Whether you're a seasoned sports bettor or a casual fan looking to add some excitement to the game, free NFL prop picks can be a valuable tool. These picks give predictions on player and team performances in specific categories, such as how many touchdowns a quarterback will throw or how many yards a wide receiver will gain.

While free NFL prop picks are not always 100% accurate, they can offer insight and help inform your decisions when making bets.

Additionally, keeping up with free NFL picks throughout the season can help you spot patterns and NFL public betting trends in player performances that can result in even bigger wins. So don't pass up on these free resources - incorporating them into your betting strategy could bring you one step closer to victory.

NFL proposition betting is a relatively new part of the sports wagering world. When the first Super Bowl was played in 1967, you could bet on the Packers at minus-14 or the Chiefs at +14. That was it. There was no total. No props. The first total came the next year.

Because of the popularity of Monday night football during the 1970s and Super Bowl viewers, oddsmakers put on their creative caps to come up with other things for bettors to wager on to increase the amount of action. At the 1986 Super Bowl, a prop bet "Will Refrigerator Perry score a Touchdown?" created excitement and interest.

Props quickly took off, exploding from a novelty to one of the most popular forms of betting. Props are generally 50/50 YES/NO wagers on teams or individual players. Will a QB throw OVER/UNDER 275 yards? Will the coin flip be heads or tails, YES/NO? Which QB will throw an Interception First? Will Team A score OVER/UNDER 29.5 points?

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Why Use Free NFL Prop Picks

With only one game being played on Monday or Thursday nights plus on Super NFL Sunday, and only a few games during the playoffs, props add to betting choices. And choices are great for consumers. Not only are props fun, but it opens the doors for softer numbers and wagering advantages. Getting free NFL Prop picks from professionals opens your eyes to advantages with odds that aren't always visible on the side or total. And on marquee TV games, it's a great way to expand wagering opportunities.

Betting Value in Free NFL Prop Picks

The oddsmakers often have a playoff game side and total nailed. But props expand the pool, especially on the Super Bowl when there are hundreds of prop bets available. If a playoff team is a 7-point home favorite, there might not be any wagering value. But if the quarterback of the home team is one of the best in the game, there could be value in him throwing for over 275 yards. That would be even more true if he's facing a secondary that has struggled all year against elite quarterbacks. Team Point Totals in cold weather is another. There will be props available on the total number of points scored by one team, such as 30.5 or 24.5 and you wager OVER or UNDER. It will be a high number if the game involves one of the elite NFL offenses. However, if they're facing an elite defense outdoors in the January cold, which is often the case in the playoffs, the great offense might not score as many points as their season average. After all, the playoffs are usually about QB play and defense - and the old football axiom is "Defense wins championships."

Wunderdog Free NFL Prop Picks

I don't bet on games for fun. I do it for profit. It's about weighing the data and recognizing where the wagering advantages lie. And with so few NFL games on Monday night or in the NFL postseason, there is endless betting value in taking a close look at all the props available. My winning experience encompasses over two decades of examining all the information and calculating the expected odds to the actual odds. A portion of the free NFL picks you receive from me will be NFL prop bets, so it only makes sense to take advantage to see what prop value I've discovered. It will help expand your mind to plays you may have overlooked, expand your sports handicapping knowledge, and expand your betting bankroll.

Free NFL Prop Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NFL Prop Picks Pros:

  • Focusing in on the best plays on the prop betting card
  • Betting on selected props is the best way to wager when there's just one side and total on a single or small number of games
  • Acquiring free picks means no money risked or lost

Free NFL Prop Picks Cons:

  • Too many props could overwhelm newcomers, especially if the reasons are not explained or unclear
  • Not every handicapper has sufficient prop expertise as they're not available every week or on every game
  • Too many props tied into the same angle can blow up if that angle goes the wrong way

Premium NFL Prop Picks Pros:

  • Expands your betting options
  • Time-saving as the professional is doing all the homework
  • Props should have detailed reasoning, clear data, and a higher winning percentage

Premium NFL Prop Picks Cons:

  • A lot of props have zero betting value, such as the coin toss or a score ending in odd or even numbers
  • Because you're paying for the props you must get an increased profit margin or you're destined to end up in the black
  • Only get involved with documented services and insist that they provide documented prop track records

How To Win With Free NFL Prop Picks

Beating any sports odds requires knowledge, patience, and putting the time in. Props were put in as a boon for the sportsbooks to increase action, but they're really a bigger boon for bettors. The more wagering choices, the higher chances of identifying soft lines and wagering value. The key is to know how to attack soft props, which have subtle differences from examining sides and totals. This is where the weather conditions and style of play factor in, such as frigid playing conditions, a QB who struggles against elite defenses, or a game plan that will be centered around the running game more than a passing attack. By signing up and analyzing free prop releases, you build your prop betting knowledge base to exploit the weakest numbers.

Free NFL Prop Picks Betting Strategy

QBs Facing a Great Run Defense

A basic prop edge is when a very reliable quarterback is facing a terrific run defense. It's going to be difficult to run the football on first down putting an offense into a lot of second-and-nine situations. That alone is going to force any QB to throw more. In addition, competent head coaches vary game plans each week depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. Facing a strong run defense, head coaches and offensive coordinators will spread the field and throw more, even on first down. Advantageous prop bets would be yardage by that QB OVER and total pass attempts OVER. Total passing TDs could also have value OVER 1.5 or 2, but when you start getting prop TD pass odds OVER 2.5 or 3 it's far more difficult.

Team to Score OVER/UNDER X Number of Points

In addition to individual players, how many points a team ends up with is also offered as a prop bet. If a team with a mediocre offense or a below-average QB is facing a terrific defense, it's likely they will end up getting more punts and field goals than touchdowns making the UNDER the lean. Or, if a one-dimensional offense (such as all-passing) is facing a team with a depleted or inferior secondary, the matchup implies the offense will bust out for more points than their season average making the OVER a better wager.

Rushing Yards Prop

Individual player props are common, such as how many catches a receiver will have or how many tackles will a star linebacker get. A prop number will be available for how many yards rushing running backs will accrue. The key to that prop is the style the offense will likely be in and the defense that they're facing. If a star running back is facing a suspect run defense he will probably run for more yards than his season average. In addition, if that running back is playing for the team that is favored, that suggests the chalk will get a lead in the game, perhaps a big lead. Teams that jump out to a sizeable lead will look to feed their star running back the football a lot, adding to the number of yards that back will pile up. Conversely, if a running back is facing a dominant defensive line, he'll likely struggle no matter how much of a star he is. Running back Jonathan Stewart ran for 989 yards (4.1 ypc) in helping Carolina to the Super Bowl, but against the great Denver defense he ran just 12 times for 29 yards (2.4 ypc) sliding way UNDER his prop betting number. That season, the Broncos had the third-best run defense in the NFL.

Free NFL Prop Picks Subscription

I'm on the lookout for any odds that vary significantly from my own numbers, including props. I incorporate stats, coaches, and styles of play into my handicapping packed in a voluminous database to decipher the best wagering edges. You can take advantage free of charge to acquire my daily selections through a regular subscription service. If there's little or no value with the side and total, a smart bettor scrutinizes all the props to see if the oddsmakers missed anything. And their mistakes mean money in our pockets.

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