College football underdogs differ from the NFL in that they can be HUGE underdogs by 3, 4, or 5 touchdowns. That equates to numbers that look like +20, +28, or +34.

You almost never see that in pro football, where just about every season you'll find a handful of +16 or +17 dogs. There are many reasons for this. NFL teams only play each other, while NCAA college football teams from the high-end conferences (SEC, Big 10) will face teams from smaller conferences like the MAC, Conference USA, or even Division 2.

In addition, the talent level in the pros is comparable among all the teams, which isn't nearly the case in college. But the basic handicapping rules to identify still apply.

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Why Use Free College Football Underdog Picks

While the average bettor prefers favorites, underdogs are the favorites of professional bettors. Many times a matchup says it's a dead-even game, but the school with the bigger name or a better overall record will be made the favorite. Or, a mediocre team as an underdog with an excellent quarterback has a great chance to keep his team in it all the way.

Compiling a list of free underdog picks will provide you professional insight into teams that have undervalued QBs or coaches who get their teams to hang in there regularly even as a double-digit dog. But lining up the right info is the first step and free college football picks should be one of those first steps.

Betting Value in Free College Football Underdog Picks

Underdogs provide wagering value in several ways. If the dog wins the game, you win. Or if they lose but cover the point spread, you win. With public money often building up on favorites, especially on Thursday and Friday nights with so few games available, oddsmakers have to move the line higher so underdog bettors can pick up a few extra valuable points.

Professionals have power ratings to help gauge what the true odds should be, something the average bettor doesn't. When picks are released, actual odds to the projected odds often play a key factor in helping handicappers decide the right side.

Wunderdog Free College Football Underdog Picks

I know all about power ratings and lining up the important information to assess the lines correctly. One of the best types of bets is on "live dogs". A live underdog is one that is getting points from the oddsmakers but has multiple reasons that put forth a competitive effort and keep the game close.

Some examples are rivalry underdogs, situations such as a "let-down" spot for the favorite, or matchup angles where a dog has a very good QB/offensive line that can control the ball and the clock. Most bettors don't know what it means when a line moves. It can be very revealing...or it can be nothing at all.
I understand the reasons why and they're explained in my Free College Football Underdog Picks - along with a lot more valuable college football betting insight.

Free College Football Underdog Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free College Football Underdog Picks Pros:

  • Adds another layer to deepen your understanding of winning sports handicapping
  • Valuable info at no cost
  • Getting a list of free underdog picks gives you the chance to see what live dogs the pros are on without risk

Free College Football Underdog Picks Cons:

  • Not all websites provide plays from documented winning industry experts
  • Only parlay free underdog picks if the handicapping pro advises with the reasons for doing so
  • Too much information and picks can overwhelm newcomers

Premium College Football Underdog Picks Pros:

  • Key information that isn't widely available may apply directly to the underdog
  • The top releases on the card with multiple angles, reasons, and wagering value attached
  • Live dogs are the backbone of many bettors that win consistently

Premium College Football Underdog Picks Cons:

  • You're wasting time and money if the handicapper's background and track record aren't provided
  • No reasons why provided
  • You need to rack up more wins than losses since you're paying for the premium selections

How To Win With Free College Football Underdog Picks

Your goal is simple: to win money on a consistent basis while watching NCAA college football, something you did anyway even when you weren't wagering. You can with the same type of strategy used in the stock market: know your product, disciplined money management, and know when to buy in based on the right opening number.

Getting free College Football Underdog Picks is one piece of the building process to finding the right information and the winning numbers.

Free College Football Underdog Picks Betting Strategy

Situational Handicapping

This is when a team has advantages on the field because of a unique situation off the field. One would be if a college football team is coming home from a humiliating blowout loss on the road. The situation has shifted in their favor being home and embarrassed.

Other factors could be they're a decent team that simply had a bad game, or they're sitting at .500 and are highly motivated to avoid a losing season with a bowl game within sight. A handful of NCAA college football teams are picked for national TV broadcast other than Saturday, such as Thursday and Friday night.

Those games can be huge events around campus with players and the fan base sky high. Home underdogs on a Friday national TV broadcast, for instance, could see this as their biggest game of the season. Second-ranked Oklahoma State ran into that one year, losing 37-31 at Iowa State on Friday night. The Cyclones were a 27-point home underdog to the 10-0 Cowboys.

Underappreciated Underdogs

Just because a college football team has a mediocre or bad record doesn't always mean that they're bad. Sometimes the schedule works against them, especially when small conference schools have a challenging September schedule.

They may be 1-3 in the standings, but they could have NFL talent, a strong quarterback, or a talented defense that keeps them in games. Squads like that with losing records are going to continue to be the underdog but can provide excellent betting opportunities.

Last Home Game

College football home games can have more significance during the season, such as a rivalry tilt, a home game before or after a mid-season road trip, or the final home contest of the regular campaign.

One season, Georgia Tech came home from a two-game road trip, losing both. The Yellow Jackets were 4-4 and a home dog to Virginia Tech but won the game, 28-22. A home dog can have a high-level player at QB, or a coach who has a history of acquiring NFL-caliber talent that performs well when stepping up.

Texas Tech ended one season at home as a 25-point underdog to Baylor but gave the Bears all they could handle in a 48-46 thriller. A young Red Raider QB named Patrick Mahomes set a Big 12 freshman passing record with 598 yards!

Free College Football Underdog Picks Subscription

You can receive my plays through a regular subscription service at no cost. This allows you the option to compare my selections with yours, then you can dig deeper into the ones we disagree on or ones that I've identified but you've overlooked.

Taking a second look at games will build more layers to your handicapping prowess. My releases also have analysis and essential money management grading attached. In the high-stakes world of 11-to-10, one of the best bets is to have a documented expert in your corner.

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