In addition to all the games on the college basketball schedule, there are multiple ways to bet on contests than just point spreads. Totals, or Over/Under plays, are right alongside the spread just as eager to take action.

For instance, you might see Duke hosting North Carolina with the home team -4, 166. That means Duke is a 4-point favorite or you can wager on the total points scored in the game, Over or Under 166. Many times my power ratings will be the same as the posted side, but the total will be off by 9 points.

I'll then take a closer look to see why. I may end up passing on the side but the potential betting value ultimately ends up on the Over/Under.

Why Use Free NCAA Basketball Over/Under Picks

The oddsmakers aren't dummies. Either they end up grinding out a small profit or they risk losing their jobs. That means they need to put up good numbers to attract relatively equal action to limit risks and big losses. But they aren't perfect, either.

Calculations are off on many games and some are significantly so. That's where handicapping profit is made and you get there by accumulating information, deciphering the essentials, then putting money on the games where the variance is in your favor.

Reading up on all the information you can get your hands on makes you a better handicapper, including checking the opinions, info, and predictions in free NCAA Basketball Over/Under Picks.

Betting Value in Free NCAA Basketball Over/Under Picks

When a total varies from my expected number I look into the reasons why. Sometimes the oddsmakers have found something that I originally missed, such as a player being injured or a coaching move that's designed to improve the team's defense or offense.

That's why scouring for daily information is essential. Looking at box scores from recent games is important, as well, such as seeing if a poor shooting team is suddenly shooting very well. Maybe they're rebounding better because a 6-9 freshman has been inserted into the lineup, creating more offensive rebounds and high percentage shots.

Perhaps the coach has changed point guards. Or, maybe the team has been shooting better simply because they've been playing a string of bad defenses, so the offense really isn't much better as it appears. Identifying numbers that are off and the reasons that explain them are the way to identify wagering values that leads to winning picks.

Wunderdog Free NCAA Basketball Over/Under Picks

Line movement on college basketball totals shifts more than any other sports betting odds. Part of it is because there are 353 teams. That makes it difficult for the numbers men to keep up on every team, so sharp bettors are able to take advantage and buy into the better odds before they move.

As a betting professional who has been successful in the trade for over two decades, I keep up with all the essential gameday information. I study matchups, situations, injuries, coaching decisions, as well as line movement.

My picks can be because of one significant piece of information, or multiple pieces that favor one team or influence one total. You can be a daily part of what I uncover to wager or simply read up on what I've found to help build more layers to your handicapping prowess.

Free College Basketball Over/Under Picks vs. Premium Picks

Free College Basketball Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • Professional explanations on who is moving the Vegas odds and why
  • Valuable wagering insight for free
  • With 353 college teams, helps to organize and streamline the key data for you

Free College Basketball Over/Under PicksCons:

  • You may be unaware of who is making the selection. Maybe they're not a pro bettor
  • Do not tease NCAA college basketball totals even if advised
  • Bet at a pace and a bankroll you are comfortable with

Premium College Basketball Over/Under Picks Pros:

  • There's often more value in cbb props and team totals, especially in college basketball
  • Premium selections should have multiple angles and the reasons why
  • With line movement so prevalent with college totals, it provides great insight into what games and why

Premium Picks Cons:

  • Limited or no analysis means limited or no effort put into them
  • Up-to-date power ratings are essential for college totals and the pros have the best rankings
  • Plays from an undocumented handicapper can mean you lose often or break even

How To Win Free NCAA Basketball Over/Under Picks

You win by gathering data, picking out the most important elements, then applying that value to the actual odds. NCAA basketball totals and prop team totals provide some of the best wagering advantages all season.

Professional handicappers are able to isolate the overvalued teams and undervalued totals superior to the betting public. It takes years of study to develop that expertise but winning in sports wagering can be done.

Free College Basketball Over/Under Picks Betting Strategy


A coach determines whether a team is going to run his players uptempo or slow things down to focus more on defense. Some of the best defensive teams in college basketball have low-scoring offenses or players that aren't great shooters. Coaches teach and dictate what type of defense they'll ask from players, such as man-to-man, 1-3-1, a full-court press, or zone.

They will often mix things up in the middle of a game to try and upset the opponent's offensive rhythm. All of this can be applied and bear fruit when betting totals. If a terrific press team is facing an opponent with weak guard play or one that turns the ball over too often, you can anticipate at least one team struggling offensively.

Or, if two teams that prefer an attacking uptempo style are facing each other you can begin estimating what the final score will be. And it'll be high, especially if they have poor defensive stats, placing less focus and energy on defense. This is also an effective betting strategy for proposition wagering on team totals.

Crazy Line Movement

Line movement on totals is quick when betting college basketball as many sharp players prefer totals to sides. The line movement can be significant, too, moving far more than, say, NBA basketball or NFL totals. A good way to pick up on this and learn is to track the largest line movement on totals during the day, particularly on a full slate of Saturday NCAA college action.

You can identify what totals the professional Wise Guys are on. What's great about making college basketball picks is that there are so many games and totals. When totals move on teams from smaller conferences that don't have a national following, it's a sign that the pros have spotted a soft total and have moved a significant amount of one-way money action on it.

The totals that I release are going to be early in the day so my clients can lock in the better number, another way to maximize wins over losses and pushes.

Tournament Defense

There are two tournament times during the college basketball campaign: Conference Tournament play, followed by March Madness seeding (NIT, CBI, Big Dance). With more at stake during tournament action, many coaches will put more emphasis on defense.

This can result in lower-scoring tilts with teams facing elimination. In one recent season, North Texas was the top defensive team during the regular season. They got bounced in the Conference USA tournament by Louisiana Tech, 42-36, sailing way UNDER the total of 122. That same season, San Diego State was one of the top defensive teams in the nation.

In their opening round of the Mountain West Conference tournament, they topped Fresno State, 53-46, still going UNDER the low total of 113.5. They advanced to the MWC title game playing their third game in three days and lost to Boise State, 53-52, once again going far UNDER the total of 117.

Free College Basketball Over/Under Picks Subscription

Winning is about streamlining the essential handicapping information and how that calculates to the betting odds. I've been beating those odds for over two decades with an eye for numbers combined with a detailed database of angles, insight, and information. When you're putting real money down on a game you need to be confident and prepared.

You can do both by signing up for my Free NCAA Basketball Over/Under Picks on a subscription basis. It's a smart step to get armed with the right information. And even smarter to play alongside a documented pro who's been winning consistently for over two decades.

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