Jumping into the world of NCAA College Basketball wagering is fun, demanding, and profitable if done correctly. The sheer volume of games and bettings odds to choose from is enormous with games taking place around the clock in multiple time zones. There are over 350 teams, including power conferences like the Big 10 and SEC to the smaller programs out of the Big Sky and the Sun Belt. This allows bettors to use tried and true wagering methods that are used in all sports betting, such as stats and matchups. But it also introduces new factors to consider, including extreme power ranking differentials and four games in four nights.  

Why Use Daily Free College Basketball Picks

There are many layers of sports handicapping knowledge to acquire. You can do your own daily research at your own pace. Start with the teams and college basketball conferences that you know best and then expand gradually. Examine the odds each day, track line movement, and look back at what happened the previous day - the upsets, the blowouts, and any injuries that are worth documenting. All of that helps you get a better sense each day of what a team is capable of in relation to the sides and totals posted. Subscribing to daily free college basketball picks adds to your understanding of what numbers pro handicappers are looking at and the reasons behind them.  

Betting Value in Daily Free College Basketball Picks

Let's start with underdogs. Why is this team a dog? Power ratings would explain why along with home/road splits. You'll notice many college basketball teams have winning records at home but losing records on the road. And sometimes these splits are off the charts.  In one reason season, UT-Arlington was 8-4 straight up at home, but 3-13 on the road, Texas State was 7-6 on the road, but 12-1 at home, Arkansas State had a losing road mark but was 11-3 at home, while Little Rock was competitive at home (6-7) but a disaster away from home (1-10). And those examples are just from one conference, the Sun Belt!  Taking that one step further, UT-Arlington was 7-4 against the spread at home but 6-10 ATS on the road, while Little Rock was 2-9 ATS away from home. That can give a sense of how to identify wagering value. If Arlington is coming home from a three-game road trip, they could be undervalued, while Little Rock could be overvalued it just finished a three-game homestand but now has to head out on the road.  

Wunderdog Daily Free College Basketball Picks

I'm prepared for the NCAA college basketball season to commence with my own database, power ratings, and keeping up on personnel changes such as new coaching staffs or how many returning starters a team has. I then read up on gameday matchups and make adjustments to my database as the season goes along.  Successful college hoop handicapping requires constant attention to the details, so you can't really take a few weeks off if you want to cash tickets on a regular basis.  Fortunately for you, I'm on the job every day and can share that insight with you via my daily free college basketball picks newsletter.  

Daily Free NCAA Basketball Picks vs. Premium Picks

Daily Free NCAA Basketball Picks Pros:

  • It doesn't cost a penny for betting information and selections
  • Explains the various reasons for line movement
  • Maximize time by zeroing in on the most relevant gambling info

Daily Free NCAA Basketball Picks Cons:

  • Picks without reason explained hinder a handicapper's growth
  • Unable to verify the handicapper's track record
  • May not meet your expectations or contain the necessary money management strategy

Premium Daily NCAA Picks Pros:

  • It narrows down the best plays on the card quickly
  • Multiple reasons make the best selections
  • Premium picks can have exclusive insight few can access or are aware of

Premium Daily NCAA Picks Cons:

  • Higher risk because you're paying and playing
  • Disappointing winning percentages
  • Line movement that negatively impacts the plays

How To Win With Free NCAA Basketball Picks

Knowledge and patience are two huge keys. Knowledge means getting armed with information and studying the matchups and the betting odds. Patience needs to go with it as it takes time to learn all of the situations and different college basketball wagering strategies. Patience also applies to money management as it's important to keep cool when the inevitable bad beats turn winning tickets into pushes or losses. Don't get frustrated and think you have to double up on the next game to make up for it. It may sound cold but money lost doesn't belong to you anymore - it belongs to the sports books. They won that one, but over the long haul, there are enough weak lines and solid betting opportunities on the nightly college basketball card that long-term profit is attainable.  

Daily Free College Basketball Picks Betting Strategy

Returning Starters

Experience is an X factor when handicapping college basketball. It's far less important in the NBA as players are older and teams can keep the same starting four of five for multiple years. But in college, starters are together for a much shorter time as players graduate or leave early for the pros. Playing together a while elicits chemistry.  Point guards learn when forwards make cuts to the basket or how they move without the ball. Frontcourt players work on picks to help teammates or boxing out under the glass. Athletes react differently and have their own styles so developing chemistry can take time. In addition, confidence develops slower in college than in the NBA.   Freshmen and sophomores can struggle on the road as the whole college experience is new to them, along with thousands of fans screaming against them when playing on the road. But college teams with several juniors and seniors have had time to develop cohesion, confidence, and chemistry. That helps in the final minute of a close game, in overtime, or when facing hostile crowds. That edge can show up against the spread, too, particularly early in the season.  


College basketball teams off of blowout losses can look very different in the next game. Just picture what can happen after a team losses 82-60, for instance. The coach will work them hard in practice, making adjustments or trying something new, while the players can have a chip on their shoulders anxious to get back on the court to erase the recent bitter memory of having their clocks cleaned.  Pride is involved, too, as the players have had to walk around campus for a few days with fellow students asking, "What the heck happened to you guys in that last game?" During one recent season when the Miami Hurricanes reached the Elite 8, they had suffered their worst loss earlier in the year to Alabama, 96-64. In the next game, they were an underdog to Penn State, but won the game, 63-58, with a terrific defensive effort.  

Coaches and Style

Coaches are able to identify the talents of their players and develop the style around them. If a coach likes the fast break, he'll recruit quality point guards and guys who can run the court. Other coaches prefer a slower tempo and demand everybody run back on defense all game long. This helps handicappers identify spots to look at totals. If a pair of uptempo teams are facing each other, it could be a run-and-gun high-scoring tilt OVER the total. Check on any previous meetings to see if both teams shot well with less attention paid to defense. Conversely, if two powerhouse defensive teams lock horns, there will probably be stretches where both teams struggle to develop any offensive rhythm. That might be a contest worth a look at UNDER the total.  

Daily Free NCAA Basketball Picks Subscription

I know the players and the coaches and have been successful at beating the odds for over two decades. It's all about putting the work in, identifying soft lines, and betting with your head, not your heart. There are plenty of handicapping situations that will litter the college basketball card revealing winning opportunities with sides, totals, moneylines, and props. You're welcome to take advantage and get on board with my Daily Free NCAA Basketball Picks to hone your game and fatten your betting bankroll!

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