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The average football bettors are known as "Joe Public." And you'll find Public Joe prefers backing the favorites and OVER the total. They lean toward the Sunday NFL favorites, certain that the team will blow out any inferior opponent, then root for high-scoring Monday night football games - often betting more after they lost on Sunday.

But underdogs are the favorite of the professional bettors, stacked with value while offering two ways to win: If the dog wins the game, or if they lose the game but cover the number. And NFL underdogs have a better chance of winning the game than in college football as the talent level between the best and worst pro teams isn't that stark.

Over the last two decades, we've seen a pair of seasons that set records with the most dogs winning the game with straight-up records of 106-161 and 105-162. Yes, NFL favorites not only don't always cover, but they lose the game far more often than you might think. Need help betting the games make sure to chech my NFL computer picks.

Looking to bet NFL underdog this weekend in the NFL? Find out where the NFL public betting trends are on your favorite teams and games

Why Use Free NFL Underdog Picks

Gathering a list of free underdog picks each week will enhance your knowledge of the challenging and intricate handicapping world. It will open a window for you into the minds (and ultimately bankrolls) of the professional bettor. The pros carefully analyze reams of data and situational spots when assessing what team will cover the Vegas number.

Lining up which underdogs stand out will aid your understanding of what the sharps are looking at and why. If you want to improve as a serious bettor, gathering and understanding are essential to improve your cognitive football handicapping skills.

Betting Value in Free NFL Underdog Picks

I've been winning regularly for over two decades and know what the oddsmakers are looking at and where Joe Public's attention is focused. I mentioned that the average bettor loves the favorites and OVER the total, as well as betting more after they've lost a few in a row. Those are two sports betting no-nos: betting too many favorites and chasing money you've already lost. Increasing your bankroll on a methodical, careful, incremental basis is key to winning consistently.

NFL underdogs in the right situation, such as at home or in a division rivalry game, can offer excellent wagering value. In addition, there are plenty of underdogs that are more than capable of winning the game, so a wager on the dog and a smaller wager on the moneyline for the same game can provide a powerful one-two bankroll building punch.

Wunderdog Free NFL Underdog Picks

I know all about careful and methodical analysis while betting the correct amount on each game. Underdogs provide extra value when lines move against them or when the average Joe fails to incorporate situational handicapping factors.

The free NFL underdog picks that I release have been studied on the field as well as for the mathematical edges at the Sports Book window. My extensive database and decades of knowledge will be behind every release.

Free NFL Underdog Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NFL Underdog Picks Pros:

  • Acquiring free underdog picks allows you to see which dogs are live without risking any money on the game or on seeing which dogs stand out. 
  • Getting the inside track on these releases allows you to delve further into the game, augmenting your betting knowledge brick by brick. As you build those layers, the better a bettor you will become.

Free NFL Underdog Picks Cons:

  • A website may lack a track record thin on reliable information and the ultimate bottom line: consistent winning. 
  • Who made the selection is not always clear. It's essential for you to know a handicapper's background. 
  • If the analysis is not included, buyer beware - even if they're free picks.

Premium NFL Underdog Picks Pros:

  • The Vegas Wise Guys and longtime professional bettors aren't shy about backing underdogs in the right spot. In many ways, live dogs are the backbone of bettors that win consistently. 
  • Multiple angles and oddsmaking advantages line up for the best plays.
  • Underdogs offer two ways to cash: versus the point spread or winning straight up.

Premium NFL Underdog Picks Cons:

  • You may fall into the trap of wagering more than normal on a graded play that could still go down. Careful money management and advice on how much to wager might not be attached to premium releases. 
  • Since you're paying for selections they will need to cash consistently at the betting window. 
  • Be cautious of too many selections released each day. Not every game has a winning value.

How To Win With Free NFL Underdog Picks

My selections come with a two-decade track record of consistently beating the books. You will be lining up games that you believe are worthy of wagering on. Comparing your selections with mine can help double the reasons to back a team, as well as unearthing information and angles on that game that you may have overlooked.

My reasons are baked into the analysis, meaning you have access to your own plays and those of a longtime professional.

Free NFL Underdog Picks Betting Strategy

Dogs Can Cover or Win the Contest

All NFL underdogs actually have a reasonable chance to win the game. The 2007 Philadelphia Eagles were a 24-point underdog to the Patriots, the biggest dog on an NFL game that didn't involve an expansion team. The Patriots trailed 28-24 in the fourth quarter before rallying for a 31-28 win.

Getting points with underdogs means you don't have to sweat a game like that. In addition, by backing the moneyline on underdogs with a smaller investment, you can win twice on the same game resulting in a big payday.

Home Underdogs

Almost all teams in all sports give a better effort at home than on the road. There are a variety of reasons for this. Some stadiums are louder than others giving the home teams a potential emotional edge.

Some teams are poorly coached and they aren't well prepared to perform on the road, but give a far better effort when the hometown fans are cheering them on. NFL teams can play a terrible game on the road, then come home the next week as an underdog and a totally different team seems to show up.

Oddsmakers and the public are overly influenced by the previous week's performance, offering excellent oddsmaking value on the home dog.

Emotional Situational Spots

Situational spots are a key ingredient in sports wagering. NFL coaches place extra incentive on winning divisional games. Since divisional opponents play twice a year the coaching staffs know the strengths and weaknesses better, which can result in revenge or rivalry situations. Some teams have games circled on the schedule weeks in advance wanting to knock off a good team, or revenging a playoff loss the previous year.

Other times a team is off an emotional game heading on the road to face a home team off a bye week. With two weeks to rest and prepare, a home underdog has multiple emotional and situational advantages that aren't reflected in the betting number.

Free NFL Underdog Picks Subscription

Signing up for free gives you access at no risk or cost. All my releases have analysis and money management grading attached. You can have access via a subscription to assess each play, improve your wagering skills, as well as boosting your bankroll. In the competitive Las Vegas world of 11-to-10, the smart bet is to have an established, documented professional in your corner.

Free NFL Playoff Picks Are you ready for some football? The NFL playoffs are upon us, and with it comes the chance to make (or break) your betting luck. While some may rely on their gut instinct or team loyalty, why not arm yourself with Wunderdog NFL playoff picks?

As a free service, our NFL playoff picks are based on years of data analysis and trend tracking. We consider everything from player injuries to previous performance against specific opponents.

So why leave your playoff bets up to chance? Trust in the numbers and snag free NFL playoff picks from Wunderdog. Your wallet (and bragging rights) will thank you. Football is king in the United States and the NFL Playoffs are an emotional roller coaster. All the knowledge bettors have built up over the long season comes into play.

There are matchups on the field that have to be assessed, home field advantages for one team, and coaches changing strategy during the week and as well as during the game. Even situational handicapping can come into the equation, such as a team playing two or three road games in a row against those off a bye. It's one of the most exciting times for fans and bettors as we count down to the unofficial national holiday known as Super Sunday.


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