a better than average scoring day. If they are likely to score 7-to-10 more points than their season average, then the opponent doesn't have to hit their average for the game to go OVER. Utilizing free Over/Under Picks is one of several puzzle pieces to help you identify the best winning tickets.

Free NFL Over/Under Picks Subscription

Receiving Free NFL Over/Under Picks on a regular basis from me adds multiple layers of insight and expertise to your handicapping regimen. You can compare your selections with mine, or investigate further some of the totals selections I give out that you might have passed over. Taking a second look at a game I'm on will help your handicapping in the short and long term. You will get:

A breakdown of matchups and picks.

  • Over/Under plays will be included, so if your focus has been on sides and parlays you'll be able to expand your knowledge and wagering opportunities by learning the value with totals.
  • No guesswork! By receiving plays from an established/documented pro, you'll know there are solid reasons to wager on these Over/Unders directly from my extensive database and 20+ years of personal insight. You can get them on my website or via email subscription to start building your handicapping knowledge - and your bankroll!


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