Since the United States Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports betting, a majority of states have legalized it. That includes both online and in-person betting. With access legal and easier, what are these bettors actually looking at? There are essentially two kinds of bettors. One is a casual bettor who wagers on sports for fun. They hope to make a few bucks while rooting for a team but aren't keeping track of their wins and losses. The other is a professional bettor, also known as a serious sports handicapper. They're doing a daily deep dive into stats, angles, and matchups to pick a handful of choice selections designed to beat the spread.

Why Use Free NBA Picks Against the Spread

Like spokes on a wheel, every NBA game has multiple factors that can influence the outcome. Many factors are interesting but irrelevant. A team with an injury to a starter can be essentially meaningless if a very good role player is asked to step in as a starter for a few games. A coach who brings an uptempo offensive attack might be mitigated if he lacks the personnel to implement it effectively. But other factors you need to consider when making your NBA picks that can play important roles in determining who covers the spread. A strong offensive squad may be tired at the end of a five-game road trip and score far below its season average. A red-hot offensive team that is favored can get shut down by an elite defensive opponent. Serious handicappers are able to gain wagering edges by analyzing data and game-day information.

Betting Value in Free NBA Picks Against the Spread

Betting value is identified by calculating the odds with the handicapper's expected outcome of a contest. If a 7-point basketball favorite is more likely to win a game by double-digits with multiple advantages on and off the court, the wagering value is with backing the favorite. If the projected final score is, for example, 113-106, there is no wagering value in a 7-point favorite. But if the Over/Under on the same game is 230 with a projected final of 113-106, the value is on the NBA total in a lower-scoring game than oddsmakers are anticipating. It's all about projecting the likely outcome based on data and analysis, and then examining what the actual oddsmaking lines are.

Wunderdog Free NBA Picks Against the Spread

Winning consistently is possible when you learn the mechanics of sports handicapping. I've been studying betting lines and basketball for over two decades, analyzing, watching, and winning. I'll pass on a lot of games after careful study, so the ones I wager on have clear reasoning attached. I provide those details with every release so it will help you to critically analyze and think like a professional handicapper.

Free NBA Picks Against the Spread vs. Premium Picks

Free NBA Picks Against the Spread Pros:

  • Details on who the experts are backing and why
  • Odds and line movement explained
  • Insight into how basketball situations influence teams on and off the court

Free NBA Picks Against the Spread Cons:

  • Injuries and late personnel moves missed
  • Overreliance on wagering trends
  • Can confuse or shake the confidence of betting newcomers

Free NBA Picks Against the Spread Pros:

  • Opening your mind (and wallet) to overlooked weak lines on totals, parlays, and props
  • Game-day information that you can't find elsewhere
  • A multitude of info, matchups, and situations that mesh to create top selections

Free NBA Picks Against the Spread Cons:

  • Getting financially in over your head
  • Sports services that tout winners and ignore losers
  • A failure by a betting service to provide a money management investment game plan

How To Win With Free NBA Picks Against the Spread

You win at sports wagering with essential matchup information, betting discipline, and an understanding of the posted NBA odds. And bet with your head and not your heart. Rooting for your favorite team all season long is fine, but separate that from your daily handicapping regimen. Successful wagering over the long term is about the spread cover, not how your favorite team does.

Free NBA Picks Against the Spread Betting Strategy

Matchup Mismatches

Overall records and team stats tell only a small portion of how an NBA game might unfold against the spread. Matchups can be a revealing handicapping subset. If a team turns the basketball over a lot because of below-average point guard play, that might not matter versus a team that isn't very good defensively. But it could be significant if they're facing a strong defensive pressing team with quick guards. An NBA underdog with a mammoth frontcourt that is great at rebounding can overachieve against a team with a small frontcourt. They will likely have offensive and defensive rebounding edges resulting in more high percentage shots and easy baskets. Breaking down matchups doesn't always reveal potential edges. But when advantages appear, it's essential to take a closer look to help predict what the final score and spread cover might be.

Current Form

How a team is playing lately is more important than their overall numbers. If a first-place team has lost four of five while on a 1-8 spread run, a lot of things are going on that need to be examined. Injuries may be taking a toll. Injuries don't always mean a player is out, either. Professional basketball is an intense, action-packed 48 minutes. Players get bumps, bruises, and nagging injuries. They may still be in the starting lineup, but might not be 100%. In addition, road travel can fatigue a team. Other times, teams hit slumps and oddsmakers are slow to react and may be overvaluing lines. See how a team is now and if there are reasons for improvement or lapses.

Line Shifts

Odds often move before a game, sometimes by a little and sometimes by a lot. This takes place overnight and all during the day. What's happening is, more money is coming in on one side, so sports books have to adjust their lines to try and attract more equal action. When a game tips off, the books don't want to be holding $10,000 on the favorite and $500 on the underdog. It's too risky. Since casual bettors lean towards backing favorites, it's common to see the favorite move from -2 to -3 or -4 to -4.5. Odds will also shift when injury reports are updated. What's more important, however, is to observe significant line moves that jump 3-to-4 points or more. That's an indication large bettors (also called "wise guys" and "sharps") have jumped on some soft numbers. Following sharp action, and getting the best line, is a key component of smart handicapping.

Free NBA Picks Against the Spread Subscription

You can get the daily inside take from a serious basketball handicapper by signing up for my selections on a subscription service. These are not only games that I've examined and are betting on, but with detailed reasoning attached. This helps you understand what the pros are thinking and how they approach their craft. Get on board at no cost to help you become a better basketball prophet for profit!

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