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423,665 Sports Bettors Choose Wunderdog for Sports Picks.

I'm Geoff, aka the Wunderdog. As your expert professional sports handicapper, I do all the critical legwork, so you don't have to.

With over 23 years of sports betting experience and a keen understanding of statistics and human behavior, I make picks that help you win more—picks I feel so confident in, I back them all with a 100% guarantee.

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With over 23 years of handicapping experience, 77,036 picks published, and over 4.3 million picks sold, I’ll help you win more. Your friends will envy your betting strategy.
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I document all of my past picks, offer a Golden Guarantee on any purchased picks, and deliver free premium picks daily so you can see how I roll.
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Access my vault of resources to help you win, live support 365 days per year, and dedicated support staff. Our service hits it out of the park.

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One of a Kind

“Thank you for your excellent picks and informative knowledge of sports! In this business... you are one of a kind!”

B.R. - Brunswick, MD

Life-Long Fan

“Dear Geoff, this coming July I will be 80 years young. I cannot tell you how much your free picks have meant to me all these years. To let you know, I bought a t-shirt from you & wear it proudly. When people ask about the shirt, I not only tell them where to purchase it, I clue them in as to how good your team is handicapping sports. A little publicity never hurts!! Warmest regards for the coming year 😃”

Mike "Mendel" Oakes

“You are the only and most honest gamer I have ever seen.  Thank you for all the winners you have given me over time. Since I only do Horses, I have to wait on your picks for Belmont-Preakness and all the great money makers... Thank you, Wunderdog. PS. I have been with you since the beginning. I am #49. ”

Linda Johnson

What a day!

“Went 12 for 12 at the sportsbook today with your Week 1 college picks, holy s#!t. What a day. Thank u Wunderdog. I even parlayed your MLB picks #degenerate and it paid, and hit FSU and the Over. What a day. ”

J. Cohen, Las Vegas, NV

Honesty: Second to None

Parker Smith - Jacksonville, FL

Detailed & Analytical

Dean G. - Santa Ana, CA

You get way more

J.W. Best - S. Illinois

Guaranteed Results

“You have made a believer out of me. With your help, I have gone from a losing season to a winning season since I enlisted your services. I am up over $1000 over the last two weeks! Not only that but since last week did not win, you are giving me a free week of premium picks. Fantastic! I will definitely be signing on for the full season next year. Thank you wunderdog.”

Ken Casey - Spartanburg, SC

One of the "honest" guys

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for being one of the few honest guys in the business. You don't win every time (but no one does) and I am truly impressed with your integrity.
If I buy some package from you and don't show a profit... I get another package free... no questions asked. People are 10x more likely to tell other people about their bad customer service experiences than their good ones. So thanks again for being a standup guy.”

Dale - Vancouver, Canada

A Sharp Shooter

“Your game insight and consistent success never ceases to amaze me. Some use the shotgun method, but you're more like a sharpshooter. Week in and week out, I can count on you to uncover good, solid opportunities. I'm also very impressed with your overall philosophy. In my humble opinion, you are right on! To Wunderdog's site visitors: This guy is (and has been) on to something. Two years in a row is no fluke. If you're looking for cream of the crop predictions, give Wunderdog a long hard look. His overall philosophy is right on, and his predictions prove it.”

Bruce D. - NFL Advantage

The Wunderdog Difference

“Hi Wunderdog Team! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the hard work that you all are doing. After seeing how on-point you guys have been since the start of the MLB season, I decided to purchase the remainder of the NBA and NHL seasons and I am so glad that I did. Since 4/28, across those three sports, you guys have saved me from losing $4,477 and instead have won me $7,805, a difference of $12,282!! I mean... wow!! It is no exaggeration to say that Wunderdog Sports has saved my sports wagering career because I was near the point where I would've been forced to quit due to too many losses. Thank you again, and I'll be an annual subscriber soon!”

Chris S. - Morrison, CO

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