College basketball tournament action is one of the most exhilarating times of the sports betting calendar. There are games to watch and wager on morning, noon, and night. There is conference tournament play adding such betting factors as rivalry and three-games-in-three-days.  Conference championships are decided, seeding for the Big Dance, who's in, who's out. Then we do it all over again as 64 teams fight it out on the way to the Final Four. The betting world is buzzing with nonstop action with sides, totals, cbb parlays, and endless props.  

Why Use Free College Basketball Tournament Picks

With so many games on the college card - and even far more betting options - you have to decide if you're wagering for fun or wagering to win. Those that are in it to turn a profit need to go through the handicapping basics: gathering up to date data and stats to assess the matchup. Then make an assessment on what the final score is likely to be be using your judgment or power ratings and compare with the actual odds. Reading up on free college Basketball tournament picks is one piece to this puzzle that will help you streamline the relevant information and which odds to attack.  

Betting Value in Free College Basketball Tournament Picks

Tournament underdogs are one of many ways to find value in the numbers. During the Big Dance, big-name schools are usually favored against programs from smaller conferences. But some of those small schools have future NBA talent or talented, hardworking starting five that is capable of hanging with anyone.  There's pressure on the big-name schools, as well, that are expected to have a deep tournament run and none on the unknowns. Just ask 18-point favorite Kentucky, which lost to No. 15-seed Saint Peter's, 85-79, in overtime. Defense and low-scoring games is another way to identify value with totals. Teams playing their third game in four days can be a little out of sync on the offensive end. Teams that meet up in the conference championship game usual play all-out defense when both are so close to cutting the net down while cementing a Big Dance invitation.  

Wunderdog Free College Basketball Tournament Picks

I'm in it to win it during the entire college basketball campaign. That means I'm primed for tourney time having studies teams, games, and getting lines all year. My sports picks are packed with information, carefully explaining the reasons why this is a play to put money on. It's not luck, but effort and expertise. I have over 20+ years of tournament insight and you can have access to it.  

Free NCAA Basketball Tournament Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free NCAA Basketball Tournament Picks Pros:

  • Lots of games means lots of winning prop options
  • No cost means more cash for that betting bankroll
  • College hoop handicapping changes from regular season, tournament play, to March Madness

Free NCAA Basketball Tournament Picks Cons:

  • No reasons provided for the pick
  • Line movement can cause confusion with new bettors
  • Be skeptical of services that fail to reveal tournament winners, losers, and pushes, the day after

Premium NCAA Basketball Tournament Pros:

  • Key information on games that someone else is digging up saves you time, stress, and effort
  • Elite handicappers will have various angles tied into the same pick
  • Should have a mixture of sides, totals, dogs, and props as the best value is all over the card

Premium NCAA Basketball Tournament Cons:

  • Can sap the fun you always got from following college tournament action
  • Forced picks on games because they're on TV or it's a Top 25 matchup
  • Prices should not be raised simply because it's March TV tournament time


How To Win With Free College Basketball Tournament Picks

College basketball season is a long intense handicapping grind with hundreds of games and betting options each week. But winning and turning a profit is very real, provided you know the teams, lines, and practice proper money management.  And on nights when there are few games during February tournament time and the Final Four weekend, it's essential to branch out and know how to find wagering value with props, moneylines, and team totals. Gathering the correct information and advice from a documented wagering is a sound place to star - especially if the information and picks are free.  

Free College Basketball Tournament Picks Betting Strategy

Tournament Dogs

Don't be intimidated just because the oddsmakers have made a marquee team a 17-point favorite in March against a school some people have never even heard of. They're calculating in the fact that more small bets are going to be coming in on the big-name schools.  And that's not just with sides, as the average March bettor is firing away on four-team parlays that have little chance to cash. Many of those big underdogs have more than a chance to hang in there. A small, overlooked school is often fired up to be playing in the Big Dance, or perhaps they're playing on national TV for the first time all season. The incentive for a strong effort is almost always present for tournament dogs.  The University of Maryland-Baltimore was recently a 20-point March underdog to Virginia and not only won the game but completely dominated in a 74-54 shocker. And don't forget Virginia was shorthanded playing without ACC Sixth Man of the Year De'Andre Hunter. Tournament underdogs cover and even win a lot more than you probably realize.  

Defensive Duels

Teams that have strong conference tournament runs or make it to the Big Dance usually play some good to great defense. Offense is about rhythm and touch, and it's not always there even with great shooters. But defense is something that teams in all spots can lean on all the time. It's also essential when the offense is hitting a rough patch.  All of this means that tournament action is a time to look at games going UNDER the total a bit more than going OVER. Keep that in mind, especially when teams are playing their third game in three days on the way to meeting up for the conference championship. Just winning the conference tournament is a big deal, but it guarantees a spot in March tournament play, another incentive to go all out defensively.   In one recent season, LSU was one of the best defensive teams in the nation allowing 38.6% field goal shooting. They only played one tournament game, losing 59-54 to Iowa State, and it had not trouble going UNDER the total of 129 points.  

Three Games, Three Days

Tournament time forces college basketball teams to deal with situations they haven't dealt with often or even at all. Many teams will be playing three games in three days, or even four games in four days. That adds a unique angle to sports handicapping. Examine the box scores to see if the team uses 2, 3 or 4 players off the bench.   And look closely to see whether those bench players are significant contributes with points and rebounds, or whether the coach is simply throwing bodies in just to give his starters a little rest. Teams with quality players off the pine or deep benches can have significant advantages when playing three games in three days, especially if one goes into overtime. Teams that lack a decent bench can wilt run out of gas at both ends of the court much quicker.  

Free College Basketball Tournament Picks Subscription

I have a lot of advantages in college basketball tournament action. I've been handicapping all season long and am very familiar with just about every team, plus I'm very familiar with all of the conferences, large and small. I've been assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, including the smaller schools that have NBA caliber talent. Betting trends are less important in March.   It's more about coaching history, matchups, depth, and defense requiring subtle adjustments to daily handicapping. In addition, proposition bets pop up each night and have to be examined in case there are better winning opportunities than sides or totals. Sign for my free College Basketball Tournament Picks on a subscription service to get the inside take on the best winning plays to help you watch and win with confidence.

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