Bowl season is one long party for college football fans and bettors. The opening games are just an appetizer, a reward for mediocre teams, but at least you can still watch football in December on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It builds to better matchups with schools from the top conferences until the championship showdowns to start the new year.

And along the way, there are intriguing matchups featuring small colleges versus the big boys and all-passing teams versus run-oriented squads. All of which makes handicapping the bowls fun and challenging for both oddsmakers and bettors.

Why Use Free College Football Bowl Picks

The old rules you've used all season to analyze games and point spreads still come into play. But there are new factors to consider, in addition to the fact that some of those old rules carry far less weight. Motivation to play in a bowl carries more weight than stats and matchups.

Some teams had preseason expectations of going 10-2 and playing in a major bowl. Instead, they disappointed going 7-5 and had to settle for a bowl against a surprise team from some small conference they've never heard of. The interest to play well might not be there, especially if a senior QB or star running back is more focused on the upcoming NFL draft.

In one recent Texas Bowl, LSU lost its coach and its starting QB, who had entered the transfer portal. As a 1-point underdog, they were flattened by Kansas State, 42-20. Regular season stats mean little if the starting QB opts out of the bowl. Getting free college football picks from an expert helps organize the key information needed to properly assess winning situations and point spreads.

Betting Value in Free College Football Bowl Picks

One bowl betting adage is to go against Top 25 teams. When Top 25 teams play unranked teams in bowl games they're often favored, but over one recent 15-year stretch the unranked teams went 49-39-1 (55.7%) ATS.

What's happening is that the Top 25 team has most of the stats in their favor and the general CFB betting public believes they're going to win as they've had the better season. But bowl games are really a new season, albeit just for one game. Underdogs can have more interest in playing well offering plenty of wagering value.

Identifying those live dogs also provides excellent moneyline value. For example, you can wager $110.00 on a +7 bowl college football underdog to cover, then put an extra $20 on that team to win the game at +200. If they lose the game but cover, you win $80. If they pull the upset, both bets win for a payout return of $140.

Wunderdog Free College Football Bowl Picks

Bowl games attract a lot of TV betting action as there are only a few each night during the week. So lines will move but you can't overreact. It's far more important to understand where the big money is moving and why. I've been successful at this for decades, put it in the work each day, and know what's taking place on both sides of the counter.

You get that insight from an established pro by adding Wunderdog Free College Football Bowl Picks to your handicapping study. You can't always know when Lady Luck is going to be on your side, but you can be certain when a documented handicapping expert is right there with you.

Free College Football Bowl Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free College Football Bowl Picks Pros:

  • Narrowing down the best bowl sides and totals on the card
  • You'll better grasp the handicapping shifts from regular-season approaches
  • No cash lost or risked to gain key bowl information and free selections from a documented pro

Free College Football Bowl Picks Cons:

  • Reliable services should be selective. Not every bowl game has betting value
  • The background and track record of the person making the picks may be hidden
  • Some services may recommend chasing lost money, which is incorrect money management

Premium College Football Bowl Picks Pros:

  • Premium plays can be accompanied by key information that's not widely available
  • You get to watch and wager, the pro handicapper does all the research
  • Bowl games are ideal for maximizing various wagering options (CFB props, team totals, moneylines).

Premium College Football Bowl Picks Cons:

  • A novice bettor can get underwater with too many selections and too little money management strategy
  • More risk and cash are at stake because you're buying top selections and placing bets
  • Maintain control with rational, disciplined judgment as gambling addictions can be destructive

How To Win With Free College Football Bowl Picks

Winning during college football bowl season requires doing the homework, focus, discipline, and understanding the stark differences between wagering during the regular and postseasons. Some coaches and assistants get jobs with other programs before the bowl game.

Are the interim coaches competent, or will there be confusion? Some star players will skip the bowl to focus on the NFL draft - how much will that influence offensive production? Compiling data while getting expert opinions will put you in the best position to watch and win during bowl season.

Free College Football Bowl Picks Betting Strategy

Unusual Matchups

Teams that have above-average coaching and NFL-caliber talent have the best bowl chances. Bowls differ in so many areas from the regular season. A team can have four weeks to prepare for a bowl - an above-average coaching staff will utilize all that extra prep time to great advantage.

There will be unusual matchups with small schools facing big-name programs and pass-happy offenses versus run-oriented squads. There will also be good/bad/mediocre conferences going head-to-head, making handicapping more challenging. Trying to make meaning of season stats can even be confusing.

A simple approach is to line up the potential NFL-caliber talent that bowl teams have. Upper-echelon talent on the field often makes a huge difference. A college quarterback from a smaller conference who put up monster regular season numbers can be overwhelmed in a bowl facing a big-name school with speedy defensive backs or a pass rusher who's expected to go in the first round of the draft.

Who Cares?

Some teams see a bowl game as a reward for a winning season. Schools that haven't been in a bowl for seven years or who were projected to have a losing season are probably delighted to participate. Other schools were expecting to be in the Top 20 but instead went 6-6 and are playing in some crummy bowl.

They'd bring a very different attitude to the field. It works the same way with star players, too. A talented senior quarterback might be getting advice to not even play in a bowl as an injury could wreck his NFL draft status and payday. Examine what the team did the previous year.

Did the same coaching staff get the team to play in a bowl at a high level? Look back at the preseason projections in August: was this team supposed to go 10-2 but flopped? Getting a grasp on motivation is essential for evaluating bowl betting numbers.

Live Underdogs

Oddsmakers have to use power ratings to put together the right point spreads, but they're less of a factor in determining who covers bowl games. In one memorable bowl game, Boise State beat Oklahoma, 43–42, on a two-point conversion in overtime.

Many might not realize the Sooners were 7½-point favorites. Central Florida also pulled off a memorable bowl upset knocking off 11-1 Baylor, 52-42, as a 17-point dog. Those smaller schools had some NFL talent, organized coaches, and were motivated to play at a high level on the big stage.

Free College Football Bowl Picks Subscription

My bowl releases come from a detailed database of stats along with careful analysis of coaching staffs, styles of play, and how focused teams are. I have 20+ years of winning expertise in the industry at identifying the top mathematical wagering advantages.

Take advantage of my Free College Football Bowl Picks at no cost through a regular subscription service. You can learn a lot by doing it on your own, but you can learn the winning ways a lot faster with a documented seasoned professional in your corner.

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