Sunday Night NFL games began broadcasting in 1987 for TV revenue while tripling football viewership opportunities for fans. Prior to that, there were two Sunday viewing options: the early kickoffs followed by the late or West Coast games. Football junkies who wanted to watch more now had a third option available to make football picks on.

Since NFL games are so popular on TV, adding a prime-time game was guaranteed to get good to great ratings. It also provides casual bettors a chance to get action with another game on a stocked Sunday card. Looking to see which side the NFL betting public is backing for the Sunday night NFL game?

Why Use Free Sunday Night Football Picks

Network executives and schedule-makers prefer a choice NFL matchup for national broadcasts. This often means two teams with high-scoring offenses or star quarterbacks. If those teams have weak defenses, so what? High-scoring games bring more interest (and ratings) than a 12-6 battle of field goals.

A careful quarterback study comes into play when assessing whether a team can cover a betting number. A team is a very live NFL underdog if it has a capable veteran QB who is having a strong campaign. They might not win because of injuries, a soft defense, or they struggle on the road, but a very good quarterback can find ways to pick up yards, score points, and keep the game (and the point spread) close.

Getting a breakdown of the game via free football picks will bring that potentially valuable information to you.

Betting Value in Free Sunday Night Football Picks

Bettors should approach the Sunday night game the same as all the other matchups but with two additional advantages: hedging and props. Hedging refers to an opportunity to "hedge" some bet, usually a NFL parlay, so that you are guaranteed to win money regardless of the outcome. It can be even more advantageous if the line has moved in your favor giving you a chance to "middle" or win both bets.

The Sunday Night games differ from all the others on the card that day in that NFL prop bets are available. Many times there is no wagering value with the side and total on the Sunday Night game, but excellent value with one QB throwing over 1.5 TD passes or one team scoring OVER 24.5 points. The more numbers the oddsmakers put up, the more chances to zero in on any mathematical wagering value.

Wunderdog Free Sunday Night Football Picks

My job is about searching all the numbers for the best winning opportunities. The free selections I present to my clients have been examined and assessed all during the week from a deep database of stats, situations, matchups, and angles. They're dissected by some who have over two decades of experience taking advantage of the weakest odds to cash tickets on a regular basis. You can be part of my team to receive insight and winning releases with my free football picks. And at no charge, it's a win, win, win all-around for you.

Free Sunday Night Football Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NFL Sunday Night Football Pros:

  • Get free expert NFL game picks allows you to see who what wagers the pros are on without risking any of your money
  • Adds to your sports betting knowledge week to week one valuable piece at a time
  • The insiders examine and accumulate and assess a lot more relevant information than the average bettor

Free NFL Sunday Night Football Picks Cons:

  • May ignore all the prop bets released, which is a mistake as there is often better wagering value
  • With late games, lines and key information can change, sometimes significantly
  • Being asked to wager a higher percentage than on other contests

Premium NFL Sunday Night Football Picks Pros:

  • A variety of situations, matchups, and angles should mesh for the best releases
  • Insight into what the folks who make the numbers are looking at
  • Power ratings can be complicated to put together. Only experienced professionals and oddsmakers have the best insight with power numbers

Premium NFL Sunday Night Football Picks Cons:

  • You'll need to win at a higher percentage to justify the cost
  • You might not have access to who is making the selections and what their winning (or losing) percentage is
  • Proper money management is essential to cash at sports betting long term

How To Win With Free NFL Sunday Night Football Picks

You begin by looking at the Sunday night game with far more caution than all the earlier games. With only one game left on the NFL board, the unsophisticated bettor will think about forcing plays just to get action. Don't, if you want to end the season with a profit. Assess the matchups and side and total odds the way you approach all the other games.

If there's value, fire away. If not, focus on the prop and team totals that are also available, often buried underneath. Oddsmakers know that far more money is wagered on the side and total with TV games. So if their focus is there, look for better value where they're less focused, such as props, team totals, or moneyline.

Sunday Night Football Betting Strategy

Hedging and Middling

If you win the first game on a two-team parlay and the last game is on Sunday night, you can then wager on the other team. I don't recommend this regularly, but if some new information surfaces such as a slew of late scratches to key personnel, hedging provide bankroll value.

Or, if the line moves in your favor. If you got the game earlier at +7 and it has been bet down to +4, you can wager on the favorite at minus-4 with the opportunity to cash both bets: the parlay with the +7 and the favorite at minus-4 in a 23-20 final score, for instance. If you win both bets, which is difficult but not impossible, it's called "middling". It's all about opportunities and mathematical percentages.

Team Incentive

Players admit to scoreboard watching all the time if they're in a divisional race or with another conference opponent for playoff positioning. The whole team can get a significant boost if an early game goes in their favor. That can provide extra incentive as they take the field for the Sunday Night clash, especially if they're playing in front of their hometown fans. Don't underestimate motivation. It can be just as significant as stats and matchups - sometimes even more so when it comes to covering numbers.

Games and Player Props OVER the Total

TV executives love high-scoring football games. The NFL schedule-makers have to give as many teams as possible one marquee TV matchup but they also relish finding key divisional matchups, elite quarterbacks, and showdowns featuring high-scoring offensive attacks. Everyone around the nation got to see most of those Tom Brady/Peyton Manning clashes reserved for prime-time status.

Those final scores were not usually defensive affairs, either, including 44–13, 38-17, 38-34, 40-21, 38-34, 35-34, 31-28, 34-31, and 43-21. Elite QBs facing teams with suspect secondaries in prime time can not only mean at least one team scores a lot of points, but individual player props with QB touchdowns, QB passing yards, or wide receiver catches are worth a look at OVER the total.

Free Sunday Night Football Picks Subscription

Signing up for free football picks gets you the inside take on where the best wagering value is at no risk or cost. My selections come with a complete in-depth analysis of why one team will cover and where the line value is. It gives you the choice to wager or to simply read through the information that I've spent all week accumulating to improve your handicapping skills.

If the oddsmakers gave money away with lousy numbers they'd be out of business fast! They earn their money by knowing what they're doing, just as bettors have to earn their money by identifying winning situations, angles, matchups, and odds. The best bet is to have an established, documented professional in your corner.

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