2021-2022 NFL Football Weekly Game Matchups

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2021 NFL Football

Super Bowl NFL Football

Sun Feb 13, 2022
6:30pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Conference Finals NFL Football

Sun Jan 30, 2022
6:40pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Los Angeles Rams view free pick »  
3:05pm EDT Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Divisional Playoffs NFL Football

Sat Jan 22, 2022
8:15pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers view free pick »  
4:30pm EDT Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans view free pick »  
Sun Jan 23, 2022
6:30pm EDT Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  
3:00pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Wildcard Round NFL Football

Sat Jan 15, 2022
8:15pm EDT New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills view free pick »  
4:30pm EDT Las Vegas Raiders @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  
Sun Jan 16, 2022
8:15pm EDT Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  
4:30pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Dallas Cowboys view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Philadelphia Eagles @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers view free pick »  
Mon Jan 17, 2022
8:15pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 18 NFL Football

Sat Jan 8, 2022
8:15pm EDT Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles view free pick »  
4:30pm EDT Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos view free pick »  
Sun Jan 9, 2022
8:20pm EDT Los Angeles Chargers @ Las Vegas Raiders view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Los Angeles Rams view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Washington Football Team @ New York Giants view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 17 NFL Football

Sun Jan 2, 2022
8:20pm EDT Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ Dallas Cowboys view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Detroit Lions @ Seattle Seahawks view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Houston Texans @ San Francisco 49ers view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Chargers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Las Vegas Raiders @ Indianapolis Colts view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ Baltimore Ravens view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Atlanta Falcons @ Buffalo Bills view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Kansas City Chiefs @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Jets view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Football Team view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New York Giants @ Chicago Bears view free pick »  
Mon Jan 3, 2022
8:15pm EDT Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 16 NFL Football

Thu Dec 23, 2021
8:20pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Tennessee Titans view free pick »  
Sat Dec 25, 2021
8:15pm EDT Indianapolis Colts @ Arizona Cardinals view free pick »  
4:30pm EDT Cleveland Browns @ Green Bay Packers view free pick »  
Sun Dec 26, 2021
8:20pm EDT Washington Football Team @ Dallas Cowboys view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Denver Broncos @ Las Vegas Raiders view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Chicago Bears @ Seattle Seahawks view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Los Angeles Chargers @ Houston Texans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Jacksonville Jaguars @ New York Jets view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ Minnesota Vikings view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Detroit Lions @ Atlanta Falcons view free pick »  
Mon Dec 27, 2021
8:15pm EDT Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 15 NFL Football

Thu Dec 16, 2021
8:20pm EDT Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Chargers view free pick »  
Sat Dec 18, 2021
8:20pm EDT New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts view free pick »  
Sun Dec 19, 2021
8:20pm EDT New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Green Bay Packers @ Baltimore Ravens view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Cincinnati Bengals @ Denver Broncos view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Carolina Panthers @ Buffalo Bills view free pick »  
Mon Dec 20, 2021
8:15pm EDT Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears view free pick »  
5:00pm EDT Las Vegas Raiders @ Cleveland Browns view free pick »  
Tue Dec 21, 2021
7:00pm EDT Washington Football Team @ Philadelphia Eagles view free pick »  
7:00pm EDT Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 14 NFL Football

Thu Dec 9, 2021
8:20pm EDT Pittsburgh Steelers @ Minnesota Vikings view free pick »  
Sun Dec 12, 2021
8:20pm EDT Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Buffalo Bills @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Detroit Lions @ Denver Broncos view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT New York Giants @ Los Angeles Chargers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Texans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Football Team view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New Orleans Saints @ New York Jets view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers view free pick »  
Mon Dec 13, 2021
8:15pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 13 NFL Football

Thu Dec 2, 2021
8:20pm EDT Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints view free pick »  
Sun Dec 5, 2021
8:20pm EDT Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Washington Football Team @ Las Vegas Raiders view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Jacksonville Jaguars @ Los Angeles Rams view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Jets view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New York Giants @ Miami Dolphins view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Los Angeles Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ Chicago Bears view free pick »  
Mon Dec 6, 2021
8:15pm EDT New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 12 NFL Football

