College basketball games are some of the most popular sporting events in the United States, and it is also a huge betting market. College basketball picks and parlays are popular as well, as bettors seek to win big money by making one single wager. 

College basketball or CBB parlays are wagers that are made up of a bunch of individual bets. A parlay bet can be as few as two legs, or it can be as many as 12 to 15. Each sportsbook varies with the amount of CBB picks and parlays you can place, so it’s important to check before you bet.

The reason for making college basketball picks and parlays is the potential for a large payout, but it’s important to remember that this also comes with added risk. 

CBB Picks and Parlays Tips

If you are someone that is going to make picks and parlays for college basketball, then there are some things that you want to remember. This is not an easy bet to win, but trying out the tips below can give you a better chance to successfully win your bet

There are more CBB picks and parlay tips out there, but these are the top ones I have found during my 20-plus years within the sports betting industry

Keep Your Parlays Small

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating a parlay is to limit the number of legs that you include in that bet. I know that there is a temptation to see just how much money you can win, but you will be making bad betting decisions at that point.

Limiting a college basketball parlay will still give you a chance for a big payout, but it will also be easier to win. 

Be smart, show some restraint, and you will benefit. 

Use All Betting Options

Another thing to remember when looking to build the perfect CBB picks and parlays explore all available betting options. Spread betting is the most common bet placed on college basketball games, but there are other betting types available as well.

Most of my college basketball picks do come in the form of against the spread, but occasionally I offer parlays as well. Using multiple betting types and options will give you the best chance to win, and it could also increase your potential payout. 

Stay Away from Bets on Favorite Teams

If you have a favorite college basketball team, you should try to stay far away from that team when making a college basketball parlay bet. Betting on your favorite team is always dangerous, and this could ruin your parlay.

I always preach, “Bet with your mind, instead of your heart,” and this definitely applies to college basketball parlay betting. This may be one of the hardest things to do for some bettors but following this rule of thumb can prevent you from placing that losing parlay bet.

Leave your favorite team out of the parlay and just enjoy watching the game. 

Let Wunderdog Help You

The final tip that I have to share with you is to take some of the workload off of yourself and let me help you. There is a reason that I have enjoyed success as a sports handicapper, and that is because I know what it takes to win bets. Have a look at the past picks on my website to see how I’ve made predictions in the past.

Trying to make CBB picks and parlays can be a difficult task, but my daily picks will make things much easier for you. I’m not going to win my picks each day, but I will always try to steer you in the right direction and give you your best chance at winning!

Wunderdog College Basketball Picks and Parlays

I am someone that makes betting picks and predictions for a wide variety of sports, but college basketball is one of my specialties. My free picks and parlays for CBB are available to you if you sign up for an account, and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

There is a reason that bettors love to bet on college basketball, and that is because there is a great opportunity to win some money. Don’t just stay on the sidelines, but rather check into the game and let me give you the assist you need to score big.

There is no better time than the present to start making winning college basketball parlay picks.

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