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There's hockey action on the schedule which means there are winning wagering advantages dotting the betting card! NHL hockey has exciting action up and down the ice. Oddsmakers are forced to put up numbers on almost every game in all sports. And it's not just about assessing who's going to win the game. There are all kinds of creative NHL odds available, such as totals, props, and reverse NHL moneyline picks. There's even a grand salami for more experienced bettors, an Over/Under wager on how many total goals will be scored in all the hockey games.

Why Use Tonight's Free NHL Hockey Picks

Grand salami's notwithstanding, there are multiple winning edges and odds that are off - some by a significant amount. Many fans simply want a little betting action on games they're watching. These are the bettors the oddsmakers love and cater to. But there's a smaller subset of that group: folks whose goal is to increase their betting bankroll on an incremental basis. It's similar to investing in the stock market long term or day trading to win in the short term. And you don't just throw your money into stock trading without doing a little research on the market or the world economy. Similar rules apply in sports wagering and making your NHL picks. You gather information to assess what numbers are off and where the winning edges lie.

Betting Values Tonight in Free NHL Picks

Sportsbooks compile their odds based largely on stats. If the best team in the league is playing one of the worst, the better team is going to have significantly better all-around stats, such as scoring and save percentage. Stats are important but they're not everything when it comes to picking winners. Many other factors come into play, such as injuries, home ice, coaching, and even line movement. A successful handicapper understands these elements while gathering relevant game-day information. If a team is favored but winding up a grueling seven-game road trip, examine the betting number by following my free NHL consensus picks to see if it's accurate or overvalued. A rested home team in the role of an NHL underdog can offer significant value, especially if all season they've performed far better on home ice than on the road.

Wunderdog Tonight's Free NHL Hockey Picks

There are hockey betting basics to follow, like matchups and situations, along with identifying where the line value lies. Many games offer no value, so I move on after careful examination. But the ones that do are worthy of a play. I've been following hockey teams, line movement, and game-day information with a winning track record that stretches back over 20 years. I assess each team and all the matchups, along with an eye for recognizing the difference between sharp Wise Guy action and money coming in from the average Joe. You can have access to my daily insight to improve your sports wagering knowledge, compare my plays with yours, track the results, and bet or pass. No matter how you choose to utilize it, my NHL daily picks and information will improve your handicapping game. If you are not ready to make the leap to my premium NHL picks give my NHL computer picks a try they are 100% free.

Tonight's Free NHL Hockey Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NHL Picks Pros:

  • Gives you daily updates on all the teams
  • Insight into the various wagering possibilities
  • Streamlining key hockey data leads to a higher wagering winning percentage

Free NHL Picks Cons:

  • Too many betting angles and information can overwhelm newcomers
  • Be cautious of tout services that flaunt winners and bury losers
  • Handicapping that focuses too much on stats and ignores other essential wagering strategies

Premium NHL Picks Pros:

  • Established services can have access to key info that isn't widely accessible
  • An inside look at the other side of the wagering counter
  • Identifies the best value in wagering on the hockey card besides moneylines, such as totals, props, and team totals

Premium NHL Picks Cons:

  • Over an 82-game regular season, situational handicapping provides an outstanding to back live underdogs
  • Bet with your head and have control to avoid gambling self-destructive addictions
  • Plays from a mediocre (or worse) handicapper will crush your betting bankroll

How To Win With Tonight's Free NHL Hockey Picks

Wagering and winning in NHL hockey can be a long-term profitable experience - provided you come prepared with betting discipline, an understanding of the odds, and keep daily updates on the sport. Not being prepared will result in too many losses on the card as well as a loss of confidence in your handicapping skills. Acquiring information on your own, along with tonight's free NHL picks from seasoned professionals, is the first step to keeping your feet (and your betting bankroll) on the road to the winner's circle.

Tonight's Free NHL Hockey Picks Betting Strategy

Home Ice

Playing at home is more often than not an advantage in sports. Being in comfortable surroundings along with the hometown fans rooting for you are big benefits. Hockey actually has unique edges at home than in other sports. The home team gets the final change on substitutions made after a whistle. With coaches rolling three and four lines during the game, this provides a subtle advantage for good coaches to exploit potential NHL matchups. The home player also gets to put his stick down last in any face-off providing a slight edge to highly skilled players at winning face-offs. In addition, if the score is tied at the end of three periods, the home team gets to choose whether to shoot first or second in the shootout. In one recent campaign, the Dallas Stars were 27-10-4 at home, but 19-20-2 on the road. Most teams don't have that stark of a difference, but there are multiple advantages to hockey on home ice.


Hockey is a physical game with fast skating and fierce checking into the corners. Players can break down with injuries and miss a few games. Since coaches have several lines, adding new players can disrupt chemistry and production. Some teams can compensate with players who are flexible to jump from the second line to the first and mesh easily with their teammates. Other teams have a few talented players in the minors who can also fill in for short stretches. Teams lacking that kind of depth can see a quick drop-off in production. This is why it helps to read season previews while checking play and team information during the campaign. An NHL team can go on an 11-2-1 run and then have injuries that force a 1-5 slide. If you're a serious bettor, you want to know beforehand if a team's depth is being pressed.

Be Picky with Picks

Casual bettors have to have a play on a hockey game they're watching on television or by parlaying multiple games. Casual bettors also don't win very often, especially those obsessed with parlays. The smartest bettors are selective. There have to be reasons for each pick worth wagering on along with line value. The best plays have multiple reasons, such as a team dealing with injuries playing its third game in four nights against a team at home working on two days of rest. Naturally, not every game is going to have multiple reasons to back one team. And many games have no betting value, so just pass on it. Serious bettors want to know one thing at the end of each week or each season: Did I make more money than I lost?

Tonight's Free NHL Hockey Picks Subscription

I possess over two decades of winning at hockey by understanding the odds and examining on-ice matchups, daily data, and betting angles. It's all about organizing that data to identify the best numbers. There are many ways to find the advantages in the odds. Adding a daily dose of my NHL Hockey picks to your handicapping arsenal via a daily subscription service is one way to hone your betting skills. Watching hockey is enjoyable. Trying to assess the outcome of an NHL game is also fun. But the most enjoyable of all is when you're a real prophet for real profit!

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