Thu Nov 25, 2021
8:20pm EDT Buffalo Bills @ New Orleans Saints view free pick »  
4:30pm EDT Las Vegas Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys view free pick »  
12:30pm EDT Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions view free pick »  
Sun Nov 28, 2021
8:20pm EDT Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Minnesota Vikings @ San Francisco 49ers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ Green Bay Packers view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Los Angeles Chargers @ Denver Broncos view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Atlanta Falcons @ Jacksonville Jaguars view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Indianapolis Colts view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New York Jets @ Houston Texans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Carolina Panthers @ Miami Dolphins view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots view free pick »  
Mon Nov 29, 2021
8:15pm EDT Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Football Team view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 11 NFL Football

Thu Nov 18, 2021
8:20pm EDT New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons view free pick »  
Sun Nov 21, 2021
8:20pm EDT Pittsburgh Steelers @ Los Angeles Chargers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Cincinnati Bengals @ Las Vegas Raiders view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Jacksonville Jaguars view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Baltimore Ravens @ Chicago Bears view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Detroit Lions @ Cleveland Browns view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Washington Football Team @ Carolina Panthers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings view free pick »  
Mon Nov 22, 2021
8:15pm EDT New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 10 NFL Football

Thu Nov 11, 2021
8:20pm EDT Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins view free pick »  
Sun Nov 14, 2021
8:20pm EDT Kansas City Chiefs @ Las Vegas Raiders view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Philadelphia Eagles @ Denver Broncos view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Minnesota Vikings @ Los Angeles Chargers view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Detroit Lions @ Pittsburgh Steelers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Cleveland Browns @ New England Patriots view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Football Team view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans view free pick »  
Mon Nov 15, 2021
8:15pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 9 NFL Football

Thu Nov 4, 2021
8:20pm EDT New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts view free pick »  
Sun Nov 7, 2021
8:20pm EDT Tennessee Titans @ Los Angeles Rams view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Los Angeles Chargers @ Philadelphia Eagles view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Minnesota Vikings @ Baltimore Ravens view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Las Vegas Raiders @ New York Giants view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins view free pick »  
Mon Nov 8, 2021
8:15pm EDT Chicago Bears @ Pittsburgh Steelers view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 8 NFL Football

Thu Oct 28, 2021
8:20pm EDT Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals view free pick »  
Sun Oct 31, 2021
8:20pm EDT Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Washington Football Team @ Denver Broncos view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Chargers view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Jacksonville Jaguars @ Seattle Seahawks view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Cincinnati Bengals @ New York Jets view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ Houston Texans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Chicago Bears view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns view free pick »  
Mon Nov 1, 2021
8:15pm EDT New York Giants @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 7 NFL Football

Thu Oct 21, 2021
8:20pm EDT Denver Broncos @ Cleveland Browns view free pick »  
Sun Oct 24, 2021
8:20pm EDT Indianapolis Colts @ San Francisco 49ers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Philadelphia Eagles @ Las Vegas Raiders view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Detroit Lions @ Los Angeles Rams view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Kansas City Chiefs @ Tennessee Titans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Washington Football Team @ Green Bay Packers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Carolina Panthers @ New York Giants view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New York Jets @ New England Patriots view free pick »  
Mon Oct 25, 2021
8:15pm EDT New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 6 NFL Football

Thu Oct 14, 2021
8:20pm EDT Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Philadelphia Eagles view free pick »  
Sun Oct 17, 2021
8:20pm EDT Seattle Seahawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Las Vegas Raiders @ Denver Broncos view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Dallas Cowboys @ New England Patriots view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ Cleveland Browns view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Los Angeles Chargers @ Baltimore Ravens view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Kansas City Chiefs @ Washington Football Team view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ New York Giants view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Cincinnati Bengals @ Detroit Lions view free pick »  
9:30am EDT Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars view free pick »  
Mon Oct 18, 2021
8:15pm EDT Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 5 NFL Football

Thu Oct 7, 2021
8:20pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks view free pick »  
Sun Oct 10, 2021
8:20pm EDT Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Cleveland Browns @ Los Angeles Chargers view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Chicago Bears @ Las Vegas Raiders view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New England Patriots @ Houston Texans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New Orleans Saints @ Washington Football Team view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Green Bay Packers @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Denver Broncos @ Pittsburgh Steelers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars view free pick »  
9:30am EDT New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons view free pick »  
Mon Oct 11, 2021
8:15pm EDT Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 4 NFL Football

