Sports betting point spreads garner a lot of attention on television, in publications, and with electronic media. But point spreads aren't the only way to wager. In fact, baseball and hockey don't even have point spreads. They have moneylines, such as minus-150 on the favorite or +140 on the underdog. That means all you're betting on is who wins the game. In that example, you could back a WNBA favorite at -150, laying $150 to win $100. If you back the underdog on the moneyline, you can lay $50 or $100 to win $70 or $140, respectively. Since there are no ties in WNBA basketball, there is no point spread push when you wager on the moneyline - you either win or lose.

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Why Use Free WNBA Moneyline Picks

There are multiple ways to wager on every game. To decide which is the best way, it begins with carefully analyzing the stats, matchups, and situations. Examine the home versus road play of the two teams, plus the offensive and defense strengths. Are any situations relevant? Situations would be things like a team on a three-game road trek, a team in a let-down spot after an emotional victory or overtime battle, a pivotal game for positioning in the standings, a rivalry, or a revenge matchup. You gather the data, then assess what the projected final score might be. Reading free newsletters such as WNBA picks is one piece of the handicapping puzzle.

Betting Value in Free NBA Moneyline Picks

Point spreads take the most action, followed by WNBA totals. If the sportsbook gets too much money on the point spread favorite, the line can shift, such as from -4 to -6. The smart wagering value could then shift to the moneyline. That would be possible if there's less line movement or your matchup calculations give the favorite a solid chance of winning the game by 1-to-6 points. Rather than deal with the point spread, the moneyline can offer better value. If you've identified an underdog that matches up evenly and is capable of winning the game, you can wager on the point spread and the moneyline on two separate bets. This is a very live double-winning punch if the dog pulls the surprise - and surprises happen all the time in WNBA basketball.

Wunderdog Free WNBA Moneyline Picks

Winning in the WNBA, as in all sports handicapping, is about investing the time in studying the league, the teams, the stats and situations, along with the daily odds. Professional oddsmakers admit that they don't put as much time into the WNBA, so there are plenty of advantages for savvy bettors. Moneyline picks from my personal service will help you learn more about WNBA basketball and identify the right way to wager. I'm constantly gathering information, quantifying the most essential data, and calculating the potential final score. These are plays that I release to my clients and ones that I'm personally wagering on.

Free WNBA Moneyline Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free WNBA Moneyline Picks Pros:

  • Insight into key WNBA betting stats and matchups
  • Builds your knowledge base and in sports wagering, knowledge is power
  • Information and picks without spending a dime

Free WNBA Moneyline Picks Cons:

  • No information supporting the pick
  • No handicapper track records or documented winning percentages
  • Overreliance on betting trends

Premium WNBA Moneyline Picks Pros:

  • Since the oddsmakers pay less attention to the WNBA, serious bettors do
  • Graded top releases from experts who know how to beat the books
  • Utilizing correlated moneylines, such as the underdog on the moneyline + the point spread

Premium WNBA Moneyline Picks Cons:

  • Stress or confusion with a sport that's low on the national popularity chart
  • Paid picks won't help your bankroll if you're short on fiscal discipline
  • Spending your hard-earned revenue twice: On the paid picks, plus backing those selections

How To Win With Free WNBA Moneyline Picks

Like a miner panning for gold, you can strike gold wagering on sports by patiently spending time knowing WNBA teams, stats, matchups, and situations and then assessing whether the posted lines are accurate or off. Odds that are off by even one or two points have value - and there are plenty of days with numbers that deviate even more. Getting insight into WNBA moneyline selections from an established betting professional gives you an even bigger edge.

Free WNBA Moneyline Picks Betting Strategy

Moneyline Movement

One of the many sports betting axioms is "to bet against the public." The average bettor isn't that knowledgeable or sophisticated, so when the average Joe is all over a game, they're often on the wrong side. With moneylines, however, the opposite applies. That's because moneylines get far fewer action than sides or totals. If a moneyline is adjusted, it's mainly because sharp professional bettors are putting money on it. That would apply even more so for a sport like WNBA basketball, which has far less interest than football, basketball, or baseball. The Average Joe bets with his heart, but the pros bet with their head.

Point Spread/Moneyline Split

Home underdogs are worth a second look. A team playing at home has so many potential subtle edges, such as a short trip to the stadium and a comfort zone practicing in their own venue. They're also more rested, as visiting teams are in hotel rooms, taking buses to games, on airline flights, and even changing time zones. So if you've identified a WNBA team that is a live home underdog, it's worth considering the point spread and a small wager on the moneyline. In one recent season, Atlanta lost all four games on a road trip then came home as a +4 underdog to Dallas while working on four days of rest. A bettor could put $110 on Atlanta at +4 as well as $25 on the moneyline at +140. A split is still possible for a positive payout if Atlanta loses the game but covers, while a straight-up victory produces a double payday. In that example, Atlanta won the game, 80-75, in a strong situational handicapping spot for the home dog.

Situational Handicapping

There are all kinds of situations on the court that handicappers can assess and take advantage of. In that Dallas/Atlanta example, Dallas had just finished a five-game homestand and was working on one day of rest. They'd also lost three of their last four on the road. Atlanta was well-rested and was happy to be home after a long trek. Other situations are rivalry or revenge games and let-down spots. If a team wins a big rivalry game at home, for instance, they could be in an emotional let-down spot in the next game, particularly if it's on the road. If a good team usually wins at home but fails to cover often as they've overvalued on their home court, the moneyline could be the better wagering option. And, of course, home underdogs are always worth closer inspection as home court can contain so many subtle advantages even with weak teams.

Free WNBA Moneyline Picks Subscription

The keys to identifying the top moneyline opportunities are information and betting experience. My selections come with detailed analysis and proper money management, the latter an important component in successful, long-term sports wagering that most services overlook. Loading up a large chunk of your betting bankroll on one game simply because you like it a lot is a no-no. You may get away with it a few times but that kind of thinking is going to be detrimental over the long haul. Many games that seemingly "can't lose" do. There is wagering value all over the board in totals, parlays, props, point spreads, and moneyline plays. Signing up for my WNBA moneyline picks on a free subscription service will help you better understand who, why, and how much to bet.

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