Totals, or Over/Under Picks, are an often overlooked aspect of sports betting for casual bettors. This is the total amount of points scored by both teams in one game. A typical WNBA total will be around 160, so the oddsmakers have calculated that the final score should be around 82-78. They factor in both points scored and points allowed by each team, including a look at the home versus road offensive and defensive numbers. Some teams click offensively at home very well but can struggle to score on the road. But Over/Under picks are not a gimmick. They should be given as much weight in handicapping as the point spread as many times there's more value in the total than with the favorite or underdog.

Why Use Free WNBA Over/Under Picks

Many bettors learn over time that they have a better feel or track record for Over/Under picks, so it's worth understanding the mechanics of betting totals. This is where digging deep into WNBA consensus stats pays dividends. A WNBA basketball team may average 79 points per game, but how do they do it? Each team will have different offensive strengths and weaknesses along with their style of play. Some teams pound the basketball into the low post to a start inside player, while others are more backcourt-oriented. Others rely on the 3-pointer, which can go hot or cold from game to game, while others take and make a lot more free throws than their opponents. This is how handicapping matchups come into play with totals. If a team is overly reliant on one player, that team could have trouble scoring if the opponent has a defensive stopper or plays outstanding team defense. Those strengths, weaknesses, and matchups change every game, which is why utilizing free WNBA picks helps you to understand gameday matchups while streamlining the relevant betting information.

Betting Value in Free WNBA Basketball Over/Under Picks

Professional bettors, also known as "sharps" or "wise guys", hit totals often which is where significant line movement is visible. That's more so than with sides, which casual bettors are more apt to be playing. A WNBA side may move 2-3 points, but Over/Unders can jump 6-7 points. That's a sign that serious money has been placed by a few sharps on the Over/Under. Identifying these money moves and jumping in early on the remaining soft lines provides wagering value before other oddsmakers have caught up. In addition, with less action going on the WNBA than in other sports, there are plenty of opportunities all season long to find excellent matchups, home-court advantages, undervalued WNBA underdogs, and WNBA situational betting spots.

Wunderdog Free WNBA Over/Under Picks

As a serious professional bettor who has been winning regularly for over two decades, I keep close tabs on all the daily WNBA basketball news and how it relates to upcoming sides, Over/Unders, moneylines, and team totals. WNBA computer matchups are the meat for winning with totals. A coach that demands tough defense from everyone, or a team with one or two defensive stoppers, is likely to bring that defense with them every game. There will be many matchups favoring teams as they're able to exploit opponents with one-dimensional or suspect offenses with a likely lower-scoring final result than is reflected in the WNBA odds. One of many ways to improve your WNBA basketball handicapping prowess is by digesting the Over/Under picks I release on a daily basis.

Free WNBA Over/Under Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free WNBA Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • Totals are overlooked by many bettors, which is a mistake
  • Valuable wagering insight on totals at no cost
  • Adds layers to your handicapping understanding

Free WNBA Over/Under Picks Cons:

  • Bet at a pace and a bankroll you are comfortable with
  • Line movement can shift significantly with totals
  • Don't parlay WNBA totals unless advised by a professional

Premium WNBA Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • There's often more value in WNBA basketball totals than in sides
  • Top releases should have multiple reasons and offensive/defensive betting angles attached
  • The pros are also backing the top plays with their own greenbacks

Premium NHL Picks Cons

  • Letting your emotions get in the way with your own money on the line
  • WNBA totals from undocumented handicappers can end up delivering more defeats than spread covers
  • Bothersome salesman and never-ending phone calls or texts

How To Win with Free WNBA Over/Under Picks

You win in sports wagering by knowing what you're doing and by gathering and sifting through the essential data. You gather the right information from a variety of sources, including free picks. With less attention from fans and the media, WBA Over/Under picks can offer some of the best wagering edges on the card. It takes time and careful study to hone your handicapping skills, but successful sports handicappers can isolate and undervalued WNBA totals to fatten up their betting bankroll.

Free WNBA Over/Under Picks Betting Strategy

WNBA Styles of Play

When examining totals, in addition to overall stats, don't forget to consider the head coaches. Some coaches preach an uptempo game. Their philosophy might be to fast break often because the team's strength is in the backcourt, or they may build their roster around team defense while bringing in one or two standout defensive stoppers. When Las Vegas won the NBA title, they led the league in scoring with over 90 points per game pushing the tempo and wearing opponents down with depth. They also started 15-7-2 Over the total. The Chicago Sky won an NBA title with a coach who had a long history of teaching and demanding great defense. They ended one season on an 8-2 run Under the total, then began the next campaign 5-1 Under. It was no accident, as intense defense starts at the top.

Home/Road Breakdowns

Most basketball teams in college, the NBA, or the WNBA have better home marks than on the road - and many have huge disparities. Players get comfortable in a shooting rhythm practicing so often on their home court, used to the surroundings and the lighting. But on the road, it's a different venue with fans rooting against them. It's essential from a handicapping perspective to break down their home/road stats when analyzing game-day matches. A team that just won three in a row, all at home, might be getting too much respect from oddsmakers if the next game is on the road. Especially if they are a weak road team. In one recent season, Seattle was 13-5 straight up at home but a .500 road team. They whipped Dallas and Indiana at home then played five of the next six on the road. The Storm looked like a very different team going 1-4 SU, 1-3-1 ATS in those five road contests. Even the defense can suffer. Seattle had a stretch playing 11 of 16 road games and went 9-2 Over the total in those 11 road contests.

WNBA Team Totals

In addition to the Over/Under posted on a game for how many points both teams combine to score, some sports books offer individual team totals. For instance, you could find Seattle's total points for a game at Over/Under 74.5 points. You can wager Over or Under that number for that one specific team, so it doesn't matter what their opponent does. If a WNBA basketball team is on a long road trip, it's a good situational stretch to anticipate a series of poor offensive performances. Teams and players can get worn down on long trips with all the plane trips, staying in different hotels, and changing time zones. Connecticut averaged 85.8 points in one season, but in their final two three-game road trips that season, the Sun failed to top their season average in any of the games, including poor offensive shooting nights scoring 71, 64, 68, and 73 points.

Free WNBA Over/Under Picks Subscription

Covering numbers is about streamlining the key handicapping data and how that calculates to the posted betting odds. When putting your own money down on a game, you need to be prepared and confident. I've been besting the oddsmakers for over two decades by zoning in on the most important details along with an experienced eye for the weakest lines. You can get access to that expertise, too, via a free WNBA Over/Under picks subscription service. We'll work side by side to inflate your handicapping insight...along with your bankroll.

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