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NFL Offseason Betting Tips: Super Bowl 56 Odds, Power Rankings & Handicapping Info

NFL offseason betting odds, updated Season Win Totals and team previews throughout the summer as we countdown to kickoff. This is your NFL offseason betting HQ!

NFL offseason betting previews for every team

Trevor Lawrence is getting used to life in the NFL where every snap in the offseason goes under the microscope 

The 2021 NFL off-season is like nothing we’ve seen before. Stability has reemerged on the sports betting landscape and with it, fans are returning to the ballparks and arenas across the country. While It’s still too early to call it post-pandemic, with OTA’s being treated the way a senior treats optional preseason walkthroughs, NFL training camps are on pace. Every team expects to report no later than July 27, and the air of uncertainty that hung around 2020’s offseason longer than your in-laws at Thanksgiving, is long gone.

Throughout the summer, I’ll be bringing you NFL team previews with a strong focus on betting.

  • Updated futures and season win totals.
  • Player trends and coaching data to be aware of.
  • Power rankings and scheduling spots worth circling.

The kind of information you can use right now, to help make those difficult decisions in September a little easier to manage.

Gameplan: NFL Offseason Betting HQ

Bookmark this page and keep an eye on my social media channels throughout the summer. Every time a new team is added or the futures market takes a significant swing, I’ll send out an update and this page will be the NFL offseason betting hub you can count on.

If you have any special requests you’d like to see added to the previews, hit me up on social media and I’ll do what I can to deliver. I look forward to bringing you the kind of football wagering information you can rely on to become a better bettor.

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As always, I’ll be posting winning picks along the way. Major League Baseball, NHL and NBA Playoffs, WNBA, Triple Crown and PGA Majors. I’ve been cleaning up the past couple weeks with positive records and cash flow, and once the NFL preseason schedule begins in August I’ll be back to work building on a bankroll that’s up +$224,070 in the past 19 seasons.

My NFL Max Plays in the past five seasons are 112-76 (60%) for a return of +$44,830!


2021 NFL Preseason Power Rankings

By the time a Super Bowl champ is crowned in February, a handful of NFL head coaches have already cleaned out their office and left the building. Free agency, the NFL Draft and schedule release trigger movements on the futures betting market, but it isn’t until August that online sports betting shops start realizing significant activity from NFL bettors.

Tracking player personnel updates and futures movement is a key part of my preseason prep. As the team previews roll out, I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the odds out of Vegas and you’ll be the first to know when there’s an update. Click the team link in the following chart for an in-depth preview!

RankTeamSuper Bowl OddsSWT OpenSWT Current
1.TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS+70011.5 OV -12511.5 UN -120
2.LOS ANGELES RAMS+120010.5 UN -15010.5 UN -125
3.KANSAS CITY CHIEFS+45012 OV -11512 OV -130
4.BUFFALO BILLS+110010.5 OV -12010.5 OV -130
5.GREEN BAY PACKERS+140010.5 OV -14511 UN -125
6.BALTIMORE RAVENS+110011 OV -12511 UN -115
7.SEATTLE SEAHAWKS+25009.5 OV -13510 UN -125
8.INDIANAPOLIS COLTS+220010 UN -1359.5 OV -160
9.MIAMI DOLPHINS+25009 OV -120 9 OV -135
10.ARIZONA CARDINALS+40008 OV -1108 OV -140
11.CLEVELAND BROWNS+16009.5 OV -15010 OV -115
12.TENNESSEE TITANS+25009.5 UN -1509.5 UN -130
13.SAN FRANCISCO 49ers+120010.5 UN -15010 OV -140
14.PITTSBURGH STEELERS+33008.5 OV -1209 UN -125
15.MINNESOTA VIKINGS+40008.5 OV -1458.5 OV -115
16.ATLANTA FALCONS+50007 OV -1457 OV -115
18.CHICAGO BEARS+50007 OV -1107.5 UN -125
19.NEW ORLEANS SAINTS+25009 OV -1109.5 UN -140
20.DALLAS COWBOYS+28009.5 UN -1359.5 UN -130
21.CAROLINA PANTHERS+50007.5 UN -1157.5 UN -130
22.LOS ANGELES CHARGERS+33009 UN -1159 UN -125
23.NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS+30009 OV -1459 OV -125
24.NEW YORK GIANTS+66007 OV -1107 OV -110
25.PHILADELPHIA EAGLES+66006.5 OV -1357 UN -125
26.LAS VEGAS RAIDERS+60007.5 OV -1108 UN -135
27.DENVER BRONCOS+20007.5 UN -1207.5 UN -125
28.NEW YORK JETS+80006.5 UN -1506 OV -130
29.CINCINNATI BENGALS+100006.5 OV -1106.5 UN -115
30.DETROIT LIONS+125005 UN -1205 OV -130
31.JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS+66006.5 UN -1206 OV -120
32.HOUSTON TEXANS+125004.5 OV -1105 UN -130

NFL data updated on Monday, June 14, 2021

NFL Offseason Betting Guide

Read my 2021 NFL Season Win Total Odds article from April to see how your favorite team stacked up before the NFL Draft.


I’ll have College Football and NFL Early-bird packages by July. Contact my customer service team for more information and keep an eye on my Instagram feed for free picks throughout the summer. Football season is just around the corner!