If you are looking for some information about free NFL picks and parlays, then you have come to the right place. You aren’t going to find simply a list of NFL parlay picks here, but you will find all the information needed to become successful with NFL parlays betting.

I have spent more than 20 years in the sports handicapping industry, and I like to consider myself an expert when it comes to betting on the NFL. I deliver winning picks and parlays for the NFL to all of my customers, and I also provide sound betting advice that can help you become successful in this industry. 

What is an NFL Parlay?

An NFL parlay is a type of bet that requires you to add multiple bets into one much larger wager.

The reason for making an NFL parlay is that there is a potential for a monster payout on the other end. The reason that some bettors tend to stay away from making NFL parlay picks is that the odds of winning that bet are extremely low. 

A parlay wager includes at least two legs, and all of the legs have to win for the parlay to be successful. And with NFL betting already being extremely tough to predict, adding extra legs onto the same wager only increases the difficulty. 


NFL Parlay Picks Strategy

I’m not going to make your NFL parlay bets for you each week, but I will provide you with some NFL parlay betting strategies to help you out.  Again, I caution that making NFL parlay bets adds to the degree of difficulty.

Before you hit the “submit” button on any wager, here are some strategies to keep in mind and use going forward. 

Limit Your NFL Parlay Picks

The most important word to remember when making NFL parlay picks is restraint. 

The goal of any bet is to win some money, and the best way to do this is to limit the number of legs that you include in your parlay. If you only see three bets that you like that week, you should only include three legs in your parlay.

I will do my best to provide you with free parlay picks for the NFL, but that does not mean that you should combine them all into the same parlay. 

Do Plenty Of Research 

Make sure you do plenty of research especially if you plan on betting NFL parlays. Check out the NFL consensus information, social media and other informative websites before you build out your parlay.

By spending time and researching each of your picks with multiple sources this will give you the best opportunity to win your parlay.

Use Multiple Betting Options With NFL Parlay Picks

Another strategy that will help you become successful when betting NFL parlays is to focus on multiple betting options. Betting against the spread is my specialty when making picks, but there are some other terrific betting options available as well. 

I would take a close look at adding some over/unders or moneyline bets into your parlay as well, as that will give you more betting options to fill your parlay bet slip. 

Use a Smaller Unit

If you are going to make an NFL parlay bet, then I would highly suggest using a smaller betting unit. Normally, I recommend using the same unit for all of your bets, but there is just too much risk involved.

When I deliver picks, I always outline how many units should be used for each bet. Since I am not actually making any complete free NFL picks and parlays, the final decision is ultimately up to you. 

Same Game NFL Parlays

As the sports betting industry continues to grow, one of the newest betting options being offered is what is called the Same Game NFL parlay. This bet works the same as a traditional parlay, but all of the legs must be from the same game.

Typically, you are not able to make multiple wagers from the same market and combine them into the same parlay, but this new system changes everything. The same game parlay allows you to put all of your focus and attention into just one matchup, which increases your odds slightly.

I do not specifically deliver same game parlay NFL picks, but I do take a look at some of the available options based on the situation. 

Wunderdog NFL Parlay Picks

While you can find a ton of information on NFL parlay picks on Wunderdog.com, you are still going to have to do some work if you plan on making NFL parlays on your own. 

If you are going to win some NFL Parlays, then I would highly suggest signing up for my NFL picks today. I do all of the necessary research for you, and you can simply focus on building up your parlay. 


Can you make a profit betting NFL Parlays?

Yes, I believe that you can make a serious profit betting NFL parlays, but only if it is done with an abundance of caution. Sports betting, in general, is extremely difficult, but I do all that I can to make life easier for my customers by doing the necessary research and crunching the data to come up with the best winning parlay.

If you are planning on making a profit betting NFL parlays, then you need to follow the tips that I have outlined above. You can’t become successful by simply visiting a sportsbook and making a bunch of random bets. 

Signing up for my NFL picks is the first step to being successful, but you also need to be smart about what you are including. 

Can I combine betting options in my NFL Parlay?

Absolutely you can combine parlay bettting options.

Spread betting is the most popular betting option, but throwing in a money line or totals bet is usually a good play as well. 

Is there a limit to the number of legs?

Technically, NFL parlays are any wager that has at least two bets included, but most bettors consider three legs as the minimum. You can get a nice payout on a three-leg parlay, especially if you are throwing an underdog in the mix.

Remember that I specialize in finding value in NFL parlays that I deliver, and that can help you with choosing the right picks for your parlay.

It’s worth remembering that most sportsbooks will set a limit on the number of legs that you can include in a parlay.

What happens if only one leg loses?

When you are betting NFL parlays, you must win all of the legs for this to be a successful bet. Some online sportsbooks have actually made this process a little bit easier by offering what is known as parlay insurance. 

This parlay insurance usually refunds your NFL parlay wager if all but one of your legs is successful. This still is extremely hard to hit all but one of the legs, but it’s a nice cushion to take advantage of. 

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