Monday night football is always an exciting time for football fans, and trying to make the right picks can add even more excitement to the game. But finding reliable Monday night NFL picks can be tricky, with so many sites offering their own predictions including NFL consensus picks.

It can be tempting to trust any site offering free Monday night picks, but these may not always have the best track record. That's why it's important to do your own research and take into account factors like team statistics and injuries before making your picks.

And don't forget about Sunday night football! This prime time game should also factor into your decision-making process when it comes to picking Monday night games.

Overall, take the time to make informed choices rather than relying on free NFL picks from uncertain sources. Your end result will likely be a much more successful – and enjoyable football experience. Monday Night Madness! Monday may be a downer as the start of the work week but it's wonderful during football season for millions of fans and bettors as it's the capper on an exciting football weekend. Live televised sporting events account for 90% of the most watched U.S. broadcasts and Monday Night Football has been an event since it debuted in 1970.

Casinos and sportsbooks love it, too: with only one game on the card, betting handles increase for stand-alone games. This is where wagering money management needs to be emphasized. When the unsophisticated bettor has a bad Sunday losing money, they can get anxious and look to win it all back on Monday night. But that's a fool's thinking. Each game has a 50% chance to win or lose against the spread, so it makes no sense to wager a lot more simply trying to recoup your lost revenue.

My Monday night NFL computer picks are now up!

Why Use Free Monday Night Football Picks

Wagering on Monday night should be approached the same way as a full NFL card on Sunday. Acquire information, sift through it, examine the opening line, assess any early line movement, then make a play or pass. Getting Monday Night Football picks from a betting pro helps keep you informed and can point you in a wagering direction you might not have thought of. After all, the sports books are in business NOT to give money away. You have to find it and earn it.

Betting Value in Free Monday Night Football Picks

On Sunday, there are so many NFL games and odds to examine that there will be multiple soft lines and wagering value. Monday night is different: One game on the card, one side, one total. This is where situations. A team with a quality coaching staff can utilize that extra day of preparation for a slight edge. And slight edges can have enormous betting value when a final score is hovering around the line. In addition, a team that hasn't had many national TV appearances or is having a rough season can look like a Super Bowl contender in a rare opportunity with the whole country watching. One season, a first-place Dallas Cowboy team was at Buffalo facing a Bills squad with a losing record. But the NFL underdog Bills led most of the way covering easily in a 25-24 Dallas win on a 53-yard field goal as time expired.

Wunderdog Free Monday Night Football Picks

I weigh all the data to find where the wagering value is, even when there's only one game on the card. It might not be in the side or total, either, as there are plenty of NFL prop bets and team totals posted. My releases will come with the reasons why explained to you can absorb what goes into handicapping a contest. You don't even have to wager if you choose not to, but simply getting and reading prime selections will aid your quest to become a better bettor. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't win betting sports. My documented track record proves it's possible with the right information and approach.

Free Monday Night Football Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NFL MNF Picks Pros:

  • Insight into why teams can react very different situationally and emotionally in stand-alone TV games
  • Information provided adds to the growth of your sports handicapping acumen
  • Expands your understanding inside the edges with props, team totals, and other wagering options

Free NFL MNF Picks Cons:

  • You might not know the background of who the "pro" capper is
  • Masking winning/losing track records weakens confidence in the selections
  • With only one game on the board, some services will force a side and total on every MNF contest

Premium MNF Picks Pros:

  • Pro bets and team totals released reveal the handicapper looks for all the available edges
  • A reliable source is doing all the time-saving legwork on your behalf
  • Should explain the proper money management for this game and during the week

Premium NFL MNF Picks Cons:

  • Too much emphasis on wagering trends with less attention paid to matchups, situations, and line movement
  • Beware if the service recommends you double-up on MNF after too many Sunday losses
  • Selections without descriptive reasons why may cast doubt on whether the handicapper is looking everywhere for the best numbers

How To Win With Free Monday Night Football Picks

Winning in all sports requires accumulating information and assessing it against the oddsmaker numbers. Monday night football brings additional elements to that puzzle, such as emotion, the fan base, extra prep time, or if a team hasn't played on national TV in a long while. And when there is only one game on the board, shopping around for the best odds is essential. The difference between 2-, 3, and 3- can mean the difference between a win, push, or loss. At the end of the football weekend - and the end of the football season - maximizing wins is essential to expand your profit margin.

Monday Night Football Betting Strategy


National TV showdowns where the whole country is watching just one game can bring surprises, such as a struggling team playing unusually well. Underdogs, particularly at home, can put out their best efforts of the season on Monday night. In one famous MNF performance, the New York Jets were down 30-7 but refused to quit at home scoring 30 points in the fourth to eventually win in overtime against rival Miami, 40–37. Those Dolphins did something similar a year later at home, rallying late to beat rival New England as a home dog, 29-28. Even ugly dogs can be worth a second look on MNF.


The oddsmakers can have the Monday Night side and total set fairly well, so be sure and look carefully at the many proposition wagers offered. Matchups come into play with props. A team may be averaging 23 points per game, but if they're facing a suspect secondary, there might be excellent wagering value in them going over 23.5 or 24 points. The same is true for individual player props with running backs primed to have a better-than-average night against weak run defenses, or QBs going OVER the passing yards prop number. If the oddsmakers are putting numbers up, it's always worth the time to at least take a look.

Statement Games

Teams playing on Monday Night off of an embarrassing loss or struggling teams may have far more incentive for a big effort on a national TV showdown. Some teams haven't been featured on Monday Night for a while and may want to make this a "Statement game" with the whole country watching. The Indianapolis Colts didn't play on Monday Night Football for several years. The first time in franchise history they did, they crushed Denver, 55-23. One year, the New Orleans Saints didn't play any home games because of Hurricane Katrina. The following season they played their first home game in over a year and it happened to be on Monday Night football. In a battle of 2-0 teams, the Saints won and covered easily, 23-3.

Free Monday Night Football Picks Subscription

One has to take into account extra handicapping angles and potential incentives for marquee Monday Night games. In addition, one has to look beyond sides and totals to unearth wagering advantages. I've been successful at winning and covering for over two decades. My selections come with the creative in-depth analysis of a seasoned professional handicapper. My insight can upgrade your daily handicapping skills and assist you in the search for the best winning edges. Jump on board via a subscription service if you want to improve your game and beat the oddsmakers on a consistent basis!


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