Many football fans are always on the lookout for free NFL moneyline picks and the Wunderdog website offers just that. Every week, our team of experts analyzes each game, breaking down the matchups and evaluating key players, to come up with successful moneyline picks. And unlike other websites that charge for their picks, we offer them for free because we believe in the value of our analysis.

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Moneyline bets ignore the point spread so all you're wagering on is which team wins the game. So it's the same as wagering on baseball or hockey moneyline - just pick the final score winner. The NFL has two-way moneylines: you have to lay more on the favorite, such as minus-140 or minus-170, while the underdog has a higher payout, such as +150 or +200.

Two of the three biggest favorites in Super Bowl history actually lost the game, with the 18-point underdog Jets topping the Colts, 16-7, in 1969, and the +14 Patriots knocking off the Rams in the 2001-02 season, 20-17. The Patriots were +500 on the moneyline, meaning if you wagered $100 on New England to win the game, you won $500.

It's essential to understand when the underdog has a reasonable shot of pulling the upset to take a shot with the moneyline, or when the favorite actually encompasses better wagering value on the moneyline.

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Why Use Free NFL Moneyline Picks

Free moneyline picks add an extra dimension to wagering opportunities that many bettors overlook. Point spreads receive the bulk of attention from the NFL betting public and the media. When the moneyline moves from minus-160 to minus-175, for instance, most bettors don't notice or understand what is happening behind the closed doors at the sports books. But astute gamblers and professionals pay careful attention as there are multiple important reasons why this is happening. Adding insight increases your understanding of where the big money is moving and why. If you're serious about winning in sports wagering, knowledge of each move is critical.

Betting Value in Free NFL Moneyline Picks

The most common moneyline NFL move is betting the moneyline underdog to pull the upset and win the game. This is especially true for NFL playoff game picks and the Super Bowl with many novice bettors looking for a bigger payday on the plus-money. Oddsmakers are forced to adjust the moneylines, meaning the juice on favorite shrinks, such as from minus-155 to minus -130. This can create very strong wagering value on the moneyline. Instead of taking the favorite on a point spread of minus 3.5, ou can take them just to win the game on the moneyline at minus-130. You're wagering a little extra money by bypassing the 3.5 points the favorite has to win by. Identifying wagering value incrementally boosts your bankroll long term.

Wunderdog Free NFL Moneyline Picks

Wagering and winning long term is my bottom line and track record. Free moneyline picks from my personal service will help you grasp the wagering value differences from the point spread. Not all games will have this differential, but plenty do. Key numbers factor into this, too, with NFL key point spread numbers of 3, 4, 7 and 10. A 4-point favorite at minus-120 on the point spread could by minus-145 on the moneyline. The books will determine this based on the amount of money they have coming in on the side, which might mean the moneyline is the smarter wager. I keep track of these calculations to find the proper way to wager on those plays, releasing them to my clients - one of which can be you.

Free NFL Moneyline Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NFL Moneyline Picks Pros:

  • Assists you in acquiring knowledge and insight. Knowledge is power. And in sports wagering, insight leads to more wins and money.
  • Free means no money lost, from your betting bankroll or your bank account. You can get some of my releases daily without spending a dime.
  • Getting information from an established professional is one stepping stone to becoming a far more astute and successful gambler.

Free NFL Moneyline Picks Cons:

  • Free picks will help far less if you are short on fiscal discipline.
  • Know the track record of the person you're getting free information from. Not all websites are from documented winners and established pros.

Premium Picks Pros:

  • Multiple angles and wagering edges applied to each game.
  • Top releases should have a higher winning percentage and come with detailed analysis.
  • These are graded releases from pros who have been consistently beating the books for many years.

Premium Picks Cons:

  • Proper betting money management skills must come with top selections to maximize wins and minimize losses.
  • Some websites force their handicappers to give out dozens of free NFL picks or even on one every game. Only a handful of daily games will have wagering value attached to them.

How To Win With Free NFL Moneyline Picks

I examine a multitude of factors on the field and behind the scenes with lines to find wagering advantages. You should do the same to maximize winning - approach each games and line from different angles. That means accumulating as much information as you can along with daily selections from respected sources. Building up layers of analysis includes free NFL moneyline picks to help build your sports betting bankroll.

Free NFL Moneyline Picks Betting Strategy

Wise Guys Bet Big

The Vegas sharps are called Wise Guys partly because they don't wager small amounts on games. They identify multiple edges and bet big. When large amounts come pouring in on a line, the oddsmakers have to react swiftly by adjusting the numbers in an attempt to garner equal action on both sides. When this takes place, it not only alerts other astute professionals to which way the big money is moving, it can shift the mathematical percentages of a game, such as towards the moneyline favorite or underdog. Backing these value numbers and shying away from the ones that are overvalued are essential to grinding out a long term wagering profit.

Moneyline Underdogs

Hitting moneyline dogs is one of the best ways to accrue profit. Even mediocre to bad NFL teams can play very competitive football at home while stinking it up on the road, often because the coaching staff or starting quarterback are below-average. You can pass when they're on the road, but if they're a home dog they have a better chance to showcase a terrific effort in front of the home fans and potentially pull an upset. This also applies to marquee TV games, such as home dogs on Monday or Thursday night. In front of a national TV audience, home underdogs are likely to give everything they have, offering excellent moneyline value.

Key Numbers

Big bettors often jump on football key wagering numbers such as 3 and 4 which can change the number (to 2.5 or 3.5) or the juice (from -110 to -130). While the value with the point spread can be lost, the value with the moneyline can increase. For instance, a point spread favorite that drops to minus-2.5 can have less value than the same team to win the game on the moneyline at minus-135. You can't control the sharp guys from forcing line movement, but you can take advantage of the better numbers that pop up after the move.

Free NFL Moneyline Picks Subscription

My selections come attached with analysis and proper money management, the latter a vital component of sports wagering that most services overlook. Betting a third of your bankroll on one selection, for example, is a no-no. A win like that may provide an impressive short-term boost but it's a recipe for long-term wagering failure. There is betting value on the board other than the point spread, such as totals, parlays, and moneyline plays if you work at understanding the big picture, not simply loading up on one or two big plays. Signing up for my selections helps bettors learn all the necessary aspects of beating the world of 11-to-10 on a regular basis.

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