One time I went through potential sides of upcoming postseason college football matchup with a longtime Vegas oddsmaker. After we projected our numbers, I asked him what the totals would be. He replied, "I don't do totals." Of course, he actually did analyze and adjust Over/Under odds at his sportsbook having been in the business for decades.

The point is, he didn't like doing totals, didn't have a feel for it, and even after all these years still found it difficult. Over/Under bets are great for serious bettors, doubling the possibility of finding wagering value on every football game.

If you believe the posted side is an accurate reflection of the game, pass and move on to the total. And with line movement always in play, Over/Under odds can offer more value with college football picks plus open another window into where the real CFB public betting money is going.

Why Use Free College Football Over/Under Picks

Assessing totals uses the same basic statistics as trying to gauge which team may cover the point spread side. These include offensive production, quarterback play, run defense stats, and power ratings. Analyzing Over/Unders adds more pieces to college football handicapping study.

  1. Does the offense score the same amount of points at home as on the road?
  2. What type of playing surface, and is this game indoors?
  3. What style of play does the coaching staff run: conservative ball control, or spread the field and attack?

Looking at College Football Over/Under selections each week from a professional bettor will help you see new wagering angles/insights and the reasons behind them.

Betting Value in Free College Football Over/Under Picks

The easiest identifiable line movement in football hovers around college football totals. NCAA College Football Over/Under numbers can move - a lot. There are a lot of professional bettors (sharps or Wise Guys) who find more value in totals than sides and will move big money on an Over/Under number.

Because the public prefers betting sides, a lot of sharp money pouring in on a total is going to move the number quickly, sometimes significantly. In addition, many times the oddsmakers have the side nailed but there's far more value in the total because of the weather, quarterback injuries, matchups, or situational factors.

Wunderdog Free College Football Over/Under Picks

I've been successful in the industry for over two decades. I spend the week analyzing CFB matchups, gathering data, plus watching and understanding large and small line movements. It's easier to find line variance from my projected totals to the actual betting numbers.

So when I release Over/Under picks, you're receiving the play and the reasons why. You'll also be getting the early jump on any line movement. It's common for a college football total I release at UNDER 64 to move to 61 or 60 by kickoff. Those 3 or 4 extra points can be a huge edge on the oddsmakers, such as turning a profitable season into a very profitable season.

Free College Football Over/Under Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free College Football Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • Contributes to building your sports handicapping knowledge base
  • No money lost while receiving valuable information and college football picks from an expert
  • Opens your eyes to the vital Over/Under line movement by Wise Guys

Free College Football Over/Under Picks Cons:

  • You might not be getting free selections from someone with a winning track record
  • Too much data, info, and picks could overwhelm and perplex novice bettors
  • Do not parlay free Over/Under picks unless instructed by the service expert

Premium College Football Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • Pro players are betting these same totals
  • Totals can move a lot, so it gives you the early jump on the best line available
  • Premium picks should come with concrete analysis and clear reasoning

Premium College Football Over/Under Picks Cons:

  • Know the won/lost records of the website before vital time and money is spent
  • If your service advises 40% of your bankroll on an overhyped play, that's incorrect money management
  • Be wary of excessive picks on TV games (Monday, Thursday, Friday). Not every game possesses wagering value

How To Win With Free College Football Over/Under Picks

Winning in sports betting is a step-by-step process that you can learn. Accumulate and sift through information on teams and upcoming games, check home/road differentials, factor in the weather and venue, then assess the matchups on the field. Come up with your own side and total, see what the actual odds are, then take a second look to figure out why your number differs from the oddsmakers.

There are plenty of times when the oddsmaker is seeing things you missed - but there are times when your numbers and mine will be more accurate. Those are the games we put money on. And adding different opinions, including free picks, increases the chances of finding the softest numbers to attack.

Free College Football Over/Under Picks Betting Strategy

Quarterback Play

Most NCAA college quarterbacks won't be good enough to play in the NFL, even as a backup. When assessing Over/Under wagers, the quarterback is a great place to start. Examining the completion percentage and touchdown to interception ratio gives a good idea about his capabilities and the style of offense that the team plays. Pass-heavy teams are ones that give an edge to forecasting high-scoring games OVER the total.

Passing teams can move quickly up and down the field. Even incomplete passes are a plus in that it stops the clock. By contrast, mobile quarterbacks who lead their team in running often have few TD passes. This is the mark of a ball-control, run-oriented team which is a plus when looking at low-scoring games UNDER.

Line Movement

The sharps move fast on totals, often six days before the game kicks off. It's common to find Over/Unders moving 2, 3, or 4 points from the opening number. That's a sign a lot of bettors are backing it including the Wise Guys. Over/Under movement is common on Thursday or Friday TV battles when there are only a couple of games on the board.

But pay more attention when you see totals move a lot on the stacked NCAA Saturday college football card. With 30 games to choose from, the oddsmakers are adjusting a few totals by quite a few points - that's a sign the sharp bettors have moved in.

Run Defense

Keep tabs on the best run defenses in the nation, teams that can stuff the run or hold opponents to just 3.0 yards per carry for instance. When teams have talent on the D-line, that leaves more flexibility to do other things, such as drop 7 guys into the secondary or mix in more blitzes to disrupt the offense.

Those defenses can be tough to score on, so there's likely a correlation to the amount of points they allow. This is how to search for UNDER opportunities. Teams like that playing in lousy weather conditions or when matched up against an offense that prefers to run because their QB can't throw well.

Free College Football Over/Under Picks Subscription

I assess a multitude of factors on the field and at the betting window to identify soft College Football totals. You can get that insight via a regular subscription service of my picks delivered right to you. It will help hone your handicapping skills by taking a second look at a game that I'm on.

These releases are from a documented pro with 20+ years of cashing more winning tickets than losing ones. That's the name of the game, that's what you want to do, and I can show you how.

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