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If you are looking to find free NHL picks or score predictions, then you have come to the right place. I am one of the few sports handicappers that can say I specialize in delivering NHL picks because betting on hockey is still not extremely popular.

The NHL is one of the most exciting leagues in the world, but yet it continues to lack in popularity. Just because the sport is not as popular does not mean that there aren’t still some terrific betting opportunities available.

I love making NHL picks, and I guarantee that you won’t regret following my lead when it comes to betting on the NHL. Hockey is an unpredictable sport, but I’ve spent 20 years in the sports betting industry, and I am able to get around all of that.

Some days I will score many victories and deliver a hat-trick, while other days, my picks might require a shootout to be correct. I’m not going to be able to give a winning NHL pick every single matchup, but my success rate speaks for itself. 

I spend my days studying the latest NHL odds and breaking down each matchup before putting together a winning set of picks. Many sites might claim to deliver NHL expert picks, but none of them have won as many bets as I have.

Successful NHL Expert Picks

They say that hockey is the fastest game on two legs. But in order to be successful at a high level, you need more than just fast legs. You need a keen eye, a strong mind and you need to be tough - to take one on the chin and keep playing.

These are three key attributes that make up my successful NHL picks. I have an extremely keen eye for detail. I can spot trends and situations like a hawk to deliver the highest success rate on the NHL ice. Making successful hockey NHL picks is tough. The season is a long one, and it can be a grind. That's why you need someone tough making the calls to get the most out of the long season. I am bulldog tough and (hence my mascot) and I won't be bullied by a losing call. I am disciplined to stay the course and release quality premium and free hockey picks all season long.

My NHL score predictions know the difference between winning and losing

In addition to my hockey betting picks, I provide a staggering amount of information including power ratings, in-depth sports betting articles, as well as how-to guides on how to play all facets of hockey wagering. That includes how to play the over/under (totals), the moneyline and puckline. There's a huge difference in each way to play and simply knowing the difference could be the difference between winning and losing.

My NHL odds are knowledgeable and formulated

Within those types of NHL picks are the keys to winning more hockey picks. For example, how much thought have you given to coaching in the NHL? None? Well, how about the importance of good goaltending? What about all-important intangibles in the NHL? I take all of those things into considerations when formulating my opinions - I leave no stone un-turned. I have the knowledge and the discipline to get the job done. So if you have been looking for the best resource to win more hockey games and pay less to the books, your search is over.

Skillful NHL Expert Picks

I am a man of many talents, and delivering NHL picks and parlays are just a small part of what makes me the best sports betting handicapper in the industry. I haven’t always been this good, but spending more than 20 years looking at NHL odds has allowed me to perfect my craft and sharpen my skates.

No stone for successful NHL picks is left unturned

My NHL expert picks will come in many different forms, and I can make picks for many different betting types. The money line wager for NHL games is the most common, but I will deliver puck line NHL picks as well. 

Since the NHL is not as popular as some of the other leagues in the United States, many bettors seem to skip over it when looking for betting options. I don’t skip over any betting markets, and I definitely don’t miss out on a chance to deliver some winning NHL picks.

These NHL expert picks will all be backed by hours of research, and I will explain my picks for you as well. You simply don’t want to pass up this opportunity to get these winning NHL picks today and get on the winning side. 

Honest NHL Hockey Picks

Another benefit of joining Wunderdog Sports is that I keep it on the level. Where others will spout out outlandish claims, I report every win as well as every loss. That may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many handicappers out there that hide their losses like dirty little secrets.

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Now it's time to take the first step towards sustained success on the NHL ice. Get on board with Wunderdog Sports and start the process by signing up to receive my free NHL picks. We are confident that one look is all it will take for you to be convinced.

Clear, in-depth reports with each free hockey pick, a keen eye to find the best spots to play, and the toughness to stay the course over a long season to get the job done. That adds up to the Wunderdog being your man and No. resource for winning on the NHL ice!