Free NHL Moneyline Picks

NHL moneylines are simply picking the winner of the game. No point spreads or pushes, just win and you're in. An example of a hockey Moneyline favorite can be a home team listed at minus-140, meaning you bet $140 to win $100. The visiting NHL underdog on that same game might be listed at +115, meaning you put down $100 and cash $115 is the dog pulls the upset. There are several levels of handicapping to consider to pick the winner which I'll dig into. One is the actual game, such as who has the matchup edges on the ice, scheduling situations, or injuries. The others are financial, such as identifying any wagering value along with weekly money management.

Why Use Free NHL Hockey Moneyline Picks

In order to end up with a profit at the end of a season each bettor needs a game plan which includes know where the NHL public is betting. That plan encompasses knowledge, discipline, recognizing when to wager, and knowing when to pass on a game. Betting the moneyline is a staple of handicapping hockey and baseball as there are no point spreads. It begins with studying pregame information, interpreting team stats, watching line movement, assessing any potential line value along with following NHL computer picks can provide great value. Reading up on free selections each day adds to your insight on handicapping fundamentals and winning edges.

Betting Value in Free NHL Moneyline Picks

Mathematically, betting too many moneyline NHL hockey pick favorites doesn't cut it. A hockey team that is a three-dollar favorite (minus 300) requires risking three times what you want to win. One loss and it requires three straight wins just to break even at that price - and if you slip up just once you're further in the red. If you doubt this, try it first on paper. Make a list of big favorites you think should win while risking imaginary Monopoly money. After a few weeks, you'll notice it's not as easy as it looks and you'll probably be digging out of an imaginary hole. NHL underdogs provide better value over the long haul. In addition, line shopping is essential. Here's a real-life example on one NHL game at four different sports books: the favorite was -145, -150, -145, and -148, while the underdog on the same game was +125, +140, +125, and +130. Depending on whether you like the favorite or the dog, the various choices offer less risk with your money and a maximum return.

Wunderdog Free NHL Hockey Moneyline Picks

My job is to find the best odds to attack after examining game-day information, studying line movement, and analyzing on the ice matchups. Winning at sports betting is not about luck. It's a step-by-step process to put the odds in your favor to get the best chances at cashing winning tickets. You can access my 20+ years of expertise with free daily NHL picks that I'm playing, along with the reasons why.

Free NHL Hockey Moneyline Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NHL Moneyline Picks Pros:

  • Saves you hours of time and effort with someone else doing the fact-finding work
  • Growing your handicapping insight right from the desk of a professional bettor
  • When the wise guys see money pouring in it can make a moneyline play the far more attractive wager

Free NHL Moneyline Picks Cons:

  • Too many sides, NHL totals, and hockey moneyline can overwhelm novice bettors
  • A successful pro bettor shouldn't be giving out many moneyline favorites
  • Avoid tilting, which means panicking and chasing lost money. It's gone, so look forward not backward

Premium NHL Picks Pros:

  • Expands your critical thinking to the numerous wagering options
  • Correlated moneyline parlays will increase your bankroll
  • NHL premium picks must be accompanied by a detailed analysis

Premium NHL Picks Cons:

  • Going beyond your bankroll limits will spell trouble at some point
  • The complexities and pressure of betting may detract from your sports enjoyment
  • A website that hides won/lost records will cast doubt or mistrust of their product

How To Win With Free NHL Moneyline Picks

You get a leg up on the average bettor and the oddsmakers by analyzing as much information as possible. It's also a good idea to make a case for both sides when examining games to keep you thinking on an even keel. Professional bettors rarely conclude, "This team should win by 3 goals. Let me pound it!" There are always reasons for teams to go on hot or cold streaks. Perhaps the coach has made lineup changes and the offense is suddenly clicking, or a good team is beset by multiple injuries and in a cold spell. Sifting through data and expert opinions helps you focus on the best NHL moneyline selections along with the reasons why.

Free NHL Hockey Moneyline Picks Betting Strategy

Line Movement

NHL odds move all the time, sometimes because of injuries, but most often because more one-way action is coming in. When you see a moneyline favorite of a minus-130 jump to minus-150, the favorite is getting more action. If you like the favorite but haven't wagered yet, you've lost betting value. "Reverse line movement" is even more informative. This is when the total number of bets is high one wager but the oddsmakers are shifting the odds in the opposite direction. For instance, if 80% of the individual bets are on a favorite and it moves from minus-130 to minus-150, that means the sportsbook is getting more money on the favorite, a common correlation. However, if 80% of the bets are on the favorite, but that favorite moves from minus-130 to minus-115, that tells you where big money is moving. It would mean that 80% of the bets are small ones but a handful of large bets are on the underdog. That reveals that some big players like the underdog a lot - and that's a signal to take a second look at the game. You may have missed something that a few sharp players didn't.

Dog Defensive Demons

NHL underdogs that play great defense can be an effective wagering strategy. For example, in one recent season, the Winnipeg Jets were 7 games over .500 and failed to make the playoffs. Yet, they were Top 10 in the NHL defensively in save percentage and shutouts. They didn't play that well on the road but were 23-15-3 at home. That included wins over Minnesota (2-0 and 6-3) as +135 and +115 underdogs, a 7-4 victory over Tampa Bay as a +150 dog, and a 4-1 win over eventual Stanley Cup champion Colorado at +170. After opening the campaign with three straight home games, Winnipeg played nine of the next 12 at home and went 9-3. A strong defense can help keep teams in games all the way, which is a significant advantage if you're backing an NHL underdog or a short favorite.

Moneyline Shop Till You Drop

The most successful bettors search for line variance on games they want to back. It helps to have multiple betting accounts to lock in the best number. You often find the same underdog at +125, +130, and +133 at three different books. You have to spread your funds around to multiple books rather than put it all on one and wager less on games. But the combination of patience and prudent money management is smart wagering. Over the course of a week or a season, getting the best numbers adds up.

Free NHL Hockey Moneyline Picks Subscription

I understand what hockey information warrants merit towards the Vegas numbers and what data to cast adrift. I've spent over two decades studying, watching, and winning in the competitive world of sports wagering. A daily check of my free NHL moneyline selections contains the essentials of what you need to improve your game. It will develop your handicapping prowess to make you a better bettor!