Most college basketball games are played at a frantic pace with young athletes running up and down the court for 40 minutes. It's also an intense time for bettors. With hundreds of college teams and dozens of conferences, it's a challenge to keep pace with all the teams, matchups, and odds. College basketball bettors are examining conference and non-conference tilts, long layoffs, and regular-season tournaments playing three games in three nights, ending in a hectic March stretch run. That's a challenge for the coaches, squads, and handicappers.

Why Use Free College Basketball Picks Against the Spread

Since information is the backbone of successfully identifying wagering opportunities, you can't have enough data. But it's also impossible to be an expert on every single team and matchup. The key is to streamline information on a daily basis, discarding immaterial points while zeroing in on a few essentials that correspond to the odds. And those odds aren't just with the favorite or the underdog. Oddsmakers are posting moneylines, totals, CBB props, and team totals. In the end, that's better for the bettor, though getting to the end takes time, patience, and effort.

Betting Value in Free College Basketball Picks Against the Spread

Reading and assessing as much information as one can is the starting point for every handicapper, from beginners to established experts. After digesting information and assessing the odds, it's time to hone in on betting value. If a home underdog is 1-8 on the road but 6-3 at home, that's a green light to take a closer look at why they're a home dog. Perhaps they shouldn't be. That home dog might have value - or even more value with a potential upset on the college basketball moneyline, wagering on them to win the game. Or, if a great defensive team usually has totals around 131, but the total has jumped to 143 on tonight's game, an astute handicapper sees potential value in the total.

Wunderdog Free College Basketball Picks Against the Spread

I can sniff out the best wagering value backed by over two decades of success in the competitive world of sports betting. There are lines on the board to bet and then there are the best lines to back. Some lines will differ by just a point or two while others are significantly off. Other times, the best college basketball bets are on the moneyline, the college basketball Over/Under, or with choice CBB parlays. I know the numbers inside and out supported by facts, experience, and careful analysis.

Free College Basketball Picks Against the Spread vs. Premium Picks

College Basketball Picks Against the Spread Pros:

  • Information geared toward bettors
  • Tips and angles you may not be familiar with
  • No stress with someone else putting in all the effort

College Basketball Picks Against the Spread Cons:

  • An overemphasis on parlays
  • Wild line swings happen, especially on college totals
  • Computer-generated selections can contain little or no information provided

Premium College Basketball Picks Against the Spread Pros:

  • The best bets the pros are backing
  • Backed by key information that is very difficult to find
  • Should have multiple reasons to support the top picks

Premium College Basketball Picks Against the Spread Cons:

  • A lack of sound money management advice
  • Does this "expert" have a documented, winning track record?
  • Too many favorites and underdogs while overlooking props and Over/Unders

How To Win With College Basketball Picks Against the Spread

A few wins or a hot streak does not mean someone is a betting expert. Winning and covering consistently sets casual bettors apart from sharp ones. Picking consistent winners against the spread is about knowing the information, the matchups, and the numbers. It's not about winning more than you lose over the course of a week. For serious bettors, it's about ending the college basketball season in the black.

Free College Basketball Picks Against the Spread Betting Strategy

Home Court

College basketball has the starkest home/road disparities. It's not uncommon to find that a .500 team went something like 10-3 at home but 3-10 on the road. There are many reasons to help explain this. College athletes are younger than professional players so they lack the experience and confidence that pro players possess. Playing significantly better at home is common with thousands of fans cheering you on, but that reverses itself when opposing fans are screaming against them. Basketball home teams often have more fouls called in their favor, which can show up in the box score with more free throw attempts. Seton Hall was a home underdog to UConn, but pulled the upset, 67-66, taking 25 free throws to just 14 for the Huskies. A +4 edge in made free throws that Seton Hall had can be a difference in covering spreads or moneyline underdogs squeezing out a victory. That Seton Hall squad had a losing road record but was 10-6 straight up at home.

College Basketball Situational Handicapping

Stats are a great starting point for handicappers but don't overlook situations. College basketball teams play three games in three days during regular-season and postseason tournaments. A team that has a strong starting five but a weak or inexperienced bench can be at a disadvantage during a tournament with little or no rest. Emotion is another important situational dynamic. College basketball is loaded with rivalries. Teams can play emotionally exhausting rivalry battles, then have less in the tank for the next game, especially if it's on the road. The same thing applies to teams that pull upsets. When Seton Hall upset Connecticut in that previous example, it was at home. The next game was on the road at Marquette and as a +3 underdog, Seton Hall got run out of the building in a 74-53 loss.

Quotes from Coaches and Players

When doing daily college basketball research, handicappers come across quotes from players, coaches, trainers, and fans. Most are meaningless, such as "We need to play our best against them." But a good handicapper learns to identify quotes that are revealing to how a team might perform. Trainers can drop hints about injuries. Everyone knows about serious injuries if a player is going to be out for three weeks, but oddsmakers adjust for that. Minor injuries are just as important. A trainer or an athlete can reveal that a player is going to start but is dealing with a minor hamstring or finger injury on a player's shooting hand. A player that's not 100% is very important. In addition, a minor hamstring injury can turn into a debilitating one very quickly knocking them out of the game. Other times, players or coaches may say, "This team crushed us the last time we played. We don't want to get embarrassed again." That implies that the team is highly focused or motivated for an upcoming game. Successful handicapping is about finding any edge that can be a difference-maker in the final score and the point spread.

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