Free NHL Over/Under Picks

If you're not sure about the favorite or the NHL underdog in a hockey game when making your NHL picks, don't move on until you've taken a look at the total. Hockey totals are that number next to the side in the 5 to 6 range. That's the Over/Under for total goals scored by both teams in the game. An NHL total of 5.5 means the oddsmakers are anticipating around a 3-2 or 4-2 final. A total's bettor wages OVER or UNDER 5.5. If the total is 6 and the games ended 4-2, it's a "push" meaning there are no winners or losers and you'd get your money back.

Why Use Free NHL Hockey Over/Under Picks

If you find you're not very good at picking underdogs in baseball or hockey you may have to look more at totals. Since there are no point spreads in these sports, betting too many moneyline favorites is going to make it very difficult to grind out a profit. Two losses in a row of minus 150 favorites put you 3 units in the red, the kind of financial hole that's difficult to climb out of over the course of a long betting season. The answer can be found with NHL totals, which are around $110 to win $100 (or minus 110 on the wagering card). Handicapping totals is done by examining team strengths and weaknesses, such as goal scoring, overall defense, and goalie save percentages, then making an assessment of the final score based on the posted total.

Betting Value in Free NHL Over/Under Picks

NHL play styles factor into identifying totals starting with the head coach. Some coaches preach all-out defense, demanding forwards and centers hustle back to protect their own end and even asking players to dive to disrupt attempted shots. These teams can have very strong defensive stats but are weak on offense. A consequence can be a lot of low-scoring 2-1 or 3-1 games, so a team is worth a look UNDER the total. In addition, NHL line movement on totals gives insight into which way the Vegas Wise Guys are betting. Examine the betting totals carefully when you are looking at NHL consensus data and you'll see numbers such as "6.5 -130 OVER +120 UNDER" or "OVER 6 -110, UNDER 6 +100). The minus-130 OVER 6.5 means that oddsmakers are asking you to pay a higher price if you like the game OVER. That indicates they have too much money on the OVER, a sign that the sharp bettors see a very high-scoring game. "UNDER 6 +100" means even money on the UNDER, which means you lay $100 on the UNDER to win $100. That also means the books have more money on the OVER and are providing extra incentives on bettors to wager on the UNDER. If your analysis suggests a low-scoring game, you're picking up extra value money with the UNDER at +100 or even +120.

Wunderdog Free NHL Hockey Over/Under Picks

As a betting pro who has been winning regularly for over two decades, I keep tabs on all the necessary daily hockey news and how it relates to sides, totals, and puck lines. When it comes to totals, I digest the situations, NHL computer matchups, injuries, and line movement. My selections can be based on one key piece of data or multiple facets of information. You can't learn how to assess betting totals in a classroom, but you can get better at picking winners by absorbing the ins and outs of hockey handicapping. And one way to improve your game is by reading the free NHL Hockey Over/Under picks I release on a daily basis.

Free NHL Hockey Over/Under Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NHL Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • Adds more layers of handicapping insight to your game
  • Totals are overlooked by most bettors but shouldn't be
  • Understanding line movement on totals reveals wagering advantages

Free NHL Over/Under PicksCons:

  • Don't rush in to bet totals until you're comfortable understanding why
  • Don't parlay hockey totals unless advised by a pro
  • Free NHL totals aren't helpful unless you know the person has a proven winning track record

Premium NHL Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • There's often more value in NHL totals than sides
  • Premium selections must come with detailed reasons explaining the edges
  • Pro handicappers are wagering on these same totals

Premium NHL Picks Cons:

  • Limited or no analysis means limited effort put into them
  • Totals from an undocumented capper can pile up more losses than wins
  • Steer clear of handicappers who force plays on TV games - not every NHL total has wagering value

How To Win Free NHL Hockey Over/Under Picks

Winning on hockey totals begins with understanding how to examine and assess them and then gathering the necessary information from a multitude of reliable sources, including NHL daily free picks. Hockey totals and prop team totals can deliver some of the best betting edges on the card. It takes years of study to hone your sports betting skills, but experts will isolate and wager on undervalued totals to increase their betting bankroll - and you can, too.

Free NHL Hockey Over/Under Picks Betting Strategy

Team Defense

How much attention a team pays to defense starts with the head coach. Some coaches preach a physical game, bringing in a few muckers who love fighting for the puck in the corner and who are not afraid to use their bodies on defense. Not all NHL players throw their bodies on the ice when a slapshot is about to be unleashed as it's going to be painful. Some coaches demand it or they trade away players that don't fit their defensive system and bring in tougher players who will. Team defense is about coaching, discipline, and hustle. You can see it when watching games as well as in the stats with goals and shots on goal allowed. In one recent season, the Kings, Canucks, and Rangers were Top 10 in goals given up. Los Angeles was also third in shots on goal allowed, while the Rangers and Canucks were Top 10 in save percentage. The Rangers/Kings mets twice that season with final scores of 3-2 and 3-1, while the Kings/Canucks met three times with scores of 3-2, 2-1, and 4-0. Those teams focused on defense, were very good at it, and when they matched up scoring was hard to come by.

Hockey Tempo

Some coaches prefer a slower offensive tempo demanding that their forwards and centers hustle back to help out on defense. Others prefer a speed-oriented offensive style looking to attack the zone at every opportunity. Sometimes this is simply their style, while other times the head coach sees that the strength of the team is several fast-skating sharpshooters and he builds the tempo around them. When Florida led the NHL in scoring with 4.11 goals per game, the team defense was in the middle of the pack in goals surrendered and save percentage as they preferred to attack on offense. Florida ended up 44-29 OVER the total. That same season, Tampa Bay was loaded with great depth and speed with a similar style finishing at 45-30 OVER the total - one of those a 9-3 loss to the uptempo Florida Panthers!

Home/Road Goaltending

The quality of a goaltender is essential when it comes to team defense. Most NHL teams utilize two goalies so it's important to categorize and assess a team's No. 1 goalie and the backup. Examining the home/road splits gives an indication of how consistent a goaltender is. In one recent campaign, Tampa Bay's No. 1 goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy had a 2.77 goals against average on the road but was significantly better at home with a 2.23 average along with a .921 save percentage. Meanwhile, the team's backup goalie, who started 19 games, was undefeated at home but was just 5-4 on the road with a 2.50 goals against average. The betting odds aren't going to adjust that much based on the goalie, but it's essential as a bettor to see if there are significant differences in the home/road performance of each goaltender when making tonight's NHL picks. And remember that roughly 24% of NHL games are decided in overtime with shootouts.

Free NHL Hockey Over/Under Picks Subscription

I examine a multitude of factors on the ice and at the betting window in the search of wagering advantages. I've been successful at beating those odds for over two decades with a detailed database and an experienced eye for numbers, angles, and game-day information. You can get access to all that insight via a free subscription service delivered right to you. We will work together to increase your hockey handicapping knowledge - along with your betting bankroll!