There are 130 Division I-A college football teams divided into 10 conferences. It's a challenge each week for sports bettors to keep up on all the news, quotes, injuries, personnel changes, and events taking place around campus that can influence a team's performance on game day.

The oddsmakers do their best to keep tabs on all these things and make an accurate betting number. Handicappers are doing the same thing to try and identify weak numbers, choice situational spots, and exploit those edges into betting profit. It's a high-stakes cat and mouse game and information is the lifeblood of being able to gauge whether a betting line is accurate or undervalued.

Why Use Weekly College Football Picks

There are many reasons people study college football consensus matchups each week. Some do it for fun trying to assess whether their favorite team has a chance to win against a conference rival. Others want to be informed as they're attending the game or plan on watching it on Saturday.

Folks involved in the world of professional handicapping are focused on finding oddsmaker sides, totals, or team propositions that are significantly off and are confident enough to put their hard-earned money on it. All of those groups can benefit by getting weekly College Football selections to keep informed of the hundreds of changes taking place on and off the field.

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Betting Value in Weekly College Football Picks

Some NCAA college football teams have outstanding defensive stats, but does that really mean they're an elite defense? They're probably very good, but they might be overrated if they've played a cupcake September schedule. That elite defense can suddenly morph into swiss cheese as the October crop of games finds them matched up against far superior teams or offenses.

Oddsmakers have to build their lines around current statistics based on what has already happened. But handicappers take the additional step of making judgment calls on how that offense or defense will perform the following week. That's how to identify wager value. One recent season, the Cincinnati Bearcats had great defensive stats but had to face off against Alabama in a bowl game.

The Bearcats failed to cover in a 27-6 loss surrendering 301 rushing yards. If you want to improve as a serious bettor, collecting and deciphering the right information is essential to fine-tuning your handicapping skills.

Wunderdog Weekly College Football Picks

I spend each day during the college football campaign gathering information to analyze upcoming matchups. There are many layers to it, including power ratings, injuries, coaching, and identifying situational spots, all assessed to search for the softest betting lines for winning opportunities.

There may be a little value in the point spread on one game, but the wagering value could be even better on the moneyline or the total. I bet real money on every play I release and provide the reasons why, usually multiple reasons. One bowl season, I had a Max Play on Wisconsin at minus-6 against Arizona State. The Wisconsin defense was one of the best in the nation facing a shaky Arizona State QB who had 10 TDs, nine interceptions.

The Badgers won and covered allowing just 219 total yards, 1.8 yards per rush, while forcing the Arizona State QB into one interception and no TDs. Getting my weekly college football picks gives you the opportunity to see who I'm on and why to build your handicapping knowledge - and bankroll.

Free Weekly College Football vs. Premium Picks

Free Weekly College Football Picks Pros:

  • Zero money down to get professional insight from a successful sports bettor
  • Getting a clear understanding of the intricate line movement during the week
  • You can never have too much information when trying to pick winning plays

Free Weekly College Football Picks Cons:

  • Too many sides offered. There's often more value in totals and props
  • Be wary of services recommending parlaying often or "doubling up" to recoup money lost
  • Finding winning spots can be time-consuming or frustrating

Premium Weekly College Football Picks Pros:

  • Building layers of insight will build your long-term handicapping ability
  • The best bets on the board with multiple reasons, angles, and key information attached
  • Should come with consistent, disciplined money management

Premium Weekly College Football Picks Cons:

  • A shortage of reasoning (or no reasons) specified for the plays
  • You can get trapped into major jams wagering more than your bankroll can afford
  • If there's no information provided regarding the handicapper or their record

How To Win With Weekly College Football Picks

What is the bottom line in sports betting? Winning! You can know a lot about an upcoming game but it's useless for betting purposes if you can't tell the difference between the correct side or total from ones where there is wagering value. Deciphering the important info is the key.

You can develop your instincts and knowledge over time by working and learning the craft. And adding insight from a documented winning professional will help you get there faster. You're going to study and watch the games anyway. You might as well utilize that time and knowledge to include wagering, - not for fun but for profit.

Free Weekly College Football Picks Betting Strategy

Information = Gold

Information is the key to turning a betting ticket into winning gold. You have to gather a lot of information on games to make an accurate assessment of what the betting line should be and the right way to play it. A mobile quarterback may be a very good two-way threat, but if he's battling a hamstring injury will that negatively influence his effectiveness during the game?

Finding out any injuries he may be battling is essential. Does a coach have a specific game circled on the schedule, such as a revenge situation or a bounce-back spot? Is a powerhouse running team going to be down two starting offensive linemen? All of that is acquired by doing the research, discarding the stuff that is less important. while lining up the most relevant info.

The same applies to totals. If a team that prefers to pound the football into the line in the red zone is hurting on the offensive line, perhaps they will be forced to settle for field goals meaning the UNDER stands out as the best way to wager.


Is a team focused on this week's game, in a down spot, or looking ahead to a rivalry game the following week? This happens often in NCAA College Football, especially when big-name programs are going up against good teams from smaller or overlooked conferences. Ohio State has been a high-profile football program for a hundred years.

One recent season, they had hopes of playing for another national championship but got thumped in the Big Ten title game by Michigan, 42-27. In addition, the defense had been a weak spot much of the season. After the Michigan loss, the Buckeyes were favored in the bowl game against Utah, a game that meant a lot to the Utes.

Utah happened to have great balance on both sides of the ball along with a very effective QB. They had also won all three games versus Top 20 teams that season and I gave out Utah as a play. It was close all the way with Utah getting the money in a wild 48-45 thriller.

Returning Starters

College Football is different from the NFL in that players graduate and teams have whole new looks every 3-4 years. The players are also younger, just out of high school, so it pays to examine how many returning starters a program has.

If the returning starters are off a terrible season that cuts both ways: the starters may be bad, or the experience gained can help them gel and they improve with a chip in their shoulder the following year.

That's why looking at a head coach's track record is important. If the coach has a history of winning and getting the most out of his personnel, a team off of a poor campaign could improve dramatically with an abundance of returning starters.

Free Weekly College Football Picks Subscription

I'm not betting for the fun of having action on a game I'm watching. I'm in it to win it. The oddsmakers do a good job of getting many sides and totals correct, but not all of them. That's where experienced handicapping pays dividends, learning how to assess college football matchups and where the softest odds are.

You can begin that journey into the winner's circle by obtaining my Weekly College Football selections at no cost. Consistently beating the books is a step-by-step process that I've been successful at for over two decades. You can wager on these releases, as I am, or simply digest the information by signing up for my free releases through a subscription service to improve your handicapping skills.

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