Baseball proposition wagering is an overlooked part of sports betting. But if you want consistently increase your betting bankroll, a serious bettor should examine all the options available. Prop bets are offered on individual teams or players, such as: The Red Sox will get Over/Under 4.5 runs or the starting pitcher will get Over/Under 5.5 strikeouts. There are also non-game-related props on marquee sports days such as "Who Will Have More: New York Yankee Hits or Los Angeles Laker Offensive Rebounds?" Props require analysis and outside-the-box thinking, but some can offer the best wagering value of the day, leading to more wins with your MLB picks.

Why Use Free Baseball Prop Picks

There are games on the MLB betting card where some teams and players are more likely to perform worse or better than their seasonal averages. This can make props a better bet than trying to pick a favorite, underdog, or total winner. It requires shifting your thoughts from all the statistical and situational information you've been tabulating from game MLB matchups and considering MLB public consensus picks to individual players and teams. Professional bettors take their work seriously and accrue a lot of data. Those bettors have learned to examine all the numbers the oddsmakers put up, including daily props. Getting free information from those pros will add to the layers that improve your own handicapping skills.

Betting Value in Free MLB Prop Picks

Player props can reveal some top-notch wagering value. If a great base stealer is matched up against a weak defense with a catcher who has trouble throwing base runners out, he may be in a spot for a lot of runs, steals, and prop points. It applies to team pro odds, as well. If a team averages 4.0 runs per game but is facing the worst defensive team in the league with a below-average starter and a weak bullpen, they may be in for a better-than-usually offensive night. Or, a team might be very patient at the plate, with a strong on-base percentage drawing walks to clog the bases. If they're facing a starter or a staff that walks a lot of batters, they will have a lot more men in scoring position than they usually do, which could result in a big offensive game. In addition, since props don't draw a lot of action, sometimes the oddsmakers simply go with season averages and overlook matchups that favor a player. Those mistakes will be pounced upon only by the sharpest bettors who dissect each baseball favorite, dog, MLB total pick, and prop numbers posted.

Wunderdog Free Baseball Prop Picks

If oddsmakers are going to overlook a prop - or any other betting number - then I'm going to find it. My job for over 20 years has been to identify those line variations and turn them into profit. And my track record shows it. You can get those baseball selections each day that I find have wagering value. And best of all, it's at no cost. You can compare my selections with yours to expand your handicapping knowledge. Free information and prop picks to help you see the Vegas odds the way an established expert bettor does.

Free Baseball Prop Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free MLB Prop Picks Pros:

  • Increases your knowledge of individual players, stats, and streaks
  • A pro is digging deep into all the odds while you reap the benefits
  • Props expand the pool of winning wagering opportunities

Free MLB Prop Picks Cons:

  • May lack detailed reasoning for each prop
  • What person or group is picking the props? You might not be able to find out
  • Not all bettors or services have the knack for identifying winning prop edges

Premium MLB Prop Picks Pros:

  • Correct, disciplined money management is still attached to prop betting
  • Helps sharpen your handicapping critical thinking
  • Professional bettors will vary the top props, such as team totals and players

Premium MLB Prop Picks Cons:

  • Letting emotions get in the way
  • Prop past won/lost marks are hidden
  • Bothersome salesman and never-ending calls

How To Win With Free Baseball Prop Picks

The more numbers the oddsmakers put up the more chances to isolate the weakest ones. Props increase the workload but that's great for serious handicappers whose goal is to cash tickets. It's essential to put the time into evaluating the stats and matchups, then sift through the most relevant data that applies to the betting odds. And it helps to have the opinion of a trusted, documented pro bettor to isolate winning props along with comparing them to your own. Just like wagering value with totals, favorites, and MLB underdogs, there are multiple edges with propositions, too.

Free Baseball Prop Picks Betting Strategy

Matchup Mania

A lot of baseball prop handicapping is about matchups. Lefty/righty dynamics, bullpen quality and depth, and home/road breakdowns on individual players can find wide disparities. One star MLB outfielder had a season where his on-base percentage was the same at home as on the road (.340). Yet, he hit .308 against lefties for the season with a 374 on-base percentage, but just .255 against righties with a .327 OBP. Home/road mattered little if you were assessing how he might do on a specific prop, but there was a stark statistical difference when he was facing a lefty starter or a righty. That's the kind of in-depth handicapping that is necessary to gauge prop betting. Also, some teams aren't very good at getting on base, as their lineup is built to slug the baseball. They can crush teams with weak pitching, but wilt against those with quality arms that don't allow many walks or homers.

Head-to-Head Record

Some pitchers own certain teams. A lot of pitchers study videos and even break down the weak spots of individual players. Some players are high fastball hitters, so pitchers will throw low and stay away from serving up high heat. This stands out most in divisional matchups as the pitchers face teams in their own division far more than in non-divisional play. In one recent campaign, one of the best pitchers in the game who had an ERA of 2.16 struggled the most against Colorado, a divisional opponent, with an ERA of 3.91 in 25 innings. He also had great success against another divisional foe, the Giants, going 4-1 with a 0.90 ERA. Check how pitchers and hitters have fared against teams earlier in the season, as well as in the last few years. Some MLB betting trends can emerge that have clear reasons attached to them.

MLB Team Props

These props are based around a team, such as are the Dodgers going to score Over/Under 4.5 runs or get Over/Under 9.5 hits? They are common in the postseason and on select marquee matchups, such as Sunday Night Baseball. The venue is one important factor to handicap. Some teams can average 5 runs at home but around 3.5 on the road. Other times, the situation comes into play, such as a team winding up a long road trip. It's not uncommon for a team to struggle offensively while winding down a long stretch of the trip. The Yankees went on a four-game trip to Tampa Bay, a team with a deep pitching staff. They won the opener, 7-2, sailing OVER the total of 9. But in the final three games, New York scored 2, 1, and 2 runs with all three games - and the Yankees' team totals - falling way UNDER. And in their longest road trips that season, the Bronx Bombers scored 0, 3, 2, 3, and 0 runs in the final five games of a nine-game trek, then 2, 0, 1, and 2 runs in the last four games of a grueling 10-game trip, including heading to the West Coast for seven of them.

Free Baseball Prop Picks Subscription

Getting on board my free insight gives you access to winning props and information at no risk or cost. I put the effort in 'round-the-clock to identify the weakest prop numbers on the card, all available on a subscription service. Proposition wagering requires experience, a sharp eye, along with an understanding of the betting value and the odds. The bookmakers pay less attention to props, so the opportunities are there to maximize winning spots - and your betting bankroll.

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