Thu Sep 30, 2021
8:20pm EDT Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  
Sun Oct 3, 2021
8:20pm EDT Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New England Patriots view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Pittsburgh Steelers @ Green Bay Packers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Carolina Panthers @ Dallas Cowboys view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Washington Football Team @ Atlanta Falcons view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Houston Texans @ Buffalo Bills view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Cleveland Browns @ Minnesota Vikings view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Tennessee Titans @ New York Jets view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints view free pick »  
Mon Oct 4, 2021
8:15pm EDT Las Vegas Raiders @ Los Angeles Chargers view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 3 NFL Football

Thu Sep 23, 2021
8:20pm EDT Carolina Panthers @ Houston Texans view free pick »  
Sun Sep 26, 2021
8:20pm EDT Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Seattle Seahawks @ Minnesota Vikings view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Los Angeles Rams view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT New York Jets @ Denver Broncos view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Miami Dolphins @ Las Vegas Raiders view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Los Angeles Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Washington Football Team @ Buffalo Bills view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Baltimore Ravens @ Detroit Lions view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Chicago Bears @ Cleveland Browns view free pick »  
Mon Sep 27, 2021
8:15pm EDT Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 2 NFL Football

Thu Sep 16, 2021
8:20pm EDT New York Giants @ Washington Football Team view free pick »  
Sun Sep 19, 2021
8:20pm EDT Kansas City Chiefs @ Baltimore Ravens view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Chargers view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Tennessee Titans @ Seattle Seahawks view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers view free pick »  
4:05pm EDT Minnesota Vikings @ Arizona Cardinals view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Houston Texans @ Cleveland Browns view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Los Angeles Rams @ Indianapolis Colts view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New England Patriots @ New York Jets view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Las Vegas Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Cincinnati Bengals @ Chicago Bears view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles view free pick »  
Mon Sep 20, 2021
8:15pm EDT Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers view free pick »  

2021 NFL Football

Week 1 NFL Football

Thu Sep 9, 2021
8:20pm EDT Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers view free pick »  
Sun Sep 12, 2021
8:20pm EDT Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Denver Broncos @ New York Giants view free pick »  
4:25pm EDT Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Los Angeles Chargers @ Washington Football Team view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers view free pick »  
1:00pm EDT Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons view free pick »  
Mon Sep 13, 2021
8:15pm EDT Baltimore Ravens @ Las Vegas Raiders view free pick »  

NFL Matchups: How Are They Set By The League?

The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular sport in the US and has a massive following worldwide. However, the first time fans start getting excited about the season is when the NFL matchups are announced.

All 17 regular-season games for each team are laid out, and the league has a specific formula that is used for this. In addition, schedules are based on the results from the previous year in an effort to balance out the NFL matchups. 

Once the schedule is announced, that is when the NFL predictions for NFL matchups really start. Most bettors only focus on the NFL matchups this week, but you can also plan ahead by looking at the entire schedule. 

Injuries can always affect the outcome of every NFL matchup, but this league typically has results that are not very surprising. Therefore, you will want to get your hand on the list of NFL matchups as early as possible. 

Week 1 NFL Matchups

The NFL likes to start every season off with a bang, and there are plenty of terrific Week 1 matchups. But, of course, the defending Super Bowl champions usually kick things off on Thursday night in Week 1, and that will be the case again this season.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the Dallas Cowboys on September 9 to kick things off. This is a great NFL matchup to kick off betting on the league in 2021.

The Los Angeles Rams host the Chicago Bears on Sunday night in Week 1 in another highly anticipated game. Finally, Week 1 will conclude with the Las Vegas Raiders opening up Allegiant Stadium to their fans when hosting the Baltimore Ravens.

NFL Vegas Odds

When it comes to betting on the NFL matchups, looking at the Vegas odds is the best place to start. Vegas sets odds for the money line, spread, and totals, and then it is up to each sportsbook to come up with prop and future betting odds.

Since the Week 1 NFL matchups have already been announced, the Vegas Odds for each game are already out as well. Of course, these Vegas odds will be changing some leading up to kickoff in Week 1.


How many games does each team play?

Starting in 2021, there will be 17 NFL matchups for each team. In addition, the league has added an additional game to the regular season while also removing a game from the preseason slate. 

How are NFL Playoff matchups determined?

NFL Playoff matchups are determined after the entire regular season schedule is complete. Division winners are given a home game and will take on a Wild Card winner. In addition, the top overall seed in each conference is given a bye in the First Round. 

When are the regular-season matchups announced?

The National Football League announces the upcoming regular season matchups on a night in April each year. The league turns this into a made-for-television event as the entire schedule is revealed.

Teams will know their opponents as soon as the prior season ends, but the league determines where and when the games will be played.