Moneyline is the most basic bet - you pick one team to win. There's no point spread involved, so just like in baseball and hockey, you're wagering on what team comes out ahead on the final scoreboard.

NCAA College football has two different kinds of moneylines: you wager more on the favorite, such as minus-150 or minus-175, while the underdog has a higher payout. When Clemson upset Alabama for the national title, 44-16, they were +6 underdogs with a moneyline ranging from +185 to +200.

The Over/Under went from 60 to 58.5, so a winning ticket depended on what number you got, which isn't the case with moneyline.

Why Use Free College Football Moneyline Picks

Football point spreads get most of the attention from newspapers, electronic media, and the CFB betting public. But the oddsmakers put up so many different types of bets and numbers that it's always worth a look to see where there are other superior winning edges when it comes to making your NCAA football picks.

Free moneyline picks zeroes in winning numbers other than the point spread side and total. Casual bettors overlook many of the best wagering opportunities, but if you're serious about winning, it makes sense to take advantage by adding this extra layer of professional insight - especially when it's free.

Betting Value in Free College Football Moneyline Picks

When the moneyline moves on a college football favorite from minus-125 to minus-145, most bettors don't notice or understand what is happening. But professional bettors give it great attention as it's a window into what's going on behind the sportsbook counter.

That means some sharp players have identified value in taking the moneyline instead of the point spread. Other times, such as on marquee games, enough public money comes in on the CFB underdog on the moneyline that the moneyline favorite drops making it the better value. Knowledge of each move is critical to identifying the smartest wagering value for long-term bankroll success.

Wunderdog Free College Football Moneyline Picks

I keep up with the moneyline moves by the minute. With over 20 years in the business, I recognize what is happening and whether it's right to move on a number or pass. A common moneyline move in college football is on the underdog to pull the upset and win the game. Matchups, situations, coaching, and home/road differentials are a big part of projecting when upsets will take place.

Key betting numbers factor into this, as well, with college football key point spreads at 24, 3, 7, 10, 17, 1, and 28. Depending on line movement, there will be times when it's more advantageous to take a moneyline favorite than to lay minus-3 or minus-3.5. When you receive my free college football picks, there are multiple reasons behind the right plays.

Free College Football Moneyline Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free College Football Moneyline Picks Pros:

  • A window into what games the pros are backing and why
  • Free information gives you insight with no risk
  • Provides a different avenue for wagering beyond sides and totals

Free College Football Moneyline Picks Cons:

  • The different types of wagering options could confuse novice bettors
  • Many websites hide their past results
  • The odds could be different from your book which is why line shopping is essential

Premium Picks Pros:

  • The No. 1 set of releases from a documented experienced betting pro
  • Multiple situational college football, matchup, trends, and betting angles should apply to each game
  • Saves you time as the pro professional does all the legwork

Premium Picks Cons:

  • Beware of exaggerated hype such as "locks", "guaranteed", and "100% winners"
  • Know the handicapper's background or you could be wasting time and money
  • Too much cost up front for the information will cut into your wagering bankroll

How To Win With Free College Football Moneyline Picks

Winning money in the complex world of sports betting requires a careful examination of game information weighed against the oddsmaker numbers. Sometimes there are no edges with the side or total, but very good value with CFB props, team totals, or moneylines.

I assess how teams and individual players should perform and the mathematical percentages that surround the odds. Playing alongside a documented expert with 20+ years of experience will better your understanding of what to look for, the way the numbers game is played, and increase your winning percentage.

Free College Football Moneyline Picks Betting Strategy

Home Dogs

Only six of the 24 biggest upsets in college football history were won by the home teams, including 45-point underdog Howard shocking UNLV, 43-40. That's because most of the largest point spreads go against visiting teams. I'm referring to home underdogs around 14 points or less. Those dogs are in abundance on the college football card every Saturday.

Home field can provide so many extra incentives in a college football game, from homecoming weekend, retiring the number of a former star, raising a championship banner from the previous season, to a packed stadium with a fired-up fan base. Those things go beyond statistics providing a spark that can help lift home underdogs to an inspired performance - and a moneyline winning ticket.

Undervalued Chalk

"Chalk" refers to the betting favorite. A college football team can a 4-point favorite on the point spread and minus-175 on the moneyline. If money pours in on the underdog to win the game, the books may have to adjust the moneyline-favorite lowing the odds to minus-155 or -145, for instance.

Instead of betting the favorite to cover 4 points, you could get a better price by taking them just to win the game. Opportunities like that are common on marquee TV games, such as rivalry weekend, a battle of Top 25 teams, or the college football playoffs.

Not Just Any Other Game

Over the course of a 12-game regular season, NCAA college football teams are going to play a handful of games that are far more significant than most of the others. Rivalry games mean a lot to both teams - and usually more to the home team.

Sometimes revenge is a powerful motivator with coaches circling games on the schedule months in advance after a bad beating from last season. Other times, teams can have a so-so start but are going up against an undefeated team. They're often an underdog, but can play their most intense game of the season trying to get a feather in their caps knocking off an undefeated squad, particularly is it's a conference rival.

Some teams play a few national TV games scheduled on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday night. That will bring national recognition and, if it's at home, create extra excitement for the fan base presenting wagering value on the moneyline underdog.

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